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Classic Toy Room – STAR WARS: SAGA LEGENDS SNOWTROOPER action figure review

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Classic Toy Room (from Classic Game Room) reviews the STAR WARS: SAGA LEGENDS SNOWTROOPER action figure! The snow Stormtrooper was the coolest Stormtrooper in The Empire Strikes Back and now there’s a new action figure with removable helmet, moving arms and legs and a twisty torso.

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Posted March 1st, 2012 in Star Wars Action Figure. Tagged: , , , , , , , , , .


  1. MedalpiXel:

    17? people are Rebels

  2. mandy26lez:

    Black R2D2? is called R2-Q5 mark.

  3. jetflock:

    Before he was? a faceless, emotionless monster….Now he is some Mexican guy.

  4. ezongz:

    @YourFavoriteIrish no actually clone troopers were better these guys cant hit anything ?

  5. Bturtles23:

    17? people die choking on a plastic ray gun

  6. YourFavoriteIrish:

    @autobot104? i think thats because they’re just evolved clone troopers

  7. autobot104:

    all of em have? teh same face

  8. MichaelManza:

    now theres a classic? toy room!!! more videos to watch…

  9. KSICarbonCore:

    The 80s version so ghetto? compared to the new ones.

  10. MrGamedude21:

    @Kj16V NONE OF THE ABOVE! he goes home and? jerks off

  11. RyansSportsCards52:

    R2-black2? hilarious!

  12. numbers9to0:

    Burka? Trooper!

  13. TheJarjarbinksiscool:

    r2-black2? it is r2-q2

  14. sitekilla:

    @InecomCompany You? Need To Make More G.I Joe Reviews Because They Are Very Funny! So If You Could Thanks!

  15. MrActionfigurereview:

    hey boy were gonna burn a cross in your? yard

  16. cobraglatiator:

    they should do mystery star wars charecters its like u by 1 and ur all A SNOW TROOPER ! remove the helmat A TRANDOSHAN WHAT THE? **************! :O I WOULD PROBLY LOL so hard …..

  17. slipknotsouthpark:

    @AwsomeAxeOfAcheiving Ponda Bobba (coming from a total? star wars nerd) 🙂

  18. ezongz:

    @Kj16V? BOTH!

  19. ezongz:

    @Kj16V BOTH!!!?

  20. 64jamesbond:

    what is the first cgr? episode???

  21. ezongz:


  22. ezongz:

    the gonc droid? fel cus of the aswamnis

  23. AwsomeAxeOfAcheiving:

    My friend has the original alien who got his arm cut off in the cantina?

  24. 99966x:

    WOW laser shotgun?

  25. NonstopRam:

    Got one at? target today.

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