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#health Ultimate Ultrasonic Pest Repellent 3 in 1 Solar Mole Vole Gopher Chaser Top Waterproof Sonic Rodent Repellant Ecofriendly Ultrasound Rodent Repeller Wide Range Yard Garden Lawn Pest Control 2 Pack

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Ultimate Ultrasonic Pest Repellent 3 in 1 Solar Mole Vole Gopher Chaser Top Waterproof Sonic Rodent Repellant Ecofriendly Ultrasound Rodent Repeller Wide Range Yard Garden Lawn Pest Control 2 Pack

  • A 3-IN-1 SOLAR MOLE REPELLER! Our solar mole chaser utilizes ultrasonic technology to repel rats, mice, gophers, moles and voles! Turn your yard, lawn or garden into the perfectly hygienic PEST-FREE environment with the power of a 3-in-1 ultrasonic pest control device: the BUZZER emits low frequency sound waves, the MOTOR inside the 12″ long aluminum spike pulsates underground emitting powerful vibrations and the VARIABLE FREQUENCY prevents rodents from growing tolerant to ultrasounds!
  • ECO FRIENDLY, SAFE & ULTRA EFFICIENT! NO toxic or poisonous chemicals, NO harmful smells will put your health at risk! Although extremely irritating to PESTS, this sonic mole deterrent is completely safe for you, your kids and pets! It is a TOP EFFICIENCY, ECO FRIENDLY solar powered rodent repeller that ensures reliable use 24/7, thanks to its solar panel saving the sun’s energy to be used day and night, on sunny, cloudy or rainy days!
  • THE #1 HUMANE & MESS-FREE PEST CONTROL! Save your place the mess of dead rodents that custom rat traps leave behind! This HUMANE mole, vole & gopher repellent simply turns your place into an inhospitable area for pests, forcing them to leave, NOT KILLING THEM! Acting EASILY, FAST & EFFICIENTLY, it is the best home pest control device to ensure trustworthy pest control in dry or wet weather, due to its smart WATERPROOF design!
  • EXTRA WIDE COVERAGE AREA! Get your hands on an ULTRA POWERFUL solar mole deterrent covering an area up to 100 ft providing you with up to 8,600 square feet of pest protection! Create an impenetrable fortress around your property, plant one gopher repeller unit every 100ft and forget all about rodents once and for all! BATTERY OPERATED and charged through SOLAR POWER, this sonic pest control device is made for your peace of mind!
  • GET RID OF RODENTS! At Global Acquisitions and Auctions it we take great pride in our outdoor ultrasonic pest repeller and we know you’ll be thrilled with its efficiency! Fast shipping and the friendliest Customer Service rendered by our experts 24/7, to treat you to an unforgettable experience. To us, our customers’ complete satisfaction is top notch!

Crawly Invaders Will be Kept Safely Away From Your Lawn, Yard Or Garden Have you tried everything to keep your lawn clear of moles, voles, rats, gophers, squirrels or mice, with zero results How about ridding your lawn and yard of pests and keeping them at safety distance ONCE AND FOR ALLCheckmate To Pests With The 3 in 1 Solar Ultrasonic Pest Repellent by GAA Square It GA² This 1 pack pest repellent makes your number 1 option for a PEST CLEAR environment SAFELY and FASTUtilizing state of the a

List Price: $ 24.78

Price: $ 24.78

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