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Superman Comic Could Fetch Super Auction Price

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A legendary comic book stolen in 2000 is headed to auction and is expected to shatter a record for most expensive comic. (Nov. 28)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Posted January 28th, 2012 in Superman Comic. Tagged: , , , , , , .


  1. antihostile:

    The comic book world is much more interesting than “how much Superman #1 is going to sell for” which is the only? story we ever see. How about an Alan Moore interview, AP? Not going to happen. This is why old media is dying.

  2. visceralguy:

    Superman? Rules!!!

  3. visceralguy:

    @Dalmuros1234 It’s clearly not cause we had words elsewhere. So I stick by what I said.

    I’m all for jokes. I love jokes. Offensive jokes, bad jokes, good jokes…. whatever, and I can take a joke.

    That, I found out, was no joke. When you assume you have a risk of putting your foot in your mouth. You’ve defending a non-joke. ? I’m sticking w/ what I said to him earlier.

  4. Dalmuros1234:

    @visceralguy OK, his statement was clearly a joke. I am? all for immigrants, and I still took it as a joke. What was far more offensive – although I chose not to be offended – was you deciding that he should burn with Hitler for his remark. That’s patently absurd.

  5. Burco1:

    The owner was Nicholas Cage. Many of his comics were stolen from his home in 2000. He was so upset about it that he sold off the rest of his collection. His books were insured and he did receive a payout for the stolen Action 1 so who actually owns this particular book now is a good? question.

  6. visceralguy:

    @Dalmuros1234 You thought he was kidding around but he wasn’t. That’s cold blooded.
    I’m a comic book and Superman fan. I know it’s not real that he’s? saved the universe or world EVER in real life but in the comic book he has…. :>)

    Pick up an issue and find out.

    That non-joke was just so not called for. Besides I live in the South where I hear stuff like that and it just isn’t funny. Especially when you equate that joke w/ Superman, an iconic, definitive super hero. Not cool at all.

  7. Deadmansparty2002:

    I’m sure it’s worth every penny. :)?

  8. SharkDude1:

    A lot missing from this story like How come the original owner it was stolen from? did? not get it back?

  9. Dalmuros1234:

    @visceralguy Was that last part about Gammatnt being a bigot a joke, or were you for real? At first it seems like you’re kidding, but by the end, it seems like you might be serious. I hope not, because that would be? utterly insane. I don’t think Gammatnt was advocating, with any degree of seriousness, that Superman should indeed be deported being he’s an immigrant. Also, Superman hasn’t saved the Universe ‘countless’ times. Be reasonable.

  10. eBe4IXcept:

    Maybe we? should put Superman on the dollar.

  11. superman1234393:

    That was very interesting. That’s my favorite Super Hero dude.?

  12. visceralguy:

    @gammatnt LOL! Damn that’s cold blooded. Sure he’s saved the world, humans, animals, Grandma and apple pie a thousand times over and has saved the universe hundreds times over but because he’s? an illegal immigrant he still gets deported. lol

    Damn you’re an idiot and a bigot. People like you are what made someone like Hitler occur.

    May you burn w/ him…

  13. gammatnt:

    @visceralguy deport him back to Krypton. Say no to? illegals.

  14. AviatorZER0:

    10 cents in 1938 dollars is $1.61? today

  15. manhuntruler2:

    a year? ago?

  16. visceralguy:

    Superman for President 2012!!!!!?

  17. Chimera1591:

    @iknewitalready, That wasn’t cannon, it was just a what if scenario. He’s still American.?

  18. BertGriffin88:

    Send Superman to Pakistan & let him straighten out these lying murdering Islamic Sociopaths aka the Pakistani ISI alQaiduh. Obama killed Osama. Superman needs to destroy these bums aka the Talibums. Superman needs to go through the MiddleEast & eliminate? all the Talibums, the alQaiduhs, the Hamasses, the Hezbaladuhs, & all the other Bruddahhoods of Islamic Sociopaths. Up in the sky, it’s a bird, a plane, no it’s a Superman Drone! Good bye Iran. Goodbye Pakistan. Nuke it up boyz! Merry Christmas.

  19. NewWaveFan1:

    They should give? the owner who it was stolen from end of story.

  20. ginofrater:

    Vote Obama? 2012

  21. iknewitalready:

    Superman? renounces his U.S citizenship.


  22. Legendxlm:

    So does the guy get his comic back? Or is it some finder keepers type deal going on?

  23. schwartsbruder:

    Probably going to be sold for 1 Million? dollars.

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