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Callaway golf club review

Find The Lowest Price HERE for job search help, free resumes and letters, interview questions and video instruction In my golf bag my Callaway 2010 X-20 ng irons review, Callaway FT-IQ i-mix driver review, Callaway Big Bertha Diablo fairway wood review, Odyssey White Ice 330 mallet putter review, and Alien wedge review Callaway 2010 X-20 ng irons review, Callaway FT-IQ i-mix driver review, Callaway Big Bertha Diablo fairway wood review, Odyssey White Ice 330 mallet putter review, and Alien wedge review
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Organizing golf clubs in a bag is more important than most players realize, and it should be in order from shortest to longest club. Organize your golf clubs properly with help from a professional golf instructor in this free video on golf clubs. Expert: Conan Elliott Contact: Bio: Conan Elliott has been the director of instruction at Camas Meadows Golf Club since January 2004. He has been teaching for more than 30 years, and truly is a “teacher of champions.” Filmmaker: Lisa Fenderson
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Posted December 15th, 2012 in Golf Clubs. Tagged: , , , .


  1. Dewey Gall:

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  2. Oliver Roders:

    Excellent review. I wish all reviews? were like yours!

  3. Doris Ferrell:

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  4. Beatrice Crawford:

    Its still surprises me, just how some people have? no idea about Golfonax Training Program (just google it), although many people improve their golf skills with this training program. Thanks to my cooworker who told me about Golfonax Training Program, I have improve the weakest part of my golf game.

  5. maneldias1998:


  6. Bruce Lee:

    Fishing, or just boating??

  7. JobSearchGuru:

    Yeah, hard to believe … I bought a boat (my home and the golf course are on Lake Norman, NC) and most of my free time is spent out on? the water 🙂

  8. JobSearchGuru:

    Hi JaihoBarrows, No problem for me — sorry to learn it happened? to you.

  9. JobSearchGuru:

    Hi Maneldias, Actually, I got the neoprene? iron covers for $9 at Walmart — great covers at a great price!

  10. maneldias1998:

    nice man hey? where did you get those iron covers please answer asap.

  11. Bruce Lee:

    You live on a golf course, and you haven’t golfed in? 4 years? If l lived on a golf course l would golf every day.

  12. JaihoBarrows:

    hey i had the same irons, did? u ever have a problem with the black hozel ring breaking or falling off….. then eventually leading to the club head to loosen and fall off…. this happened to both my pitching wedge andd my sandwedge :-/ and i know of one other person this happened to so i was wondering if u had the same problem at all… thanks

  13. JobSearchGuru:

    Hey Legoman208, I live on the golf course and just walked on to shoot this video on a Monday (the? day the course is closed and when no one would be around) and just wore the clothes I was wearing that day. The course does have a clothing requirement and I, course, always “look like a golfer” when actually playing.

  14. Phenom6623:

    I love how he’s rocking new balance shoes you? go

  15. hhhhyytrryyu:

    Fyi,? that wasn’t a rough lie with your hybrid

  16. LifeNaru:

    Everyone has there own type of? swing.

  17. TheFoz96:

    fairplay great vid, shut up peeps he’s most probs better than you!!!!!!!!!!!?

  18. Stlbadazz24:


  19. yoman258:

    People seem to always critique when they see a swing that doesn’t look like a golf instructors swing. However, if you look at the pro’s that are actually on tour right now, they all have vastly different swings.

    The way I feel is that you should swing however feels best to you.? You figure out how to swing comfortably, even if it looks ugly. You then take that ugly swing and play until your ugly swing is what you want. Then amaze people when you beat them with an ugly swing

  20. Legoman208:

    Nice clubs but what are? you wearing???

  21. hockeyplaya2029:

    my hybrid is my baby honestly i could use it better? then my driver

  22. JasonGreene91:

    whats that guy talking? about how is your swing bad lol

  23. thehitman86:

    Considering you haven’t played in over 4 years I have to say I’m? impressed by the distance and (relative) accuracy that you managed to hit the ball. On a side note, nice clubs!

  24. UnReaL441:

    Really great video! its interesting to see other peoples set? ups. Also great shots of your swing. makes the video more interesting.

  25. Charles Lee:

    It still surprises me, how many? people have no idea about Golfonax Training Program (search on google), despite the fact that lots of people improve their golf skills because of this training program. Thanks to my mate who told me about Golfonax Training Program, I have improve my golf skills.

  26. Eric Gordon:

    Another item to add to the list would? be my rocket powered golf club. Check it out!

  27. hfklsd:

    Would you put a hybrid with the woods? Or? with the irons?;

  28. kansas laredo:


  29. TheBlinkisback09:

    i was always ocd with this anyways. i use callaway hyperlite and it only has 3 compatments so i do driver and putter up top, woods and long irons in bottom left, an short irons/wedges in bottom right. for tourneys though i get our team bag (Titleist) and it has 6 compartments so i do driver top left, putter tiop right, woods mid left, wedges mid right, long irons lower left, short irons low right. i? may mirror them because i swap but its that organized

  30. jtropeano:

    I recommend the exact opposite. Long? clubs on the bottom. You use them least, and it makes the short clubs (that you use more often) harder to grab.

  31. MHMonsie:

    Would anyone know how to fix a dent on a TaylorMade? 200 steel 15 degree 3 wood because mine is in good condition with scratches here and there but the dent just makes the club look like i pretty much threw it against a wall so if anyone knows i would appreciate the help.

  32. reptiledude24:

    @titleistfan1 hes saying the woods plus putter plus the middle irons are? equal to the lower irons

  33. yitbos2:

    Interesting… are those LH clubs with a RH putter? In addition I think it’s important to get a putter cover, to prevent the putter from damaging? your driver and fairway wood’s shafts.

  34. westersoccer:

    great i told? my kids to check this out!!!!

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