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Blue Snaggletooth 1978 Star Wars Action Figure

Find The Lowest Price HERE – Star Wars action figures have entertained for over 30 years. There have been many variations of Luke, Han, Leia and the rest of the Rebel Alliance, but the rarest variation of a Star Wars action figure is the so-called Blue Snaggletooth. You may recall Snaggletooth as being one of the bounty hunters affiliated with Jabba the Hutt in the cantina in Moss Eisley from A New Hope. He was a shorter-than-human weasel-faced character, dressed in a reddish-colored uniform, and wearing no footware. When the first round of Star Wars action figures were put together, the toy designers made Snaggletooth the same height as the rest of the Star Wars action figures, dressed in blue, with shiny silver boots. George Lucas had this “Blue Snaggletooth” pulled from the toy line and demanded the character be properly represented in plastic. The 1978 Blue Snaggletooth Star Wars action figure is now among the rarest of toys from the Star Wars universe.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Brand new figures, vintage figures and figures I’ve been dying to find! See their awesomeness in this video!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Posted February 27th, 2012 in Star Wars Action Figure. Tagged: , , , , , , .


  1. LuvsCats1985:

    He was one? the Star Wars toys Elliott showed E.T. in his bedroom. “These are toys. These are little men. This is Greedo. And then this is Hammerhead. See? This is Walrusman. And then this is Snaggletooth. And this is Lando Calrissian. See? And this is Boba Fett.” When Elliott said “Lando Calrissian,” I knew then what he was talking about: Star Wars.

  2. flesheatingsnail:

    not? as rare has doble telescopting luke

  3. flesheatingsnail:

    i had it twice and saw it 5 times when i went to a resale store i saw it and i played it tell his head was gone the other one i soled i put it for sale i forgot the tag and then some one sade is it? 150 buck im like what but i sold it and then i went online and was shoked how much it is i got both of them for 5 cents that = 10 cent = great deal for a fun play and a 150 doller bill

    not as rare has
    jawa and vinl cape
    rocket fireing boba fett (vintage) carded i would be 100,000 + more

  4. theautobotjedi:

    my vintage carded ROTJ endor leia?

  5. mrhamtyler1:

    @juswapenelo Yep! I got one in? perfect condition for much less. Boots were all silver, and not one scratch on it. I still think the little red one with wolf feet is cooler!

  6. juswapenelo:

    you can actually buy? this for a hundred dollars or less on ebay

  7. augieal:

    oh good lord,? you are such a dork

  8. chubbarino:

    I have, and love, my Blue Snaggletooth too.? But, as a geek, my favorite object is my vintage mail-in Boba Fett figure. I remember as a kid being so excited to receive my rocket firing Boba Fett figure, only to be disappointed and get a figure that didn’t fire a projectile due to safety concerns. Even with that, I still loved that figure and to this day remains my favorite!

  9. AndrewsCellCam:

    You son of a? BITCH! that was WILHELM’S Snaggletooth! :cmad:

  10. Pauperviking:

    Haha thanks for featuring? me chris

  11. LtSurge659:

    COD Black Cod… I just love? fish!

  12. alluvialedaempfer:

    @dylanctd not really, you can get it much cheaper nowadays.?

  13. alluvialedaempfer:

    @dylanctd not really, you can get it? much cheeper

  14. synystersk8board:

    its a tie between my NES, my schecter guitar (1500 bucks put into? it), and my soldering iron. that can fix anything i need with a bit of help.

  15. 97273998:

    My favourite thing is Ununoctium! I really? want some! But it’s sooo rare!

  16. 97273998:

    @dylanctd holy *shirt*!?

  17. adityachanana123:

    @syryoyoboy That is the? question!

  18. DrOrphious79:

    When a girl asks to see your? crown jewels, think hard before getting out you snaggletooth for a showing =)

  19. RickAt19348:

    @milk4 And? is a great item to favorite !!

  20. Prankster5000:

    i? saw online it’s worth $400, you got a good deal

  21. dayudie13:

    found? it on ebay for 99.99 =)

  22. wingscancer:

    final? fantasy 7 original sealed

  23. RSsipthis:

    I have a few older guitars? that I’ve spent a lot of money on. Its an investment I can play.

  24. mcapps1:


  25. techdecknerdglx:

    the original action? comic #1,2,3,4,5etc

  26. AdennMandalorianJedi:

    @TheCaptainrex09? Nope, I gave them away four months ago.

  27. TheCaptainrex09:

    can i have the code for clone? wars adventures

  28. sapinou96:

    THE STICKER DOENSN’T LIE i actually never see a lying sticker in? my entire life!!!

  29. BlueBrickTARDIS:


    Great haul! Loads of great stuff yet again!

  30. captaingriffin0:

    i used to go to a store that had TONS of power of the force figures but it closed? down cause no one went there

  31. LollyDollyWTF:

    oooh nice stuff! :3 ?

  32. AdennMandalorianJedi:

    @joseph136able? I agree

  33. joseph136able:

    nobody likes rip? offs

  34. AdennMandalorianJedi:

    @samidog14 Do I know? you?

  35. samidog14:

    Did u go through puberty u? sound different

  36. AdennMandalorianJedi:

    @pcrepair76 It’s? so awesomely funny though!

  37. pcrepair76:

    Power of the Force Thats when all the figures went on steroids hehe?

  38. starwarstopmotion:

    @MrStarwarsfan108 cas playstaion is so awesome!the really really cool guys play playstation 2…and? atari,lol

  39. disneygeek7:

    haha? the sticker doesn’t lie

  40. AdennMandalorianJedi:

    @MrStarwarsfan108 Haha, I? have no idea

  41. MrStarwarsfan108:

    @AdennMandalorianJedi dam why are all the awsome? people playstaioners

  42. AdennMandalorianJedi:

    @MrStarwarsfan108? haha thanks, Nope, I’m a playstation guy

  43. MrStarwarsfan108:

    you would have a good voice for a commercial or something ? and by any chance do you have xbox live

  44. AdennMandalorianJedi:

    @videogameunboxing thanks!?

  45. AdennMandalorianJedi:

    @PHATTZTOYZ Thank you! Haha I see it a little too!? Yes they are awesome! Thanks for watching! Check out my new haul video, you’ll like it and not because of the figures, trust me.


    Epic star wars figures haul my friend. Love your passion for these figures. I see? a little of myself in you. I too have much passion for what I do. It’s who we are. I’m starting to search for older star wars figures as well. They’re awesome.

  47. AdennMandalorianJedi:

    @TheJosh4635? Awesome!

  48. TheJosh4635:

    i have the? power of the force han and chewie!

  49. AdennMandalorianJedi:

    @CrazedStarWarsFan94 That’s now two people that have said that in the past 2 days!? Haha

  50. CrazedStarWarsFan94:

    you sound just? like seth green

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