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Majority of the population today, is considered as overweight and is at the edge of inheriting cardiovascular diseases. A few extra pounds of your body weight count you up as obese. Obesity can put you in many embarrassing situations. You have odd working hours and find it almost impossible to join a fitness center. Tried many medications, but in vain. If this mounting obesity is becoming like a disgrace, do no loose sleep. Try the weight reducing drug Xenical and cure your heftiness.

Though fats are important components of a balanced diet, still over-consumption of fatty foods and calories lead to excessive body weight. Excess body weight contributes to many health diseases. Some of them are high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and heart diseases. This unhealthy trend is now urging people to take radical measures to reduce weight.

Xenical is the brand name for orlistat. It is an oral prescription weight loss medication used by obese people to reduce weight. It is a highly effective means to block the absorption of fats into the bloodstream. The undigested fats are eliminated from your body through the bowel system. Combined with a low-calorie diet, xenical is used to encourage weight management. It thus shelves down the return of those unwanted pounds from your body.

Along with the reduction of dietary fats, xenical may decrease the absorption of certain fat-soluble vitamins and beta-carotene. In order to recompense with this loss, one is advised to take a multivitamin containing vitamins A, E., D and K once in a day. These multivitamins should be taken 2 hours before 2 hours after taking xenical.

Xenical should be taken under complete medical supervision. Special monitoring or a dosage adjustment might be required if you have had a history of kidney stones, anorexia or diabetes.

Since xenical is in the FDA pregnancy category B, it is not anticipated to harm an unborn baby in the womb. Still do no take xenical without consulting your doctor if you are pregnant.

One capsule of xenical should be taken after 1 hour of each main meal with a full glass of water. For getting better results, try not to take a meal containing more than 30% of fats. Follow a healthy eating plan through the assistance of your dietician.

In case you miss a dose do not try taking double of it. Some people have a misconception that if they take a double dose, they would be benefited more. But it’s just not true. The extra dose won’t help. Try to take the pill the same time every day to reduce the chance of skipping a dose.

Besides the advantages of xenical, one must also be aware of certain side-effects so as to avoid facing any mishaps in future. While consuming xenical, if you experience a rare allergic reaction including breathlessness, closing of throat, swelling of lips, tongue, face or hives seek medical assistance immediately.

Take xenical and mark an end to all your embarrassments that you had been facing due to your obesity.

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