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Promotion video for Suboi’s new album is coming in 2012 — Director: Yen Hai Nguyen Camera mans: Yen Hai Nguyen, Ngoc Duc Post producer: Yen Hai Nguyen

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Posted November 19th, 2012 in Deals For 1000 Watt. Tagged: , , , , .


  1. TrucPoDua:

    diê?u da?ng con ga?i ch?? ko co?n la? ba gai :’3
    love this? song <3

  2. thu ph??ng nguy?n:


  3. A2infamouschin2Z:

    lol shes cute.. but whts? with 0:43-0:44 lol

  4. ?an kim:

    m?y? th?ng ?iê này k ?ng h? th? thui ??ng có nói sock

  5. Thang Nguyen:

    Those 3 dudes were super funny, the guy in blue with the Yankees cap is? so d-bag :)) By the way, very cool Suboi

  6. Issabella289:

    execuse me, just ask u a ques,have u ever been fake in ur life 🙂 Su is a good girl , and I know her too? 🙂

  7. ipeefreelyable:

    anyone remember suboi long times ago, real type, nice words, no makeup. listen now, stupid words, fake face? makeup fake girls, want to make money from yogurt company. ha.

  8. ipeefreelyable:

    know many. she? fake most of all singer vietnam. one of top fakes.

  9. ipeefreelyable:

    yes. ?

  10. ipeefreelyable:

    I am vietnamese persons. viet nam has many good musics. I like many.? don’t like pop SHIT fake.

  11. ipeefreelyable:

    all girls is not? alway confident, but can still be strong woman. suboi just FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE. all know it. I knows her in person. see it first hand. FAKE for celebrity life. Maybe outside vietnam doess not understands. Many fake image to make money, sell out to fucking yogurt company, joke singer. i laugh.

  12. Tr?n Yul:


  13. phulys2tinhyeu:

    ch?i b?i gê nh?y? ….khi?p

  14. phulys2tinhyeu:

    ? b?n? phá cách vkl
    ?s kol m? b?n nhá

  15. Tiffany Truong:


  16. Nina Nguyen:

    a strong? song….

  17. cutelonelygirl95:

    I want to be? like her…3

  18. keepmeinyourheart:

    The fuck is wrong with that? Remember, she is still a GIRL moron! It is totally normal for people to be more confident performing their music but not in? real life. It happens for most of the famous artists out there. Plus, try acting like you do have a brain by typing proper English (though I know you don’t have one).

  19. Alyne Lynlyn:

    Suboi is beautiful, a very talented girl, this increasingly talented and beautiful, her rapper and her music is done with? love, she is GREAT, keep shining beautifully like a star, I wish you more success.

  20. Alyne Lynlyn:

    You is Vietnamese? because the Vietnamese hate the artists? in your country?I’m far of asia, whenever I say I love music Vietnamese people laugh here,
    and I am obliged to say I like it because it’s good, but most Vietnamese do not own the know appreciate your good music.

  21. bbsarang:

    so you know her in real life ??

  22. Tu?n Minh Nguy?n H?u:

    That’s not a reasonable reason to hate somebody, you hater?

  23. nobutakey:

    u?y!!! ch?t? xD

  24. 1996nhocbaoloc1996:

    3 th?ng ?ó so v? trình thì h?n suboi nhi?u, trong ?ó có dsk,? t?ng ?c xem là king rap vi?t

  25. antoine hewitt:

    rapping aint for? you my friend head back to the carry out

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