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Posted March 17th, 2013 in Affiliate Marketing. Tagged: , , , .


  1. intermarketingpro:

    Hi? Lisa,
    This is a very informative video. I am sure all newbies will find this gold. Thanks.

  2. Greg Coop:

    Great presentation Lisa. I have been an affiliate marketer for the past 2 years now with Clickbank and Commission Junction. And marketing products overseas has been very lucrative for me. My niche happens to be “music” and I? promoted Clickbank’s Dr. Drum music software in Trinidad and Jamaica and made well over $5,000 in less than a month. I also use aweber as an email list builder and delivery service which is very important for me to market new music products to my customer base. TTYL

  3. mark christopher:

    thanks? lisa..

  4. Lisa Irby:

    You sure can!?

  5. mLMHacked:


  6. Loffyswe:

    SOPS -? selling other peoples’ stuff . Great video.

  7. GetWealthyAffiliate:

    Way to? go Lisa! Your producing great stuff. KUDOS to you!

  8. thesslstore:

    Great? Post

  9. Tracy Chatman:

    Good video Lisa can you subscribe to my channel..? I’ve been watching you for years now

  10. MsKandahar:

    Hallo Lisa, thanks? for your vid. You talk about tax, i want to start a website en hope to earn some if that is possible, but must i pay two Times tax? one in USA and one in EU?
    I hope you have an answer for this!

  11. Erosattraction:

    this? is very helpful, a lot better than the other videos i have seen on affiliate marketing. thank you so much <3

  12. seddut:

    5 Star Video.

  13. MrOptimumHealth:

    Good video. I know a guy with a great affiliate training program. check? out my channel for more information

  14. SeoFreeSoftware:

    What a beautifully and amazingly presence of knowledge and? wisdom.

  15. Matt Jang:

    great video, very helpful thanks!? πŸ™‚

  16. leggoego:

    @lisa3876 I am going to sign up for paypal, I am developing a website that I intend to make revenue? strictly on commission and advertising. Do I need to sign up for the Business version of can I just use the Personal version? PS your vids ROCK you are my official mentor!

  17. madonnafc:

    Hey… this is a really nice video…? am starting at this whole stuff and been watching these videos together with this blog
    hoping to learn fast!

  18. Joseph Davis:

    Great Video πŸ™‚ !! does anybody want to view my channel, it’s affiliate marketing and I’m one of the Top Leaders in it.

    I? subscribed, keep up the good work !

  19. Lisa Irby:

    It sure is OK! Thanks for the add. :)?

  20. AffiliateSchool:

    Thanks for simplifying Affiliate Marketing – there re a lot of get rich schemes out there to navigate past, so newbie affiliates need simple guides on how to? get started with affiliate marketing. Is it ok to add a link to your videos to our website, Affiliates School?

  21. K. Cole:

    thank you very much for this clear? explination

  22. samiwistler:

    Perfect vid? man, great feature

  23. aqil12321:

    Can CJ Commission be? use worldwide ?

  24. mafkees122:

    Good video, I’ve? a question actually… Is affiliate marketing a good idea with blogs? Thanks!

  25. GSPhoutwijk:

    Youre? very good at recording

  26. jeroenwaning:

    Sure. This video is public so you can? embed it on your site

  27. jeroenwaning:

    I’m happy for you!?

  28. TheUnbiasedreviews:

    This actually? works!! I am finally able to earn in ClickBank πŸ™‚ The feeling is amazing πŸ˜€

  29. how2websiteblog:

    Amazing video, keep up the great work. I’ve share this on my? blog, hope that’s okay?

  30. valdeztumata:

    I? was waiting for the new vid to come out!

  31. diepha49:

    Omg? thats? really good.

  32. PatrickDDelgado:

    loved the vid? make more

  33. YouNeeDaMedic:

    subscribed, favorited, b/c? you made my day!

  34. horseslamcock:

    That was bloody? amazing

  35. SmartVision7:

    thanks its great?

  36. Nazikind1989:

    awesome video! i hope you upload more? like this

  37. dadula111:

    Howd you make this video? Its amazing!!! ?

  38. SqueeJo:

    whens the next? amazing video

  39. Le Thanh:

    This video really needs more views! Something this good has? to be shared with the world!

  40. cessnaflyer2014:

    This one? is sick as fuck

  41. TheKP6:

    Offf to? wattch the rest of your videos!

  42. TopFastWeightLoss:

    I like it! Thanks 4 the advice,? i really appreciate it

  43. fewfewfewfwf:

    help?? full!

  44. LΓͺ Tr???ng:

    Really sick and doing it that fast is impressive, but It would be sick to see that a bit slower… Youre crazy good. ?

  45. FSTutorials4U:

    Your videos? are the best I seen so far!

  46. ntdman69:

    works works works!?

  47. Todaydownload:

    When? i saw this in my sub box i new it was good already

  48. lan phong:

    no? words explain this vid lol

  49. TheProVidz:

    i like it make more vids just so good like megan fox?

  50. TheSamuelDavidson:


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