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Posted August 14th, 2012 in Baby Monitor. Tagged: , , , , , , , .


  1. moha29mede:

    good? job man.keep up the good work.thank´s.happy valentine´s day.

  2. TheBestproductvideos:

    fantastic Video….Thanks for? Sharing

  3. priceswife7119:

    hi i am currently? looking for a monitor that is adaptable for two cameras one in each childs room and that will reach from our home out to our workshop as well it is located approx 500 feet away from our home would this monitoring system work for me?

  4. bgundza:

    Its amazingly useful product indeed! I have got an opportunity to sleep at night? since I got this. Your baby will be safe and you will safe your nerves? as well 🙂 We are using this one:­RO/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&tag­=gadadige-20&linkCode=as2&camp­=217145&creative=399373&creati­veASIN=B004VL2VRO

    and really enjoy it. I advise it to everyone

  5. vanillakoolaid:

    how? much was the lindam one?

  6. mrowkaela:

    very helpful review, thanks!
    by the way – great voice:) (yours)?

  7. MyBabyMonitorReviews:

    Excellent review – very helpful for parents looking for a quality baby monitor! The Safey 1st monitor does looking pretty disappointing, and? the Lindam looks fantastic quality.

  8. xMyLittlePrincessx:

    Hi does the lindam? pan?

  9. jovialiste82:

    Thank you? very much for this review! I know now which model to get to avoid disappointment

  10. 80emmabrown:

    Hi, I was wondering if this monitor has the two way talk feature? Are you still pleased with the Lindam Clarity after long term use? Thanks for the review, i’m deliberating over this the Summer Baby Zoom, Luvion? grand elite 3.5 and Samsungs new one.

  11. Gatewrights:

    Hello Mr/mrs Blahhhhh !!!!!!
    Clearly any normal person would gather from your comments that you have a faulty product, do you really think and company would make a baby monitor that only works up to a meter away!!!!!
    If you actually listen to my review you’d have heard that? I use ours out to our workshops in our farm yard. Hopefully mr/mrs Blahhhhhh we will hear from you after you return the faulty product and have see how good they are.

  12. CapnBooBoo:

    quality is? horrible, your demonstration is with the camera next to receiver, this thing only works within 1 meter,blahhh

  13. d314j4:

    Nice of you? to do the review, thanks, really helpful.

  14. skylinemad28:

    outstanding? review. i was unsure of which type to get but not anymore lol…. thanks

  15. holdenhq75:

    looking for one that? can work long distance

  16. mollybcutie2000:

    Thank you- After looking for awhile I found one simular it? has great reviews, and an iparenting award. It’s the Levana BABYVIEW20.. I hope it works well.

  17. Gatewrights:

    I don’t know of an american model. you could however? buy one on eBay uk and have it shipped to you……

  18. mollybcutie2000:

    Do you? know if there is a comparable product for the United states like the Lindam Clarity .. I can’t find anything so far.

  19. Gatewrights:

    No? problem you wont be disappointed

  20. Babyemb:

    Thanks v much. I am going to order it then. I have been using a Mororola one for the last couple of nights but even on the lowest sound setting it’s still pretty? loud and is driving me crazy being woken up by baby just turning her head!
    Great review – very helpful.

  21. Gatewrights:

    Yes you can the on/off switch is a roller on the side so just click it on and leave the volume on minimum ie no sound?

  22. Babyemb:

    Can anyone tell me if I can use just the video? ie put the sound on mute so I can just see baby? at night but not hear every tiny movement?

  23. Gatewrights:

    My wife dropped our camera on concrete the other day? and it still works fine. So their also robust !!!!!

  24. WillBadRacing:

    had it a few months now, not a? single problem and the battery lasts for hours once charged…. very impressed still!

  25. SuperBigadd:

    This review has really helped us decide to go with? the Lindam, just what we are looking for.
    Thankyou very much for a great review.

  26. NextStepBabyMonitors:

    See Our *NEW* Updated NextStepIP Video? – Click Our Video Channel Now!

  27. TheBestproductvideos:

    Thanks for Sharing?

  28. NextStepBabyMonitors:

    The NextStepIP system includes the camera? which connects to your router using your wi-fi network or an ethernet cable. Please visit NextStepBabyMonitors for more info.

  29. vahahon:

    Works with a 2.4ghz camera ??

  30. NextStepBabyMonitors:

    What do you get with your camera from NextStepBabyMonitors? NextStep’s proprietary documentation and 30 days support package, walking you through router config, dynamic IPs, mobile app config & more. We make it easy!

    This info isn’t provided in the Foscam info included with the camera. We also offer remote desktop 1-on-1 help to get you up & running! We help normal people like you successfully? setup their IP camera as a state-of-the-art baby monitor! Visit? NextStepBabyMonitors today 🙂

  31. siliconghost:

    Can you tell me what exactly you are adding value on? I mean, what would be? different if I were to buy my own Foscam and use LiveCam to control it?

  32. NextStepBabyMonitors:

    :: NOW WITH SOUND:: For iPhone, iPad &? iPod Touch.
    Only setup with IP Cam sound for Apple devices. Check out the newest version of the NextStepIP System at NextStepBabyMonitors. Only $149 & no month fees.

  33. MyBabyMonitorReviews:

    Nice demonstration – good if you are looking for a basic solution for monitoring your? baby.

  34. NextStepBabyMonitors:

    Check out the latest version of the? NextStepIP System at NextStepBabyMonitors

  35. NextStepBabyMonitors:

    Camera needs to be in range of your network and the right password and encryption type to log on and use your wi-fi. Please visit NextStepBabyMonitors? for more. Thx

  36. NextStepBabyMonitors:

    The camera can be anywhere in the world as long as it is connected to a? router or wi-fi network with Internet service.

  37. MissREALness:

    I dont get? it where is the camera?

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