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Can someone please tell me the secret to making money online as an affiliate marketer with clickbank?

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Question by Tracy: Can someone please tell me the secret to making money online as an affiliate marketer with clickbank?
I have bought every guru scam and nothing works, but it can be done. Whats the secret? I am not an idiot I am desperate and cant land a job. Please share some insight. Thank you.

Best answer:

Answer by Willie Lawrence
The key is being persistent and using every known traffic source like craigslist, youtube, stumbleupon, pinterest.

I’ve made money by creating a blog, writing articles for the blog and then submitting those articles to directories like ezinearticles and articlesbase.

The key is generating tons of targeted traffic. I could go on and on here.

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  1. Nathan:

    I have tried getting rich off of Clickbank many times. Unfortunately, you need a large group of people that trust you and will buy anything you tell them too, like Oprah (see “Oprah Book Club”). I have tried Google Adwords (PPC), Twitter, Facebook, and email marketing. They don’t work well.

  2. sabrina:

    not all are scams, there are a lot but not all. this site may be of help sign up free to get a free money making e-book and remember with anything it takes some effort do not fall for those get rich quick schemes. i do know products that work but you know i am not allowed to tell you here since they would call it spamming or scamming. best thing i can tell you is research like i did and try what you can, the good thing is you can buy things through clickbank and if you give it a month and you don’t like it you can get a full refund. as you know they give 60 days money back. i use this to my advantage, and yes i am making money. all the best and good luck.

  3. darren:

    I have recently started to make money online after joining Alex Jeffery’s Marketing Course he is one of the most respected marketers online today and he really knows what he’s talking about if you are serious about making some money online I highly recommend you take a look at this Free Webinar

  4. ClickScoop:

    Hello Tracy,

    There’s no essential “secret” other than hard work and persistence. A little bit about me first…

    My name is Miles Baker. I’ve been making more than a full-time income from ClickBank working part-time for over a decade. I signed up with ClickBank in 1999 and was in a similar situation as you are now. Nonetheless, with the right knowledge, skills, and work it can be done. I’m living proof. Here’s a video of my ClickBank story…

    I would recommend not buying ANYTHING from anyone you do not know, trust, or who does not show their face online. That will eliminate 99% of the crap products out there.

    I own and operate a community for ClickBank marketers called ClickScoop. I’ve included a link below and you can start there, you can post on our forums if you have questions. It’s all free.

    The truth is that you can make money with ClickBank but it’s not as easy as some will lead you to believe.

  5. Dewayne:

    Please don’t jump into anything shady. There are plenty of people making money online and there’s plenty of ways to do it. You’ve got a few fellow marketers giving good advise. Only thing I can add is, make sure what ever you do is a complete program from start to finish. Check out this blog to access free resource..

  6. Tori:

    First of all, many people think Clickbank has scammy products – ebooks with questionable diets and medical cures, get rich quick schemes, etc., so you might want to look at affiliate programs that offer other types of products that are more traditional.

    The secret to earning from affiliate programs is unique and relevant content. Create a website, blog or page on other types of free webpages like YouTube, Hubpages, Squidoo: etc. about a specific topic and write about what you know. Here are some ideas: things you do, places you’ve been, DIY and how-tos, recipes, movie reviews, product comparisons and reviews., etc. You can also earn income directly from Adsense on blogs or from traffic as well as money earning modules on Squidoo, Hubpages and other article writing pages.

    Do some research, put some of your own photos on your website or webpages then after you have created one or two, apply to some of the better affiliate programs and include links to products from your affiliate programs that are relevant to your topic. Here are some of the better ones:
    You can also join the All posters affiliate program and use links to the posters they sell to illustrate your website, blog or webpages. It is especially helpful if you are writing about a topic that you don’t have a good photo to illustrate:

    You can also create your own little free shop of products using your own photos or graphics on Zazzle: You can put links to your Zazzle store on your webpages to help generate traffic and sales.
    Here is an example of how all of these things can be put together to create a page that can earn you some income:

    Then your work is not over – you need to find ways to get good quality backlinks to your pages to get traffic. I have websites, blogs, youTube videos and Squidoo, facebook, google+ and all sorts of other sites that all link to each other.

    It helps to visit and leave positive comments on other people’s pages – but don’t spam and drop links to your pages on theirs unless it is truly in response to a question they asked or something they are looking for. If you create a profile most people will be curious about who left the nice comment and will go visit your pages if you don’t annoy them by leaving spam.

    None of these things will make you an overnight millionaire – it takes time to create the blogs and several good pages and more time to generate traffic, but if you spend some time learning and perfecting how to write good content you should start to see some income within a few months.

    Good luck!

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