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3 1000 watt DVC Volfenhag Subs and 4000 watt Lanzar Competition Amp

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three volfenhag 12″ DVC subs in sealed box with a Lanzar 4000 Claimed watt amplifier. 4awg power wire into dual 8awg.
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Posted September 14th, 2012 in Online 1000 Watt. Tagged: , , , , , , .


  1. svtcobra888:

    FUCCCKKKK THIS AMP!!!!!!!!!!!! worst day of my life (not? really) but its bad. Piece of shit couldn’t handle 2 kicker comp 12s….smh..kicker comp > lanzar 4000w (more like 400wrms)……..i had it running at 2 ohms and gains and bass boost were at 80% and it fried

  2. whoawhereaminow:


  3. travelteam89:


  4. travelteam89:

    Wow smh just cause hitler from? germany and dominated doesnt mean the subs do

  5. MegaTafe:


  6. JGM621:

    Damn! Got the Boss HU and everything! talk about Bangin’ on a? budget

  7. SuperTreynation:

    Lanzar use to be the shit. I hear? the amps nowadays are crap but when they first got popular they were making the best amps. And speakers for that matter. So if its an older lanzar amp you can bet your getting what its rated at and maybe more.

  8. ElectroVoltBolt:

    I eat Copenhagenfor breakfast?

  9. jaqbly:

    Nice rig kid. All these people talking smack about rms are just new to the game. Any amp regardless of maker has a max and continuous rating. Most amps only put out around a third of the max? rating that’s just rule of thumb. This guys lanzer is impressive for the price.

  10. GOGjunkies:

    how many? farad ist the powercap.?

  11. arcticcatmaniac:

    That shit cracks? me up… Lmao!

  12. Bradford Merritt:

    8 gauge to that amp is what it needs having a amp that says 4000 watts at 24 volts is a risk to idiots like this guy. I mean scosche, lanzar, and volfenhag is every bass heads dream! Why not post videos like this so more people can laugh at it and most people are wondering why car audio is dying here is your answer thank to these idiots for killing off the? greatest thing to true audiophiles.lanzar is bad enough they dont even sell it at wal-mart so he upgraded to the scosche amp kit. congrats

  13. MrMikeQuan:

    gorgeous, so how long? did it take to install

  14. lostlink777:

    I? saw that wire kit at Walmart man Come on man

  15. wayne carter:

    iforgot? this song what song is this

  16. 1purplehaze4:

    exactly. because of distortion ;)?

  17. Tim anders:

    I LIKE !!!
    ;D whery good subwoofer

  18. scootbmx01:

    pro tip if it has 8 gauge input i guarantee its no more then? 600rms

  19. lambor gini:

    mercedes? benz men uau

  20. flashman453:


  21. lukas wiegelmann:

    nice in two days i`ve got two 38cm woofer^^

  22. TheRammsteinMan:

    well yeah the best u? can but if u have say a 400w RMS amp (cheap) powering 2 massive 1000w RMS subwoofers it will sound terrible and damage the subs.

  23. ocauTMM:

    rubbish.? Any amp within it’s limits has distortion low enough to be inaudible. Not saying that you should buy a really nasty cheap amp, but definitely buy the best speakers you can.

  24. havokh4cker:

    that amp cant hold 0 gauge it a cheap amp and it cost $110 so it ant 2000rms it? a 2 channel amp

  25. Seth Fjeldheim:

    Yeah I agree. I have 8ga in my car but my subs are only? kicker comps running on 300 watts bridged…

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