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Most of the people believe that finding the perfect diet will cause them to lose weight in no time. Well, most of the people are wrong. It is not important what king of diet they choose they always fail to keep it in the long run. The secret is not in selecting the perfect diet but instead work on your eating behavior, this and only this is the key to losing fat easy.

Eating therapy helps in losing weight and more important, in keeping it in optimal range for a long time. The reflexes lead to impulse eating, in addition that and bad eating habits, lead to a situation were food is being consumed without limits or any second thoughts. This is exactly what the behavior therapy is tackling, in order to change the bad habits and turn them into useful healthy way of thinking and eating.

The therapy is divided to four parts:
? Measuring and describing the current eating process.
? Describing the events that create the need to eat.
? Learning how to control the craving for food.
? Eliminating the old eating habits, and develop new healthy ones instead.

Actually, most of the time eating is triggered by external stimulating and not as result of real hunger. They can be developed to mental and physicals. Mental could be related to fears, stress, tension, disappointment, etc. Physical could be the smell of fresh bread or the sight of chocolate cream cake at the counter.

Mastering eating behavior means not to response to all types of stimulating. Instead, eat three main meals a day plus three light meals between them. The technique is to draw the attention from eating to other activities such as: talking on the phone, sports, talking to someone, read a book, or play a game. What ever keeps the mind busy and stops the craving to eat.

Additional ideas to support eating behavior therapy:
1. It is best to keep only healthy food at home. This is an easy way to avoid bad food.
2. Cutting down the time of making food, will keep the mind less busy with food thoughts.
3. Drink coffee with law calorie sweeten.
4. It is best to drink lots of natural tea.
5. Eating slowly has two main positive affects: the food is better consumed and the hunger disappears when eating less food.
6. If you feel hungry 20 minutes pass meal time: drink something or have fruits.
7. Eating should take place at the same place and not at random locations.
8. Shopping list should be prepared at home. The key is adhering to it no matter what we saw latter on at the supermarket.

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