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What options should i get for 2 12″ Fi SSD’s?

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Question by Anonymous: What options should i get for 2 12″ Fi SSD’s?
i’m planning on buying 2 12″ Fi SSD Dual 1 ohm subwoofers and i don’t know what options i should go with
i’m planning on using my subwoofers for daily use and the occasional spl comp/comparison against friends’ systems
here are the descriptions for the options:

Flatwind coil: The flatwire coil option simply helps the power handling of the sub. The coil has more surface area to dissipate heat and will take more power then the regular round wire coil that comes in the ‘stock’ version of the sub. This option will also make the sub tend to be more prone to ‘peaking’ for a budget daily driving sub where you don’t have to use a ton of power to get maximum output and sacrifice sound quality a little bit. ?

Copper coil: The copper coil is a heavier coil and adds mass to the moving assembly. In comparison to the stock coil, or the flatwound coil, this has the smoothest transitions musically speaking. It is less likely to peak, and is a better overall sub for more Sound Quality based daily drivers. ?

BP Power: This option adds a machined aluminum compression plug to the pole which helps channel all of the air under the dustcap around the coil for better cooling. To aid with this increased airflow we also add 6 axial cooling channels in the top plate. Along with increased thermal capacity comes the addition of an extra spider and a changed spider pack. All of these features increase power handling from 200-500 Watts depending on the application.

which options would be better for what i’m planning on doing?
(price is no option for how much more the option costs over the “stock” SSD subwoofer)

Best answer:

Answer by MDC
If sound quality is not a huge concern and you want to get a lot of SPL for competitions then do not get the copper coil option. That option will slightly decrease the SPL but you gain a bit of sound quality.

The BP power gives you a little bit more power handling but unless you are serious about competing or have an amp that is slightly larger then the SSDs stock power handling I would not worry about this. But is money is not a problem then why not get this. You get better air cooling which is good the only disadvantage is price.

The flatwind coil would be better for increasing power handling again. This option is going to be a little better if you are competing but will be a little worse for a daily driver. When it says the sub is more prone to “peaking” it means that you will have a lot of output in a small frequency range. This is good for competitions as it allows you to get the most out of your sub for higher scores. This is bad for a daily driver because some songs or some notes will be louder then others. Whether to choose this option or not will all be up to you. If you want it very loud for competitions or daily driving then get this option. If sound quality is a little more important then a little extra output in competitions then don’t get it.

The info you gave all pretty much says what I have said but hopefully it helped you out a bit. If you are still in doubt contact FI directly and ask them for an opinion.

Good Luck!!!

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