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Ghost activity sets baby monitor off!

Find The Lowest Price HERE Holy crap! Ghost activity caught on tape! So it worked, it really worked. Or at least I feel like it worked. I don’t know what else the noise could be. I’ve been waiting for the baby monitors to pick up something and they’ve just been silent. Completely quiet. UNTIL TONIGHT! ALL MY LINKS Find me at my website Find me on Facebook @hauntedsunshine on Twitter Find out more about my full-length feature film- Sunshine Girl and the Hunt for Black Eyed Kids: Follow me on Pinterest: Check out my Etsy:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Posted January 20th, 2013 in Baby Monitor. Tagged: , , , , .


  1. David Novak:

    good for you?

  2. krulen12:

    did anyone else? than me notice that light in the background? at the door livingroom or the room behind them.

  3. Tanner15000:

    I recognize that sound anywhere! ITS THE F***KING? CAT MESSING AROUND!!!

  4. Shelby Small:

    but? im not a le$bian

  5. Shelby Small:

    does anyone notice stuff on the window? lol im a girl? and i think she is cute with glasses

  6. ???????? ?????????:


  7. skepticA7X:

    she? is adorable with glasses

  8. Yoko3034:

    Sounds like the Ghost is beat boxing!? xD

  9. ????????? ??????????:


  10. ????????? ???????:


  11. TheAnimeFreakChick:

    my mom hate its when i say? im right.

  12. Sammy Webb:

    sunshine? girl tell the ghost to stop beatboxing into the baby moniter

  13. noeones buisness:


  14. DarkKnight2037:

    i think it was a pendulum or sunthing, like a wind? charm

  15. noeones buisness:

    i did i think it? was the tv but im not sure

  16. naomihasuguniyokunar:


  17. GlitterSmlie:

    did anyone see the backround with? the light

  18. minecraftcafeable:

    @ 0:15 anyone else notice the? sparkly circle?

  19. lunamoonaman:

    i REEEALLLY need to stop watching? this kind of thing alone

  20. bobbyblevins629:

    this sounds like the conversations me and my mom have……”i’m a nerd, mom”? “yeah i know you are”……

  21. morgana22446:

    True that 😀 Im enjoying? it 🙂

  22. forgeroftime56:

    will you marry me lol jk ur cute and i would date you but i dont know where you live and you dont? know where i live haha great videos by the way

  23. Brandon Alan:

    Most of the people that watch this like myself? know it’s fake, it’s just fun to watch

  24. morgana22446:

    Guys… seriously?? you people r idiots its fake look it up lol…. honestly… gullible much?

  25. shannyshoeshoe:

    0:35 sparkly? in top right corner

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