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This is a short clip of the chain guide/passive tensioner I made.
Video Rating: 2 / 5

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Posted September 17th, 2012 in Cheapest 1000 Watt Online. Tagged: , , , , , , , .


  1. jawbraeka:

    is? this both 110 and 240 volts?

  2. Garry Shape:

    First of all, I’m not a boy, I’m a grown? man who happens to be an experienced pedophile. So hide your kids, and might I suggest hiding your wife.

  3. jonbraz2002:

    Well your mom juices me every nice. Sorry if heterosexual behaviour offends you homo?

  4. theothertroll:

    – it’s not as if there isn’t a million videos on YouTiube demoing these? machines – duh~

  5. theothertroll:

    – grow up little boy?

  6. theothertroll:

    — I’d love to see her shove you’re little boy? pecker through that machine

  7. theothertroll:

    – you’re really messed up in? the head kid – grow up, learn to respect women and stop whacking off to girls in videos online or you’ll whack your little pecker right off.

  8. k0nstantinopel:

    i subscribed just because? of this beast video

  9. jonbraz2002:

    Wow, she can juice me? anytime !!

  10. johntetzel:

    Adele Schober? is hot. SOLD!!!

  11. kimkrisrich:

    They say that when theirs a lot of foam like that on the juice that you got out of juicing, means the motor is so strong that its killing all the vitamins and? nutrients, is that true?

  12. alejonsu:

    what about the warranty? ? maybe it is not that great if the company doesn’t back it up.

  13. Kalara McGary:

    more doing and less talking my? goodness

  14. Ryan Hennessy:

    Thats how we say? tomato in Australia. Breville is and Australian company.

  15. hakim838:

    she is hot, I? am definitely buying!

  16. csimo13:

    its loud because it is a beast!!!! I dont? mind if it is loud but if that is an issue for you, you might want to think about another juicer because of all the reviews, one of the only complaints has been that its is very loud.

  17. IfunyunsI:

    For the price, I want to? know how loud it is. I find it funny that they had a voice-over when running the juicing machine. Just makes me want to keep searching for a company that isn’t trying to pull wool over my eyes.

  18. TheBreville800jexl:

    Great juicer?

  19. elwaybigfan:

    Who cares if it is? loud…. it takes 3 minutes to juice everything…. my juicer takes 20 minutes cuz’ it is an auger and I have to cut …EVERYTHING!! Cuz’ the Food Chute is too small… unlike this one.

  20. Garry Shape:

    I think it’s? Antarcticanese.

  21. Garry Shape:

    I want? to juice her.

  22. clearliquid:

    haha “new jersey accent”?

  23. 661EASTON89:

    That sounds like Australian? to me lol

  24. breville800jexl:

    Great demon.. and? she is so hot 🙂

  25. OfficialRobbieMason:

    haha? I like the way she says tomato 😀

  26. jtotheace1:

    The chain is? the standard #25 size. The gear ratio is as short as I could get it 80T in the rear and 11T on the motor.

  27. ytmachx:

    Could you tell me what size chain and the gear tooth ratio? Thanks

  28. stevensj13:

    Yes but in order to create the torque needed to those tiny engines to haul anyone they need to be geared down. A school bus only has 250hp and the thing hauls 1500lbs? of students and about 4 tons of its own weight, it can only do that to be geared slow but powerful

  29. thesashworth:

    I don mean to sound like a prick and Im far from an engineer but in my experience electric? scooters although I like the ideabut that they tend to be slow. Would it not be a lot faster if there was a big cog on the motor and a small one on the wheel?

  30. jtotheace1:

    It has a upgraded band brake in the? rear and I installed a BMX bike brake kit on the front end. The top speed is 30MPH.

  31. ninelime:

    I want that, what kind of breaks are? you using and whats the top speed?

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