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#health Underwear flatulence charcoal pads fart filters deodorizer for gas and fart absorbing no more embarrassment this is the solution you’ve been waiting for (single)

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Underwear flatulence charcoal pads fart filters deodorizer for gas and fart absorbing no more embarrassment this is the solution you’ve been waiting for (single)

  • ?STOP EMBRACEMENT- Is flatulence gas running your life? Are you embarrassed by your gas and is it affecting your work and relationships? It’s time to take control back on your life. The Flat-D Flatulence Deodorizer Pad is designed to stop odors completely; the small, inconspicuous pad prevents the embarrassing smells and odors associated with flatulence so you can put aside your fears and enjoy what life has to offer once again.
  • ?STOP TAKING GAS PILLS- Helps with digestive disorder symptoms such as IBS, IBD, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Lactose Intolerance, Diabetes, gastric bypass surgery, spastic colon, Crohn’s, Colitis, Celiac, AIDS, HIV, TMAU, and other gastrointestinal diseases. No longer do you have to take Beano, Gas-x, Innermint or eliminate sugar alcohols to curb your stomach gas.
  • ?DISCREET- The charcoal underwear pad is designed to be taped to the panties or undies next to the buttocks area. This flatulence remedy is safe, effective and virtually undetectable to anyone including those who wear this product thanks to the thin, comfortable design. The pad will fit inside the underwear and won’t be bulgy or detectable.
  • ?ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY- The activated charcoal fabric is the latest technology in odor absorbency. It has the carbon embedded in the material. Then when the textile is formed, it is in every part of the structure.The activated carbon technology found in the fart absorbing pad traps the odors in its pores- much like a sponge, and locks the scent within the pores where the smell is neutralized.
  • ?SATISFACTION GUARANTEE- Flat-D provides the finest activated charcoal cloth deodorizing products on the market using the highest quality and latest technology products available. We are providing customer-centric service and making you feel comfortable with choosing our products. Try our flatulence pads and experience the relief that comes from not worrying about gas.

Is flatulence an issue for you?
If so, then you need the Flat-D Flatulence Deodorizer Pad.
Physician Recommended Pad for Neutralizing Odor from Passing Gas.
Can Be Washed and Reused Many Times.
The Perfect Pad for those suffering from IBS, Gastric Bypass or anyone with a flatulence issue.
Instead of consuming solutions that only do so much, try this fart blocker pad recommended by respectful physicians and solve the problem immediately.
These pads are not as invasive as

List Price: $ 15.35

Price: $ 15.35

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