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Superman ? The Comic Strip Hero (1 of 5)

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“The Comic Strip Hero” made by the BBC in 1981 for their Arena programme. It documents the popularity of Superman and his portrayal in the movies. It contains some great interviews with the creators of Superman, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. Also, interviews with Superman actors Kirk Alyn and Christopher Reeve. It also features comic book people such as Will Eisner (creator of the Spirit) and Trina Robbins; it has the science fiction writer Larry Niven talking about the science of Superman and also has Margot Kidder and David Prowse.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Posted March 6th, 2012 in Superman Comic. Tagged: , , , .


  1. theman2017inc:

    @LooneyLimeyWhisper66 You corrected yourself 🙂

    Yes, you’re right it was 1st shown by the BBC in 1981 as it coincide with release of? Superman 2!!

  2. LooneyLimeyWhisper66:

    I saw this documentary in 1978!!! it’s older than 81? i think. I recorded the audio on a tape recorder when I was 12. Haven’t seen this then!

    Footnote: I’m wrong! It’s got Supes 2 in it. Must’ve been around 80 – 81 after all.

  3. LooneyLimeyWhisper66:

    I saw this documentary in? 1978!!! it’s older than 81 i think. I recorded the audio on a tape recorder when I was 12. Haven’t seen this then!

  4. XManOSteelXx:

    Superman is the strongest , fastest and most heroic? a noble superhero ever. Their will be no other hero like SUPERMAN!!!!!!!!

  5. TheStanbabe:

    This is the very first “Superman”documentary produced and released to Brittish TV before the airing of”Look? Up? In The Sky! The Amazing Story Of Superman!”.

  6. TheStanbabe:

    Sadly,Mrs.Joanne Siegel..Mr.Jerry Siegel’s widow passed? away recently.

  7. KHMSeries20:

    @143AC then you my friend were very lucky! yeh thats life for you, and his wife recently passed away. ? Fanstic work they have done,forever and always they are the supermen of our generation. R.I.P. Friends.

  8. bfnfamily:


    Typo: So many people.

  9. bfnfamily:


    So people have this happened to them. It’s sad. Your best is to cut deal that is going to benefit you and them in the long run or start your own company! The? latter may sound impossble, but every company starts small. The founder of DC use to be a writer.

  10. Poke7621:

    @Poke7621 yeah lots of money!@#$%$%$%@#$?

  11. Artisticz:

    @Poke7621 yeah i know the action 1 comic? was bought for million dollars……..crazy lol

  12. Poke7621:

    @Artisticz dude the first comic for superman if not? a re-print and made bank in the 1930’s it’s worth $1,000,000

  13. RantNRavinFection:

    zorro > superman

    fairbanks is the true legend.

    ahh im just screwing with you….but seriously this story is really tough shit. they sold the rights (LEGALLY) so it’s not like dc completely jerked them. personally dc did what any heartless corporation does: buy out the little guy and destroy all competition. microsoft, nintendo, electronic? arts, the wwe, it’s really sad.

  14. nergvol:

    Their creation made my youth a fun time.?

  15. CSquared15:


  16. spyduck2000:

    two great legends.these guys rule.If I was the owner of Dc comics and Jerry and Joe had given me? the chance to publish their greatest creation Superman I would be paying them millions and millions of dollars every month.I would not cheat them of what they were rightfully owed like Dc comics did.2012 Dc comics will lose the full rights to Superman.It’s like they say karma is a bitch.The family of the creators will retain the full rights to Superman.Dc comics ain’t doing nothing with him.

  17. 143AC:

    No one would realize it..but Poor? Joe Shuster was a very sick man at this time.

  18. Artisticz:

    @ghostfreak71 – no superman at a young age? i think the only piece of clothing i ever when i was like 2/3 years old was my superman custome lol and the films are what i? only watched.

  19. ghostfreak71:

    @Artisticz no superman at a young? age

  20. bulletproofKevlar:

    @Artisticz the original action comics is worth soo much now last time it was sold it was sold for a million? dollars in a auction the most any comic has been worth

  21. HCShannon:

    Also it should be noted Warner Brothers and DC own Supes, but in the credits of shows and movies like Justice League? and Justice League Unlimited it always states “Superman created by JS and JS” as well as “Batman created by Bob Kane”

  22. sharazjek1:

    Hey thanks for uploading this. I saw it as a kid way back? in ’81. I always remember that opening shot of the children listening to the radio. Missed it when it was repeated a few years back so thank you again!

  23. 143AC:

    Dear Koolaid,

    As far as I know? Messers Siegal and Shuster did get repayments for? their

    creation.I don’t know if the familes still get those royalty payments..even though

    Jerry & Joe are no longer with us.

  24. CollegeLoheart:


    On? Ebay…………..

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