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Do Energy Drinks undoubtedly Give You Energy, or Just a Fat Stomach

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I receive a ton of questions about all of these new “energy” drinks that have hit the market through the past few years. They seem to be all the rage, particularly with the youth, and they promise you the world with outrageous proclaims of each and every one of the super energy that you are going to have, and how you’ll be crushing the competition in your sport, and so on.

So a couple questions occur:

Are these “energy” drinks undoubtedly any good for you?
Do they actually develop your energy?
Do they undoubtedly have a few sort of magical energy formula?
Will they help you lose weight?

First of all, let’s look at what most of these energy drinks are normally made of. Most of them are easily carbonated water loaded with gut-fattening high fructose corn syrup, caffeine, the amino acid taurine, and a couple of random B-vitamins thrown in for show to trick you into thinking there’s something healthy about these concoctions.

Let’s kick off with the high fructose corn syrup. Well, here we’ve got empty calories that will go straight to your abdomen fat, and that are actually even WORSE for you than plain old refined sugar.

Ok, so you mention that they have low-sugar or sugar-free varieties as an way to the HFCS-laden energy drinks. Yes, but now you have the trouble of the prejudicial chemicals in the unnatural sweeteners.

Another trouble with unnatural sweeteners is that there are a few researchers that believe unnatural sweetener use leads people to by chance consume more calories and gain more weight in the long run. I will not go into the details on that for the reason that that would fill up an entire debate by itself. Just trust me that unnatural sweeteners and unnatural chemicals in food in common, are all bad news for your body!

What about the caffeine? Well, first of all, caffeine in itself does not provide “energy”. Technically, the only substances that actually provide energy are calories (from carbs, protein, and fat).

However, caffeine could be an aid for livening or waking a few people up, by ways of stimulating the central nervous system. Keep in mind even though, if you’re a regular coffee drinker, you’re possibly addicted to caffeine and possibly wouldn’t receive too much make the most of the caffeine in an energy drink anyway.

Besides, as opposed to caffeine added to a few carbonated drink, I’d rather get my caffeine from a natural source like green, white, or oolong teas, which actually provide healthful antioxidants too!

Now what about that so called magical blend of taurine and B-vitamins that they load into these energy drinks? Well, immense deal…you can get taurine in almost any protein source. And the extensive majority of those B-vitamins are easily coming right out into the toilet in your pee. supplements are absolute obtained easily from real food sources, not artificially added to a few carbonated drink. Your body just does not use false sources of supplements as promptly as natural sources from real food.

So as you can see, in my viewpoint, I give all of these energy drinks a immense time THUMBS DOWN! You’re better off combining up your own homemade energy drink with a few iced unsweetened green, white, and oolong teas, a small bit of 100% pure berry or pomegranate juice, and perhaps a touch of a non-denatured whey protein.

Well, I hope this article cleared up a few of the confusion about these energy drinks that are being so heavily marketed nowadays, and will help you make more informed choices for your health.

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Posted July 18th, 2023 in Health.

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