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Q&A: My CPU Power Supply is dead, does it matter how many watts I buy for my next power supply?

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Question by Jamie: My CPU Power Supply is dead, does it matter how many watts I buy for my next power supply?
Like… say my computer is emachine, would it matter if I got a Compaq power supply? Also, the watts, I don’t know if it matters if I were to get 300 or 500, someone please tell me, I don’t want this thing dying, haha. Oh, and where can I buy all sorts of CPU Power Supply?

Here’s what it says on the current, in case it helps:
Input 100v – 127v ~/ 6A; 220 – 240v~/ 3.15A: 50Hz – 60Hz
Total output: 250W

Then below that it says crap like…
Total power can’t exceed 110w.
Total power can’t exceed 250w.

So I don’t know which is which, you know? Lol.

Best answer:

Answer by ItachisXeyes
well. just get another 250w PSU
and you can find all kinds of goodies on

this is there 150w to 250w selection:

just try to match it up to your old one as best as you can. if not there are some specialty shops that specialize in old hardware or hardware repair if you just cant find replacement parts.

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Posted September 29th, 2012 in Where Can You Buy 500 Watt. Tagged: , , , , , , .


  1. Scott:

    Deppends how powerful your computer is. you can get basically any powersupply and its very easy to fit them. The more expencive ones will come with adapters for older computers so that its deffinitly going to work.

    I’d go for about 500wts or higher. Spend a good amount, About £50-£100 because you really do get what you pay for.

  2. the_orc_1:

    go to tigerdirect and get a 500 watt psu for like 30 bucks plug it in and dont worry if you have a bigger one than needed wont hurt a bit its only if you dont have enough when you have problems

  3. msg-gol:

    you need to Know these things to buy the best PSU for your PC

    1. the Wattage on PSUs are the Maximum Peak Power usage
    that means if you buy a 250W PSU and actually Put a 250W Workload on it for 2 hours it will Die

    and by “Die” i mean it will Still Work somehow BUT the Capacitors in it will Explode and the Output wont be in DC and sometimes it gets to a point that you wont be able to Run your PC for more than 3-5 Secs and it will not Boot.

    if you Use a Dead PSU to for a long time the AC current might Damage your PC

    so you need to Always get 100W more than your PC requirement

    2. to be able to Calculate the Power usage you need to know what components are in your PC and how many of them.

    this is the Component Power Usage Table :
    Component: Requirement:
    AGP Video Card 30W – 50W
    PCI Express Video 100W – 250W
    Average PCI Card 5W – 10W
    DVD/CD 20W – 30W
    Hard Drive 15W – 30W
    Case/CPU Fans 3W (ea.)
    Motherboard (w/o CPU or RAM) 50W – 150W
    RAM 15W per 1GB
    Processor 80W – 140W

    my Assumption is this:
    1 x HDD 25
    1 x PCI express 150
    2 x DVDs 2x25W 50
    Mother 100
    CPU 100
    2 x 1Gb Rams 30
    ETC…… 10
    Peak Power issue 100
    TOTAL : 475 W

    So if you want to Replace this PSU and never to Buy another PSU for this PC you need to buy the 500W one, even the 450W will do but anything lower than that is going to cost you another one in 6 months

    and Newegg is a good place to Buy one

    This is Good, Cheap at 39$ , and Reliable.

    1 more thing:
    don’t fall for a PSU from a company that its name is not Known, and they sell a 1000W PSU for 10$ while a good 1KW PSU is around 200 Bucks

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