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Oh yeah, it’s finally here!!! Here’s a little video unboxing the new 4 channel amplifier for the big build! This thing is a brute to boot! – Rated for 1000 Watts at 12.5 volts! Just imagine the power it’ll see at 14+ volts! Thanks For Rating & Subscribing! EXO’s Frankenstein 1998 Ford Expedition / EXOedition Pioneer AVH-p3200DVD Double Din Head Unit 1 Behringer DCX2496 Crossover & EQ 6 Soundstream XXX 18″ Subwoofers 6 PSI 2500W Recones w/ Direct Leads 6 Sounstream TX1.2600d Bass Amps 1 Oxygen Air2ProF550 4 Channel Amp 1 MB Quart ONX4.125 4 Channel Amp 6 Crescendo FT1 Tweeters 4 10″ Crescendo PWX-10 Mid Drivers 4 6″ Crescendo PWX-6 Mid Drivers 4 Iraggi 320 Amp Alternators 10 Power Logic AGM Batteries Second Skin Audio Sound Deadener Alpha Damp & Damplifier Pro 800 Watt DC/AC Power Inverter Air Lift 1000 Helper Springs (bags) Dual Flowmaster Exhaust AMP AKA: Air 2 Pro F550 / Air2 ProF550 Enjoy The Music? Check Out Cultivata Beats! Untitled Beat By Cultivata Amp Specs Nominal Power@12.5Volts-4OHMS…4x135W Nominal Power@12.5Volts-2OHMS…4x255W Nominal Power@12.5Volts-4OHMS…2x400W Pass Band@+/-3dB…10Hz-40Hz Low Pass Filter@18dB/OCT…50-500Hz High Pass Filter@18dB/OCT…50-500Hz Bass Boost@45Hz…0-12dB Signal To noise Ratio…100dB Input Sensitivity…200mV-6V Dimensions…16″x 9.4″ x 2.3″ Volt meter & Temperature gauge! EXOcontralto Bassheads Unite 2012
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. terrf66:

    anybody use these,and if? so,what do u think if them.

  2. BigMikeSr09:

    hey EXO i just got 2 12″ pioneer subs 1300 watts 4 ohm subs but i need a better amp then wat i got to push them please throw some? ideas and prices my way to help me out. BASS HEADS UNITE

  3. Lucas Whitney:

    Hey exo was thinking bout ordering this amp and? was wondering how you liked it after you used it. Thanks

  4. bbies88:

    I just bought this amp..looked like the best bang for the buck! You need to come out with another update video’s been? forever!!

  5. mandime421:

    how do you tune this amp? O just got? one and need to tune it

  6. dustinkingkong:

    Hey Exo i have a question my amp keeps shutting off it is 600 watts and my sub is 500 watts so im not over powering my sub or amp what do you think is? wrong.

  7. Jennifer Robin:

    exo. i know u can help me. im running 2 batterys split with an isolator. when i got everything connected, i was consistent at 14v. but then i changed my amp from 4ohms to 2ohms my volteg has been going up and down but no lower then 12v. i know 12v is fine on a car but im looking for a lil? bit more . i wanna stay around 14v wut do i need to do plz and thx.

  8. 39213cooper:

    btw i bought this amp and im gonna buy 1? more XD

  9. PacNWsoundstream:

    Hey man i have the? 2.5kw and i love it. it puts out some power has no issue heating up my hdc3 pretty good.

  10. josiah gomez:

    why are you yousing a butter knife to open it lol .. maybe its? the knife not the tape haha

  11. jr217r:

    How are you gong to run the tweeters on the onyx 125.4 What frequency, I have The same amp and? The 80.4 useing my smd cc1 I found out the amps hpf doesn’t go over 1,300khz unlike the 60hz-13,000khz they clame to be able to do

  12. mrreptileman:

    Hey EXO i need some help with my EQ install its a clarion eqs746 i got it for my mids and highs so i also have a 4 channel amp its? 340 watts .for it i got everything wired up . But i wired my two amps together. Dont know if thats ok. But as soon as i started playin the music all my speakers started making a really loud screeching noise i was thinking it could be the ground or that i wired my rca cables and amp power wire on the same side . Any help would really be appreciated

  13. hgwtrhwrhtrhwrhrythj:

    that tire should be under a warrenty. I have 1 12 mtx thunder tr55. have you ever read in or have? heard any issues with them?

  14. ssl33p:

    anyone else feared for his? knees during the unboxing?

  15. 39213cooper:

    i really want to buy thisO2 AIR2-PRO-F550 4 channel amp do you think its worth it and i also wanna buy O2 AIR-PRO-M2.5KW amp do you think its worth it? p.s. im tryna put at? least on 2 subs at 1 ohm the subs are db drive plats but i think they would handle 3500 rms but what amp does 3500 rms thats no more than 400 bucks??? also would i need a crossover if so which would you reccomend

  16. ???????????? ?????????:


  17. jr217r:

    Show Those? Amp Guts 🙂

  18. ???????????? ?????????:


  19. XxMerkininHDxX:

    hay? XO i hive a new video out man from the hobby you shod go chack it out thanks man.

  20. Brad Builds:

    could you quite possible hook one of these up, and show how it looks lit up?
    maybe put a couple junko speaker’s laying around and blow em?
    im really looking to get one of these oxygen audio amp’s.
    for the price, they beat ANYTHING i can find? on the market.
    not to mention it looks great.
    Would this compare to a Crescendo 1000.4 the old model’s!

    Beast video B man! xD
    hopefully see some sick updates soon!

  21. ???????????? ????????????:


  22. bivol bivolski:

    Hey man, wazup? I want to buy subs and im kinda on a budget right now. I want to buy MTX Audio Terminator Series TNE212D 1,200-Watt Dual 12-Inch Sub Enclosure, Kenwood Kac-8105D 1000-Watt Class D Mono Amplifier, Boss KIT-2 Complete 8 Gauge Amplifier Installation Kit and Boss CAP2R 2 Farad Capacitor. Do you think thats a good combinated of them all? Or what do you? recommend for that similar price? Thanks in advance 🙂

  23. ????????? ?????????:


  24. rephouse86:

    Come on people he’s a busy man! Almost all the answers to your questions are? already out there. Do your research.

  25. TeamHeavyHitters13:

    Get this? one.

  26. 39213cooper:

    would reccomentthis amp vs a dc audio 175.4??? ps this? amp is 209 dc is 300+

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