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SUPER CHEAP: Solar cells at 25¢-30¢ per Watt!!!

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This price is a steal of a deal for real preppers. Here’s the link: To view more of my videos go to I would note you have to buy 1000 Watts worth of cells but that would come to about 0 at minimum.
Video Rating: 2 / 5

see more at: See this solar panel system with lights. Inexpensive, easy to install, reduce your power bill. Cheap Solar Power. Cheap Home System. See my part update video on the Solar Panels.

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Posted August 1st, 2012 in Bargain 1000 Watt. Tagged: , , , , , .


  1. akitothegeek:

    good vid man?

  2. johnlewisbrooks:

    Solar energy is good for small tie usage, but the enmasse stuff has REALLY got to? improve! It would take an army of 15watt panels just to run my 200watt stereo!

  3. london1817:

    haha..yeah but? you cant live in a

  4. johnlewisbrooks:

    Yeah, but over here in Texas where we get hail stones the size of softballs going totally off grid can be risky.So you hafta weigh the good with the bad. The good? Going off grid will save you thousands in electricity. The bad?? One good hailstorm can TOTALLY ruin a 30,000$ solar kit in minutes, and don’t even get me started on a tornado! Those panels would augment the tornado into a blender. Not to mention it’s like a christmas light pack, one light goes out and they ALL go out.

  5. NYCHooligan:

    There are cheaper ways to go about it. You can build your own panels. That’s not for everybody, but it’s possible. Either way, I think the value of any system like this is in knowing that when the proverbial shit hits the fan, you’ll have power, plain and simple. You family will be comfortable and safe. You? can’t put a price on that.

  6. london1817:


  7. theJessenger:

    very impressive

  8. london1817:

    sounds good!..this is an old video. its still working. Same batteries and? everything.

  9. drawizzythadon:

    great video,? keep it up. I’ll post a video to showcase my little setup

  10. Thunkful2:

    In 10 years how much do you pay? for the batteries?

  11. Thunkful2:

    Cheap in absolute? sense, but awfully expensive if you wanted 8000 watts

  12. Wunji1:

    Not cheap at all per watt. Each panel is $60 and 15 watts. That’s $4 a watt!!! ? Good grief – that’s expensive…

  13. Micha Buchhold:

    Home Made Energy called Xobotano Home Energy (do a google search) kept showing up here on many youtube videos and I thought they were scam. However? after my friend follow it, and finally save large sums of his electric bills with it, I’m persuaded. Don’t take my word for it, search for Xobotano Home Energy on the internet.

  14. london1817:

    Thanks Rodd! how you been bro?… you heard about the guy getting his face ate off in Florida…I? thought it was the zombie Apocalypse..

  15. ArashiNage:

    I haven’t seen? this video in a couple years. LOVE IT!!!

  16. legalizeshemp420:

    You know I never ever thought of that? as a use but hell yes.

    Now, grab something like “Sun Solar Flat Panel 50w watt Polycrystallin?e PV Module New MC4 Connector” from ebay or any place and that puts out 5 watts more than all 3 Harbor Freight panels (less weight 13lbs vs ~45lbs for just the 3 panels). If you can currently watch tv while idling then you already have an inverter so hook it up to your new solar panel instead.

  17. london1817:

    That would be perfect for this system…check for store coupons in the harbor freight can? get it a lot cheaper.

  18. garrisonent1:

    Ok i am thinking about putting it on my truck, so i dont have to idle while watching tv,? the price of diesel is killing my profit. Thanx

  19. london1817:

    yes it does…. and all the lights in the house.?

  20. garrisonent1:

    Does? it produce enough energy to power a 22 inch flat screen tv?

  21. makeSOLARPANELS:

    ?? love it! helpful, thank u – solar energy is the future
    I just finished building 2 homemade panels…I am living in 1? bed flat,
    2 panels are enough not pay the bill
    If you guys interested – my how to instruction is here.. I hope it will be helpful too..
    ?? thanx

  22. adipierro82:

    Get high end LED? bulbs to extend battery life

  23. spazcreationscom:

    dude that is exactly what I’m looking? for. Thanks didn’t know they sold these kits.

  24. HoustonFence:

    This is just? great!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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