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Can you give me a true website where I can make easy money online?

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Question by Agnostic.Boy: Can you give me a true website where I can make easy money online?
Im from Mauritius Island, I have seen many people log on website where you can make easy money online by reading mails or write summaries or placing ads etc.. I want a true website where I can be paid through cheque and one which is international for all people world wide. Thank

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Answer by sanandreasguy51

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  1. mystrymind:


  2. B_boy:

    No such thing

  3. Danger:

    Email me…And I’ll see how serious you are about making easy online money…


  4. mace shantelle* :]:

    Actually you should try Ebay….Its fun and you can make alot of money doing it..

  5. B C:

    Do surveys online.

    Yougov is a reputable registered company with millions of panel members.

  6. Chalice:

    DON’T!!! Most if not all, are scams.

  7. Daniel R:

    Don’t do these pathetic, get paid to complete surveys etc… total waste of time, i’ve tried them before and definately not the way to go if your serious about making money online.

    You should ask yourself what skills you have to offer, and then find someone who would benefit from your skills, and get them to pay you for it.

    You could also try affiliate marketing, always a good place to start especially if you don’t know too much about making money on the internet, as there are plenty of websites that will give you step by step guidance on how to reach your goals. has more information on affiliate marketing.

  8. pirateatheart8:

    Hey. First of all, paid to read email sites are a waste of your time. It will take you hours to earn a few pennies. Don’t get caught in those schemes. What DOES work is things like GPT, paid to post, and paid surveys. All are pretty simple to do, and actually will pay you decent money for your time. I will help you get started if you want. Drop me a message or catch me on IM if you’re interested. I’ll give you some good links, too. Good luck!

  9. Jane Sweeney:

    This site shopws you how to build an income using free tools like blogger with step by step intsructions on DVD

    No million dollar promises…just a gradually building income

  10. vkhoria:

    PTC sites are a very good way of earning money online.
    They are easy and you can really grow you earnings very much by adding(also buying) referrals.

    You can give it a try by starting at a few of them.
    Two of the following are two such sites, which are among most popular and are quite good:
    Some of the good PTC sites are:

  11. HomelyDad:


    I’m from Singapore and I do look out for international income streams =)

    I welcome you to pop by my lens @ and check out some easy ways to make money online. You should be able to find something suitable there for you.

    Should you need any further support, feel free to contact me.

    Cheers to An Abundant New Year!

  12. giantbluerubicon04:

    Your Answer:
    Here’s a pretty good one that I just joined. It’s free and offers you the ability to make money a multitude of ways. You don’t even have to purchase anything to start earning.

  13. tank1577777:

    For tips, advice and ideas about making money online I would suggest the website

  14. Guillaume J:

    Forex Robot That Doubles Your Money Month after Month

    Who is not interested in making money, without having to do much of anything? If you are one of those people who would like to Make Money Online with only having to put forth very minimal effort to get the process started, then you may be interested in knowing about a trading forex robot that does virtually all of the work for you. If you have done any research into the world of forex trading and robots, then you know that this is a method for people to use to make money.

  15. webking71:

    I can give you 10.I’ve done my research and they’re legit.

    Check out this website for more info.

    This site will teach you and it is guaranted to work. Just stick with it.

    need more info e-mail me at

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