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#health Probelle”Extra Strength” Natural Fungal Nail Gel Topical Treatment, Anti Fungus Nail Treatment, Restores Toenail Fungus, Clear.5 oz – 15mL (Patented Formula & Clinically Tested)

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Probelle”Extra Strength” Natural Fungal Nail Gel Topical Treatment, Anti Fungus Nail Treatment, Restores Toenail Fungus, Clear.5 oz – 15mL (Patented Formula & Clinically Tested)

  • Clinically proven to restore nails affected by nail fungus in weeks.
  • Extra Strength Fungal Gel Treatment Shows Results within Weeks
  • Odorless and Odorless Formulation allows for comfortable application that Relieves discomfort in nail area for both manicure and pedicure applications
  • Reduces Nail Thickening and Restores discoloration caused by nail fungus
  • 100% Natural formula using all natural ingredients. Patented Formula.

Developed in a gel form, Probelle’s Fungal Gel Treatment guarantees a stronger application and nail penetration that restores fungal nails. Probelle’s patented treatment uses a thick formula in order to penetrate fungal nails with a more concentrated application. Users will experience a number of changes when treating fungal nails with Probelle. Typical ejects of the formula are relief of discomfort and itching, reduce of nail thickness, elimination of discolor, and restoration of healthy nails.

List Price: $ 19.95

Price: $ 19.95

Violet Pet Ear Cleaner, 8 oz Dog Ear Infection Treatment Medicine for Yeast, Fungal and Bacteria. Relief After 1st Flush

  • Simple, fast dog and cat ear cleaning and infection treatment
  • Immediate and dramatic results; ends chronic ear infection cycle
  • Most affordable antifungal antiseptic antibacterial cleanser per ounce
  • Replaces vet visits and antibiotics for ear infections
  • Real results for you and your pet; this cleaning solution has been perfected with decades of experience

Violet Dog Ear Cleaner is a miracle dog and cat ear cleaner and ear infection treatment medication as well. Bringing immediate and dramatic results to inflamed and infected dog or cat ears, customers often describe it as a miracle and life changing product. Violet Pet Ear Cleaner is based on decades of personal experience handling rescue animals who were often plagued with untreated, chronic ear infections. Like so many pet owners, I spent too many years and thousands of dollars trying every pro

List Price: $ 24.97

Price: $ 24.97

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