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Director Chris Nolan Awards SBIFF 2011 on Producing New Superman

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Breaking News Superman Comic Character Renounces His US Citizenship and Becomes Global Superman I wonder If this will tie into the Next Movie. Director Chris Nolan Awards SBIFF 2011 on Producing New Superman SBIFF 2011 presents award to Nolan. Christopher Nolan, writer/director/producer of the acclaimed blockbuster Inception, received the Santa Barbara International Film Festival’s highest honor, Modern Master Award, presented by Announced today by SBIFF Executive Director Roger Durling, the event — which will take place on Sunday, January 30, 2011 at the historic Arlington Theatre — will provide a rare and highly anticipated look at one of the most in demand filmmakers today. The Modern Master Award is the highest honor presented by SBIFF. Established in 1995, it was created to honor an individual who has enriched our culture through his/her multi-faceted accomplishments in the motion picture industry. Nolan joins an illustrious group of past recipients including Michael Douglas, Jodie Foster, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Diane Keaton, Sean Penn, Jeff Bridges, Peter Jackson, George Clooney, Will Smith, Cate Blanchett, Clint Eastwood, and James Cameron. “Every one of Nolan’s films has set a new standard for the film community, with Inception being the latest example,” comments Durling. “Nolan was the natural choice for this year’s SBIFF’s Modern Master Award.” Standing out as one of the greatest minds in cinema, Nolan consistently pushes the boundaries of both

A somewhat-mostly-accurate educational parody film by Max Landis, Produced by Bryan Basham @bryan_basham Starring Elden Henson, Elijah Wood, Mandy Moore, Morgan Krantz and many more. I’m not drunk in the video, I only get about three cups in. The original rant was 45 minutes long, so of course we had to cut a bunch of stuff out for time, and because it was just too stupid. Like for instance the part where Pa Kent dies of a heart attack and literally GOES TO HEAVEN. AND SEES SUPERMAN. If I saw this video, I might nerd rage out so hard. But luckily I made it, so I’m pretty happy. Really I’d hope people just are with me, and happy that Guy Gardner and Bloodwynd get to be in a movie.

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Posted March 14th, 2012 in Superman Comic. Tagged: , , , , , , , .


  1. Artististicerotic:

    I think Zack is a good director and a good choice for Superman, he has a lot of respect for the character, I think he’s a good director but when he’s on a leash he’s a fantastic director, and with Nolan looking over this shoulder greatness is bound to happen.

    Yeah Sucker Punch was not the best movie, nor was it worse thing? ever made. Zack is talented, but he’s a certain kind of director, he’s not Michael Bay terrible or anything, he’s just still a very young and fairly new director.

  2. TheChosenCritic:

    I pray that Nolan saw Suckerpunch and know that Snyder needs to be? put on a leash

  3. MyOwnDecoy:

    Chris Nolan + James Cameron = Movie of? god

  4. Nemeres:

    Actually, if? Snyder effs this up, I’m gonna kill not him but Nolan, who hired him.

  5. necroshadow93:

    This is class as? a director, my favorite one.

  6. visceralguy:


  7. stalkertwolf:

    King? Nolan!

  8. Jarinabigbox:

    Christopher Nolan is such a? calm guy. Thats Bad Ass

  9. CBright7831:

    “What I’m doing on? that is I’ve hired a great director to take it on. It’s sort of his problem more than mine…HOPEFULLY. *laughs*”


    “I’ve hired Snyder to direct this but if I start to seeing him fuck it up, I’m going to have to step in and save this franchise too. *laughs*”

  10. sexysteveontour10:

    I wish he was? directing it 🙁

  11. hypersonicdragon:

    @Maximillionaire666 Well Said!!!!…u’re quite right! i know the story’ll be? great and there’ll be action and amazing visuals.

  12. Maximillionaire666:

    @hypersonicdragon Pesonally? I think Snyder’s perfect for Superman, and I’m sure he’ll be great. Watchmen is one of my favourite movies ever so I have complete faith in Zack and Christopher. Besides, if Snyder does mess up, Christopher apparantly has a lot of creative control over the movie as well so the movie will definately have a bit of a Nolan-esque quality to it that should help make it better.

  13. 40Pacino:

    So the choice is either make movies that work for? him, that make shit loads of money and are actually good, that make us think while entertaining us simultaneously, OR make a movie from the genre with more disappointments than any other category with an actress who, nothing against her, I think she’s hot, but whose name doesn’t promise much.

  14. MrAloo14:

    so stupid making? batman again

  15. BoredOfFakeTalents:

    Nolan is a master and I can’t wait for Dark Knight Rises, but I do like that?

  16. 90mv:

    I could hug this man someone get him? to direct everything to do with dc comics lol

  17. monsterrain:

    I love how they cut? the video right after he says: “Not really.”

  18. youliveyoudie:

    christopher nolan is? a fucking genius. awesome director.

  19. u2aerofan:

    I really HAVE to see the whole thing – please post if you have? it.

  20. pibitopoxi:

    Ball head : “Do you just wanna sit down to a romantic comedy with? Jennifer Aniston ?
    NOLAN: ” Not, Really ”
    Ball head: ” Ha ha. Well most of us really love Jen and her movies”
    NOLAN: ” Movies ? “

  21. AgentMcQueen:

    Not religious @ all, but thank Christ or whoever’s up there for Sir Christopher? Nolan!

  22. hypersonicdragon:

    i get the feeling Nolan knows “something” with Superman that we don’t know. you know down-playing his involvement,but he using dis-information to throw us off.
    i don’t think he’ll put his name to a movie, if? it’s going to be Crap!
    Nolan is very secretive and cunning!! well played Nolan, well played!

    IF Synder make a mess of it {highly unlikely}…they’ll kill him at Comic-con!

  23. PerhapsPossibly:

    “Do you ever want to make a romantic comedy with Jennifer Aniston?”
    “No, I like making good? movies”

  24. jjboy157:

    @MenschOhneBeziehung So did Spider-Man LOL. He got his eye ripped out, then got shit-kicked by some guy named Morlun. He came back, but technically that is something that some spiders do. He got wrapped in some cocoon thing (Pretty gross, cause his organs were? literally taken out and put in a exoskeleton), and came back about twice as strong.

  25. jjboy157:

    @aprun Well, to be fair, DC flat-out send you back in time 5 years, and Marvel? created an entirely different universe (Ultimate) to provide a modern reboot, but the new 52 (DC) has flopped after the first couple months, and Ultimate Marvel (Which was AMAZING for the quite a while) has killed off the majority of their characters. For christs sake, they popped Dr. Stranges head off like a fucking balloon. But Marvel is doing great, and DC is doing pretty okay now too.

  26. wellsy57:

    whats with your nails???

  27. evelsteev:

    @MrRedqwerty parts of it,? yes.

  28. aprun:

    No…there’s been a drop in sales because Marvel and DC have an almost monopoly on the superhero business (they have the WORD superhero copyrighted) and have been stifling new innovation and been pandering to a specific group rather than making good? comics. And nowadays, all they do is make movies, all the while firing more staff and rebooting the continuity. Grrr…

  29. Centurion119:

    I feel like he needs to do a video regarding? mass effects ending.

  30. kornkid22:

    Awesome.? Nuff said

  31. ThePirateburke86:

    superman isn’t the first super hero.? Namor the Submariner is the first super hero

  32. MrRedqwerty:

    @evelsteev Lol, so you agree that? this vid is shit?

  33. MenschOhneBeziehung:

    Batman died? Wonder Women died? Captain American and Nick Fury died? damn.
    …Son? Goku died too? oh thats to bad….

  34. Koyaanitsqatsi:

    wow dr insano created? doomsday!

  35. evelsteev:

    @MrRedqwerty the? truth, most likely. LOL

  36. MrRedqwerty:

    @evelsteev What’d you say to get your comments removed lol??

  37. megamonmon:

    @MrRedqwerty yeah ,true. still doesnt change the fact u are wishing death on someone who hasnt done anything to deserve? it

  38. MrRedqwerty:

    @megamonmon It’s life. Get over? it.

  39. RoninReviews:

    Great? casting

  40. aphexmandelbrot:

    Can not understate the need? for a Spiderman clone version of this.

    Fucking Scarlet Spider.

  41. ant4158:

    You should do Spider man clone saga or one? more day

  42. creekstar7:

    Man… I was surprised at how many people I recognized? in this.

    Like Barats and Bereta and Elijah Wood and Mandy Moore for a few examples…

  43. dorkandproudofit:


  44. evelsteev:

    @takayfawk Then let me criticize it, indeed.

    “Sound?” Please,? you just back peddled.

  45. legacy3000:

    One? of the Funniest commentaries ever.

  46. cocaineface69:

    the baby dies and he’s just shitting? on it

  47. warmachine11X:

    Lol did anyone notice his? doomsdays nipple piercing?

  48. t000000x6:

    I? just realized that when Max says “There is something my dad made up” he’s talking about John Landis.

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