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What is the fastest way to make money online aside from selling stuff online?

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Question by jozz6071: What is the fastest way to make money online aside from selling stuff online?
I am just a young ambitious guy, trying to make some extra cash online.

I will gladly appreciate it if you help out.

Thank You

Best answer:

Answer by Doctor Deth
there are no other ways

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  1. wg0z:

    Fraud. not recommended

  2. Tallman:

    Hi there,

    The answer is simple. You can become an internet marketer. This is also known as Affiliate Marketing.

    It is a multi billion dollar industry. You can visit for more information.

  3. Katie K:

    ummm you’re not gonna make a lot of money online if you aren’t an ebayer or a major scammer haha
    I don’t make a ton of money…$ 45 this month so far
    but it is nice to have some extra cash in my pocket
    read up about it here…
    then it’s your choice to join
    good luck with whatever you choose to do!

  4. Camille:

    Yeah. Affiliate Marketing works. This one you can earn affiliated commissions from EIGHT different income streams into one program

  5. Leigh:

    Hi there. So many ways it is untrue. But you need help and guidance. Check out the youtube video below. It is amazing and will make you laugh if nothing else. good luck in your ventures

  6. southernchicks:

    Have you tried any of these sites? These are all sites I do and/or have done, and I have received many, many prizes this way. Some do PayPal deposits or checks, some do gift cards, and others do prizes, which you can then sell for cash. (For now, earn points for logging in each day, answering daily questions, and referring friends. Once the site is out of beta mode and fully launched in October, there will be more ways to earn points, such as playing games, watching videos, and making purchases. You can redeem these points for a variety of prizes, from electronics to fashion. This one is invitation-only for now, so if you’d like an invite, feel free to email me at, and I’d be happy to send you one.) (Start with a free penny the site gives you and play games against real players or autoplayers and win cash. Don’t worry if you lose; the site continues to give you a free penny; it is completely free to you. You are allowed to cashout via PayPal, debit card, or check once every 30 days.) (This one is very simple and takes maybe 30 seconds to 1 minute a day. All you do is click some ads, and you receive payment, whatever your account balance is, every Friday via PayPal.) (Use this search engine to search for anything you would normally search for and randomly earn swagbucks, which you redeem for a variety of prizes.) (This is another search engine that works just slightly different from Swagbucks. Here, every search is a chance to instantly win gift cards. Plus, for each search, you earn points by leaving comments about websites and either recommending or not recommending that site. There is a maximum of 300 points per day, and you redeem those points for prizes.) (Earn points by visiting websites daily, taking surveys, and answering daily trivia questions and later redeem those points for prizes.) (Very simply put, take surveys that are emailed to you, earn points, and cash those points in for checks.) (With this website, you earn points for making purchases, taking surveys, and signing up for things, but the easiest way I find to earn points is simply by clicking on the ads in the emails they send me. This earns me 5-10 points each, and I usually get several per day. If you’d like me to refer you to this one, I’ll need your email address.) (Earn tickets for playing games and redeem those tickets for prizes.)

  7. Aint nothing but a peanut:

    Here try out this site.Its 1 out of 100 legit website that paysout.Payment will be received in 1 to 2 seconds by paypal/alertpay.

    you wont make lot of money in the beginning.less than 10 cents when you start up well after 1-2 months you can earn around 200$ /day and after few more months it will be 500 and increasing.

    here is how you can make profit from the site.

    site is free to sign up no cost to maintain.You get 1 cent to view adds.You get 4 adds/day as a standard and 9 add/day as a golden.

    You can also rent referals for 30 days you pay 25-28$ for renting for 30 days.You get 1/2 of what they earn if they click 10 adds/day you get 5 adds.

    I get around 200-300 adds/day from 100 rents.

    also you can refer people after 30 days of being member no cost.You get 1/2 of what they earn as a standard member and all of what they earn as golden plus you get 10% of what ever they buy just for being their friend.

    You can also check the neobux forum for payment proofs and etc.This site payout instant.2$ minimum cashout.

  8. Cane R:

    I recommend to twitter marketing. Check more info at >

    < << Best Of Luck >>>

  9. Liten:

    ok their this site that i havent posted about untill ui was shure it paid out, ETC. so i know that it wasnt a scam, now you get $ 10 for every site you sign up for under them
    and 1$ per ad you clik, and only 10 ads a day, yeah dosent seem liek much the thing is, refferal, i / or you would get 50% of what your reffere’ makes, and they dont lose money, the comapny pays you your reffere’ pays nothing >_> now if you get about 30 reffere’s and do all the clicks every day, same as your reffere’s you will make

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    thats $ 4,700 every month, wiht only 30 refferral who do their click Yea, so sign up, Even though its a 1k payout limit , you need to earn 1k before they pay you out, i have waited, and i earned 1k, and wihtin a day >_> (2 for me) they paid out, so please click this refferal link.. If you dont want to click the refferal link then click the “REG LINk”
    BUT I BEG rhat you sign up undder, me, >_> err, if not its cool *Does the moon walk*
    Refferal link
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  10. Pigs Blow Donkey Balls:

    Hey, you might consider checking out the cell phone glitch. I’m making a few hundred bucks a week with it. I doubt it will make you rich, but if you just want to make some extra cash, then check it out…

  11. jossefsal:

    With these answers I feel that people have no idea what is the internet.

    You can make money very easy online with out being scamed or become scammer.

    You can work with affiliate marketing (niche affiliate marketing is one of the most popular easy way to make money online)

    or you can make money with network marketing.

    it is very easy when you understand how to do it.

    read this article it may help

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