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Cyber Power Gamer Ultra 2098 System Review – PC Perspective

Find The Lowest Price HERE Most of the time, when we are sent systems for review, they are some of the highest-end and most expensive gaming rigs available. Companies tend to want to showcase a “flagship” product, one that will impress anyone that gazes upon it. And while CyberPower definitely builds systems like that, for this review, we are looking at something much more modest – the pre-built Gamer Ultra 2098. The specifications for the system are pretty straight forward: AMD FX-4100 Quad-core Bulldozer processor with a stock cooler Gigabyte M68MT-S2 NVIDIA 7025 chipset motherboard 8GB DDR3-1333 MHz memory AMD Radeon HD 6670 1GB graphics card 500 GB SATA III 6 Gb/s HDD DVD Burner optical drive 500 watt power supply Azza Black Orion Red case Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit These aren’t parts that are going to “wow” you by any stretch but the price might: Newegg is selling this complete system for 9 (as of this writing) and buying all of these components individually, on the same website, our total was 6. Considering that someone has already built the machine (in a very clean and neat fashion) and you get basic support and a warranty, the cost of this machine is very compelling.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Posted March 9th, 2013 in Price Compare 500 Watt. Tagged: , , , , , , , .


  1. theouimets100:

    Can i run trip monitors on the aug 380?

  2. dennis crawford:

    Check out mine, I did a lot of upgrades. ?

  3. dennis crawford:

    Oh? yes!


    so would you recommend it? for gaming? im also new to pc gaming and trying to find the right pc

  5. UnrelatedNonsense:

    This isn’t the most powerfull pc but? you can easily upgrade the graphics card and its a cheap computer I love it

  6. RePaused:

    I’m? new to pc gaming, and I don’t know how to add in the new PSU.. Is 300W enough for casual gaming maybe twice a week??

  7. DarkBioHazardGaming:

    i have this pc and can tell you this: dont expect the greatest quality. It will run almost any game 35+ fps on mid-high settings. I run skyrim at 35 on high settings, and on mid, 60+. DayZ/Arma2-mid to high. it? can be a bit noisy from the fans, but if you have headphones, not a huge deal. you should definitaly get a new PSU and if you can another graphics, and this thing will be great.

  8. RePaused:

    Just ordered this PC. Can’t wait to try out pc games like DayZ, Dota 2, and more. The price is now: $539.99?

  9. Rokulda:

    Fairly well, I play on normal? on big servers and get around 40 fps, and on high in small servers and get around 50 fps.

  10. Rokulda:

    How good does this bitch run Bf3? Because I’ve had mine for a year and am scared to waste money on BF3 if? it doesn’t work.

  11. soulanimelight88:

    hitfilm run good? on it looking for new pc take hitfilm

  12. NWT2929:

    Really? My? laptop runs Minecraft smoothly -_-

  13. Just9365:

    Can? this thing run mine craft smoothly

  14. HealingMuffin:

    in multiplayer on? bf3

  15. 12366hihi:

    Not? to well

  16. 12366hihi:


  17. HealingMuffin:

    dont get a water cooling azza but normal one do just fine.? i got this pc for chrismas

  18. soulanimelight88:

    is good for? hitfilms plz help

  19. RedHouse543:

    i like the azza but it seems like a lot of bad reviews online about cyber power. anyone have any experience with them? i have been reading a lot of good things? about ironside computers and am wondering if i should go with them instead, can’t seem to find anything bad on them.

  20. HealingMuffin:

    i got this pc for christmas today and im thinking of? a better grafics card thats it

  21. MIKEDUDE197:

    It can run most games on the source engine at? around 60 fps

  22. murdercom998:

    change the psu mine just blew same? pc

  23. ETWCBf3CLAN:


  24. ETWCBf3CLAN:

    Just buy? the comp shown in the video.. i recommend upgrading the graphics card tho

  25. TheSn4zzle:

    Does the PSU have a slot for me to plug a PCIe cable into? I? noticed the 6670 does not require a 6pin and was not sure if it is actually available.

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