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Which Survivalist Water Supplies Do You Need?

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Water is one of the essentials your body has to have in order to be able to survive. Your body’s organs can’t function without it. Since water is so necessary, you want to make sure that you’re well prepared with abundant access to clean water.

One of the problems with using water you find in nature is that the water can be filled with bacteria or other contaminants. For immediate water needs, you’ll want to have purification tablets to clean the water.

You can buy these in bottle form online and get a supply that will last you long enough for you to set up a more permanent water supply situation. You’ll also want to have filters on hand.

These are filters that can clean water for up to a week or longer depending on the type you buy. These filters take care of bacteria, including the kind that can cause some nasty illnesses.

These filters can purify water so well that it will allow you to use water even from a swamp or a swimming pool. These filters are lightweight and easily portable. You’ll also need to have containers to use so that you can keep the water stored.

If you’re looking at something short-term, you can use emergency water bags to take along with you in your backpack. These bags will hold up to 5 liters of water. There are also lightweight water bladders available. You can find these in sizes that will hold anywhere from 25 to 150 gallons of water.

Water bricks are other containers you can use but these don’t hold as much water. They each hold less than 4 gallons of water, but what makes them useful is that they are stackable so they don’t take up a lot of room.

Water barrels are another item you need in order to properly prepare your water supplies. These barrels can hold about 55 gallons of water. If you’re using these water barrels thought, you might want to invest in a siphon pump for easier retrieval of the water to other containers.

When you’re carrying water to transport to your storage container, you’re going to need a water carrier. You can find the collapsible ones that are inexpensive and very portable if they need to be put in a backpack. These water carriers are good because they’re not rigid and they won’t crack in cold weather.

Some people invest in water test kits to make sure that their purifying system has made the water safe to drink. If you have small children, the test kits are something you’ll definitely want to buy.

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Which Survival Vehicles Should You Own?

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Flashy cars are certainly a status symbol – and there’s nothing quite like cruising to the beach in a newer model convertible with the top down and the wind on your face. Except the flash won’t do you any good when a disaster strikes.

When a disaster strikes, many people become stranded because the roads are impassible to ordinary cars. Debris clogs the roads – and if you try to take a flashy little car over debris on the road or through the slick mud covered trails, you’re not going to make it very far.

You have to have a vehicle that’s not going to wimp out when there’s a little trouble on the road. You need to get a four wheel drive that will give you the traction you need when things get a little rough.

Not only do you need a four wheel drive, but you have to have something that gives you some space. Having a small four wheel drive is okay if it’s just you. It’s okay if you and your family want to run up to the corner supermarket, but loaded down with all the gear you need to take, that small four wheel drive isn’t going to make the cut.

So get a vehicle that offers you all the room you and your family will need to pack it up and haul out of any bad situation. You want something that’s easy to maneuver – so that doesn’t mean that you have to go out and buy a truck with monster wheels.

You need to be able to get the vehicle through the area you want to go. So a good rule of thumb is to get a vehicle that can handle going off the road and make sure that you, your family and all of your bug out gear can easily fit into it.

Sometimes, not even a decent vehicle is going to cut it when the road floods. To make sure you’re covered by land or by water, you should have a survival boat. Don’t waste your time on an inflatable boat for long term use.

The debris in the water will make sure it doesn’t last very long. You want something that your family can bug out in – but something that will also provide shelter if you have to stay on it for several days.

In the best scenario, a boat is merely a means of getting where you need to go, but the great thing about boats is that you can buy one that’s big enough to hold all of the equipment you need to survive temporarily.

You also want to have a 4 wheeler. The reason you want to have a 4 wheeler is in case you need to get out and your vehicle can’t make the trip out. You can use the 4 wheeler to transport yourself and family members (even if you have to make several trips) to an area where your boat or an alternative escape means awaits.

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Which Prepper Recipes Should You Compile?

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When it comes time to live off of your survivalist food stores, life might take a change for you and your family at mealtime. You can no longer run up to the corner store for foods to go in a recipe ? you have to have it on hand or make do with what you do have.

You’ll definitely want to look for certain types of recipes that work with the kinds of foods most preppers store ? but also locate recipes for your files that create meals your family loves.

The primary focus for many preppers is on beans, bread and canning recipes. But that’s not your only option. You will probably be storing lots of rice, freeze dried or dehydrated foods.

You want to be able to turn those staples that your family has worked hard to store into an almost gourmet meal that you’d be proud to serve to dinner guests during a normal celebration.

Start organizing your recipes offline. Many people have them stored on sites like Pinterest, but if there’s no electricity, you won’t be able to access those recipes at all. It’s better to print them out and save them in a small filing storage container.

Organize your recipes according to what staples your family has on hand. If you find a recipe that calls for something you don’t yet have, add that item to your checklist of food storage items to get.

Put the recipes in categories for entrees, side dishes, breads and desserts. You might even want to have one for beverages if you’re able to store different types of ingredients to make delicious drinks.

Too many preppers who are just starting out, think that emergency food stores would mean you have to live on meals ready to eat or plain meals that offer no sense of enjoyment.

During a crisis situation, you want to be able to provide your family with the most normal routine possible. Sometimes that means being able to serve up favorite family meals. You may have to create substitutions for certain things, but it’s better than living on a protein bar day after day.

Using your prepper food stores means rotating items out of commission, and you can invest in survival cookbooks and test out your prepper culinary skills using a variety of methods ? including solar ovens and other forms of cooking without electricity.

If you have children, make sure you have them help you compile a list of their favorites, too. They can even help you make a test batch to see if it passes muster with the whole family and earns its spot in the recipe container!

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What Kind of Survival Clothing Should You Pack?

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You never know when you’re going to have to get out in a hurry. Having a bag packed with all of the necessities you need – including clothing – will allow you to be prepared for any situation.

You already know that you should have the basic items like food, water and first aid. When it comes to clothing, it can be a little confusing knowing exactly what or how much to pack.

A good rule of thumb to follow would be to pack as if you’re going to be gone for three days. You’ll also want to consider exactly where you’re going when choosing what clothing to pack because the area you’re going to may have different weather than where you’re currently living.

If you’re heading to a rainier area, then you’d want to make sure you had rain gear – and if you’re going to an area where the weather is colder, you’ll want warmer clothing. Since room can be limited in a backpack, you want every piece of clothing to serve a purpose.

Pack two pairs of pants to wear. Since you’ll be wearing a pair, that counts as your third day pair. You’ll want to take long pants rather than shorts since you might be hiking through rough terrain. Plus, having long pants can help protect your legs against insect bites.

Take two shirts along for the journey. You’ll need one that’s fit for warmer weather – such as a short sleeve t-shirt. But you’ll also want a long sleeve shirt for cooler temperatures. Remember that temperatures always drop in the evening hours. By having both a short sleeve and a long sleeve shirt, you can double these up for warmth if needed.

For undergarments, you’ll need to take two pairs of socks and two pairs of underwear – but you’ll also want to pack a pair of thermal underwear. You can wear these under your clothing in the event of cold weather.

You’ll want to take along a hat to protect your head from the sun’s rays as well as to keep your head warm if it’s cold. A hat can also be useful to keep the rain out of your eyes.

A jacket is a must-have clothing item, but you want one that can serve two purposes. You want one that help you keep you warm but can also protect you from inclement weather like rain.

Many jackets have a waterproof shell and are lined with warm material on the inside. You can find some that are lightweight so that fitting them in your backpack won’t be an issue.

Don’t forget to pack footwear. When you first start out, it’s best to wear your waterproof boots and pack a pair of athletic shoes. Break them in ahead of time to prevent blisters if you have to hike around a lot.

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What Kind of Prepper Tools Should You Get?

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When it comes time to become self reliant or take care of your own during a crisis situation, you’re going to have to work harder than ever. You’ll need tools that can help you get things done.

Power tools may not be an option unless they’re battery operated and you have rechargeable batteries that can be charged with a solar charger. So you’ll need to have a variety of hand tools available, too.

Hand tools are harder to use, but they don’t require the use of electricity, so you won’t have to worry about not having them functional whenever you need them. You can buy a readymade large toolkit, or invest in a small one that’s perfect for taking with you on the go.

What kind of hand tools will you need for your homesteading property? The basics are always good. A hammer will help you build things ? and of course, a variety of nails to go with it.

Screwdrivers will come in handy ? both flathead and Phillips screwdrivers. Make sure you also store a variety of different sized screws for projects you might take up on your property.

A wrench might help you if you’re dealing with nuts and bolts. If you purchased some items to build from scratch, then you’ll want to have a wrench handy. A tape measure for projects is also a great idea.

Pliers, saws, levels, and utility knives are all additional tools you’ll want to invest in ? either as a group toolkit or individually if you’re picky about your items. A Leatherman is also a nice tool to have, as is a Swiss Army Knife ? which both house a variety of tools in one that’s portable.

As a homesteader, you may also want to invest in a variety of gardening tools. Some will be handheld smaller tools for raised bed gardening, like a spade for example. Others will be larger, like a shovel, rake or garden hoe.

But what about large tools you may need as a prepper? Many communities plan as a group to invest in large machinery that helps build houses and pave roadways. You might even get machines that harvest grains and other large crops for your prepper community.

Start small, with what you can carry and what you may need to make repairs, protect yourself, and use for gathering food supplies ? and then move on to the larger, long-term tools that might help you become more self reliant.

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What Goes Into Your Survivalist Bug Out Bag?

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If you’re new to survivalist training, you might not know what a bug out bag is. This is just gear that you can grab and go on your way in the event of a disaster. You can put your gear into a backpack or other sturdy nylon bag.

You’ll need food that’s lightweight. Something like freeze-dried foods or MREs. Make sure you pack enough that can last everyone with you for at least three days. Water is a must-have.

You’ll also need three days worth of water for everyone. But you’ll want to take along something to collect water in for the days ahead. Pack water purifying tablets. Bleach can do in a pinch, but is harder to pack.

Aside from food and water, you need a way to cook the food and boil the water. To cook the food, you’ll need a basic cooking set, which would be lightweight pots that can be used over campfires or on a portable camp stove.

You’ll want to pack clothes for two days. The clothes that you’re wearing when you bug out will count as your third set. Make sure you pack long pants, long sleeved shirts and other clothing that will keep you warm.

You’ll want to do this even if it’s summer. Long pants and long sleeved shirts will protect your skin from pests and will keep you warm if the temperatures dip at night. You’ll also want to pack extra socks and underwear. Take sturdy hiking boots along, too.

Rain gear like a poncho can be used as shelter in a pinch. Bring a hat along to keep the rain and the sun off your head. Take sunglasses to protect your eyes in case you’re out in the sun for long periods. A bandana should be packed because it can have a multitude of uses.

Shelter materials should also go in your backpack. Take a tent or a tarp along with cording in the event you need to tie something to trees. Carry a sleeping back or a sleeping pad along to protect you from having to sleep directly on the ground. Make sure there are enough emergency blankets for everyone.

Personal hygiene materials need to go in your bug out bag and don’t forget your first aid kit. Fire starters are necessary as are waterproof matches. Take a flashlight that uses solar power rather than batteries.

You’ll also want fishing gear, a knife and a multitool. An emergency radio and a way to charge your cell phone using solar power should be included in your bug out bag. Have sturdy gloves and a small axe that can be used to make a clearing or to get debris out of your way.

You’ll want to have a folding shovel and duct tape along, too. Bring your important papers and pack entertainment. Finally, make sure that you bring a weapon such as a gun in order to protect yourself and your family.

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What Goes Into a Very Basic Survival Kit?

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To survive, humans need food and water, shelter from the elements, warmth in extreme temperatures and first aid in the event of injuries. Regardless of whether you have all the long term supplies you’d like to have in the event of a disaster, you should make sure that you have a basic survival kit for the short term if nothing else.

An emergency can crop up on land or – if you’re out in a boat on the water and you need to make sure you have what you need to be okay for a few days. The contents of the survival kit might vary slightly depending on whether you were on land or water.

A basic survival kit should always have food and water supplies. While you can survive a few days without food, you can’t survive long without water. Food supplies for a basic kit can be MREs (meals ready-to-eat) or something as simple as emergency ration bars.

These are bars that are packed with all of the nutrition you need to survive for several days and can easily be purchased in bulk online. A basic kit should also have a water supply or water purification tablets so that you can make the water safe to drink. Some people choose to pack water packets that can be kept stored for up to five years.

Next, you’ll need to make sure that you have some type of signal. Some people use a signal mirror while others rely on a loud whistle to make it easier for them to be found. A whistle can also help to frighten away animals.

A multi-tool knife is a must-have and can take the place of several other gadgets. You’ll need waterproof matches and a fire starter. What many survivalists use to start a fire with are cotton balls because they’re lightweight and easily burn.

To stay warm and dry, you’ll want your kit to have a poncho (use a large lawn and leaf garbage bag if you don’t have a poncho) and a survival blanket. If you have small children, make sure you have enough survival blankets for them. You also want to have a tube tent.

Pack a flashlight with an LED light, a sewing kit and a compass in your kit, too. Having a paracord or other emergency cord can come in handy for securing shelter or other uses. You can buy these and wear them as a wristband if you want to.

Included in all survival kits should be a portion reserved for the first aid materials. The first aid materials should consist of bandages, tweezers, alcohol wipes, antibiotic ointment, allergy medication and pain reliever at the very least.

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What Goes Into a Survival First Aid Kit?

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If you’re planning to pick up a first aid kit at the store, you might be in for a shock. Most of those pre-planned kits don’t contain the items that you need for long term or even short-term survival.

Those kits were put together based on normal living conditions. Since surviving a natural disaster or other crisis situation doesn’t qualify as normal, you’re going to want to look specifically for a survival first aid kit. These aren’t the same as a regular first aid kit meant for a soccer mom whose kid needs a BandAid for a scraped knee.

You’re going to want to make sure you have what you need so if you can’t find a kit made specifically for survivalists, then put together the supplies you need yourself. Get a sturdy bag for it – you can use a hard shell case or you can use a backpack for your first aid supplies. If you use a backpack, mark it as your first aid kit.

You’ll want a first aid manual. No matter how much knowledge you have with emergencies, if you’re the one that needs aid, this can help someone else know how to treat you.

Next, besides bandages that range in shape and size, you’re going to want gauze pads. Make sure these are in a variety of sizes and make sure they’re the absorbent kind. You’re going to want butterfly strips, but in a pinch, you can make your own with regular medical tape – so make sure you have medical tape in your kit. Have burn dressings in your kit, too.

You need Ace bandages because these not only help with a sprain, but they can also be used to fasten a splint or a sling if needed. Have a supply of gloves on hand to use while you’re performing treatment.

You’ll also need a way to clean the wound. You can use a piece of gauze if you have to – but most people pack some cotton swabs. You’ll need scissors for cutting and you’ll need tools to get out splinters or other foreign objects.

Tweezers are best for this but in some events, you’ll need a needle. You’ll want a flashlight so that you can see what you’re doing. You’ll want a thermometer as well as the medication to treat in the event someone does have a fever. You’ll want one of those ice packs for help with swelling injuries.

Make sure your kit has plenty of antibiotic ointments and even allergic reaction tablets since you’ll be living in areas where you and your family may not have been exposed to the allergens. Pack the liquid kind if you have children who can’t swallow pills yet.

Having the means to suture up deep wounds in order to save a life is a necessity. For that, you’ll need a suture kit. Superglue can also be used to close a wound. Some people also choose to have a handheld blood pressure machine. You can find ones that can also monitor a victim’s heartrate.

If you’ll be out in the woods or if you’ve set up a camp somewhere away from your home, you might encounter snakes. So take a snakebite kit. It’s a good idea to investigate the area you’ll be staying in to see what dangers you might encounter so that your kit can be built specifically for those issues.

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Tips on How to Shop for Survival Gear

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When an emergency strikes, people almost always panic – especially when it comes to natural disasters. Planning for natural disasters means planning ahead before the need arises.

There’s no time like right now to get the items you need in order for your family to survive whatever may come (whether it’s a natural disaster or a man made crisis). Getting all of your goods together is easy, but there is a right way to shop for the gear that you need.

The way to find the best quality gear at the best prices is to take your shopping list online. You can get free shipping and a better selection of gear – including gear suited for babies and toddlers.

Many online shopping sites have pages and pages of gear that you can easily scroll through to find exactly what you’re looking for. Whether it’s food, shelter or protection, you can search for which gear is the best as far as pricing and durability.

You’ll be able to check out everything about the item and then even compare it to similar products that are about the same price. It’s easier to shop online for survival gear because everything you need on your list is available and often at one place.

You can create a master list – and if budgeting is a problem, many online stores have a way that their customers can put the item on a to-buy-later or a wish list. This will help keep you organized as to what you’ve already bought, too.

One of the great things about shopping online for survival gear is that you’ll be able to gain valuable insight from people who are also looking to plan for their family’s emergency survival. When a product is purchased, many sites will allow customers to rate that item and leave feedback. The higher the star rating, the higher the customer satisfaction.

When you shop online, as you’re checking out a product, you’ll get to see all the specifics about the item – but one of the best reasons to look online for your gear is that you can read honest reviews. These reviews can actually help guide you to the best product if the one being reviewed falls short because reviewers will share what the best product is.

People will tell you what they like and don’t like about the item you’re thinking of buying and you’ll also see reviews to see if the item was as durable as the manufacturer said it was.

This can help prevent you from wasting your hard-earned money on products that are more hype than quality. It’s a great way that the online community looks out for one another.

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Tips for a Prepper on a Budget

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When it comes to preparing your family for a crisis or disaster survival situation ? or even self reliance, it can get costly if you don’t know what you’re doing. Being informed is half the battle.

Have an inventory checklist so that you always know what you want to buy and never repeat anything. Carry a copy with you at all times so that if you see something on sale, you can grab it in bulk.

Put a portion of your budget aside for prepping inventory. If you have nothing extra after your regular bills, then you might need to cut something in order to provide for your prepping measures.

Get rid of a movie channel package or even consider selling something on eBay to free up some funds for your prepper basics. You don’t want to get into debt buying up prepper supplies in a panic.

Coupons can help you with foods that you want to store. There are many guides that teach couponing and some people are able to buy groceries for pennies on the dollar with these savvy techniques.

Half Price Books is a good place to shop for informative guides that might come in handy. This could include educational supplies for homeschooling, entertainment books, as well as guides on survival and homesteading.

Buy at a pace you can realistically afford. You don’t have to go online and spend hundreds of dollars today. Make a short-term survival checklist and work on getting those supplies a little at a time first.

Then add to your supplies little by little, even if it means buying a single canned good with your regular groceries that week. It will add up in the end and your supplies will grow faster than you think.

Don’t buy the most expensive equipment just because you mistakenly believe it’ll provide the best protection for your family. Start with the basics and later, you can upgrade your items if necessary and use the cheaper models as back-ups.

Consider learning a lot about how to whittle down your costs. Instead of buying canned fruits and vegetables, for example, you can learn how to grow a garden that your family will love and teach yourself how to properly can the foods (or dehydrate them) for future use.

Preparedness doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg, but it will if you wait until the last minute. The key is to gradually build up your supplies ? not burdening your budget, but not slacking off on your commitment, either.

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