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Golf Club

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Golf club sketch from RTE sketch show Your Bad Self
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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Posted January 15th, 2013 in Golf Clubs. Tagged: , .


  1. adrianscally:

    This is? rubbish.

  2. benny wenny:

    brilliant fun

  3. raheemsterling45:

    His the? father on moone boy.

  4. fionahession123:

    Hehe? Bressie sent me here <3

  5. Growler422:

    What is wrong with you lol?

  6. byDamo:


  7. rosscol601:

    very very strange? comedy

  8. megafirefly32:

    i need a pair of? golf shoes i give you 50 for them

  9. 4exgold:

    in? a nutshell, the irish property market 2000-2007, cept it’d be the cute culchie hoor trousering the cash

  10. 1990tomahawk:

    thumbs up if your here from? reddit.

  11. Sydney0Silk:

    Congrats to Peter who recieved an oscar nomination for his short film Pentecost,up? the Irish!

  12. misspresident95:

    This was? brilliant 😀

  13. theEgaff:

    i think its more a cross with richard hammond and? elijah wood

  14. marcusallbrastram:

    this is? genius ! the cute hoor played to a tee….

  15. slimsanta:


  16. milnerkaas:

    i thought the same thing!?

  17. manormaid:

    “Don’t look down ya clown”, HAHA?

  18. stazzimowarfare:

    is it just me or those he look? exactly like richard hammond ( guy with golf balls )

  19. XxBooSTeRHunTeRxX:


  20. scruffaroo:

    ”whats wrong with you”?

  21. Chris Plumb:

    Suuuuch a good character. Need more sketches with this guy. Everything about? him is hilarious.

  22. 9caligal:

    such a hottie & love? his sexy Irish accent…bring that to Cali…

  23. eireluv1:

    gosh Peter? is soo hot!! yumm

  24. DaveLbraybhoy:

    Is it just me or is he? the spit of Antony Stokes Celtic player hahahahahaha

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