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  1. David Ben-Abraham:

    Actually, science does not believe in what it cannot undestand, but that is a fallacy in logic. There are perhaps 98% of things about the human body and universe that is NOT undestood by science, but this does not mean that what we cannot comprehend does not exist. I would suggest that you atend a school of logic. If you? think your idea of justice is better than God’s idea of justice, you’re merely regressing instead of “moving forward.” Einstein, by the way, did not deny God’s existence.

  2. Brian Yoder:

    Saying that they are “the common heritage of all humans” means nothing on its own. What is totalitarian is that TZM declares that their ideas, their preferences, their architectural designs, their products, their methods of production, etc. and their master computer will make all decisions about all resources and therefore all people.? THAT is totalitarian. It’s TZM people (and their master computer pal) making all decisions for the rest of us.

  3. Brian Yoder:

    If TZM is not determined to force these cities down our throats why are they talking about them so much?? Showing them constantly on their videos? After all, there are other architects in the world and almost nobody is interested in having Fresco design their buildings so why make such a big deal out of it if it’s just one man’s suggestion?

  4. gummibear5950:

    you have a? small penis=]

  5. Chase Arms:





  6. Brian Yoder:

    What makes you think that’s “my approach”? The point of this discussion is the content of this movie, not an analysis of my own personal preferences in politics and economics. You just want to change the subject to ANYTHING else? because your ideas can’t bear close scrutiny.

  7. Brian Yoder:

    Did I ever try to grow something with hydroponics? Yeah, some years back I did a little experiment with it. I have also visited a hydroponic lettuce farm to.? I wouldn’t say I’m an expert but I know something about it.

    I don’t accept the idea that these “other costs” you assert exist are real, but even if they are how are YOU measuring them? You can’t say whether they are high or low if you can’t say what they are at all.

  8. MrCally1:

    I do not think TZM? propgates people to repress others.


  9. Abdullah Khalid:


  10. MrCally1:



  11. MrCally1:

    Any group big or small repressing others is in my opinion fascism.


  12. Brian Yoder:

    Do you claim that all non-RBE systems are? fascistic?

  13. Brian Yoder:

    What would you call a big group that does? exactly the same thing by the way?

  14. Brian Yoder:

    Really! So their actual political, economic, or social? beliefs have no bearing on whether they are fascists or not, only that they are small and that they oppress all others.

    How is that not a perfect description of TZM? You are certainly small and you seek to repress all other alternaties both on the physical level (you want to take over all resources in the world) and you want to dictate to people how they will live, eat, drink, work, travel, etc. etc.

  15. Andrew P:

    ????????? ????? ???????????? ???????.?

  16. Mr845837:

    Knowledge is Power? for a lot of people. I would love to know what the world would be like if those two garden people didn’t eat the fruit of the tree.

  17. hectorae86:

    No, there is? no god

  18. jamonzed:

    Jam on ZeD ft. Sharon? Lagon – No Puedo Ver

  19. deksman:

    You seem to be jumping to conclusions.
    The cities as Fresco designed them are merely one possible direction (spherical designs are simply speaking efficient).
    Fresco even stated with clarity that his city designs will probably be seen as straight jackets to future generations and should be? subject to change.
    As for governments controlling resources – that’s pure nonsense. They are controlling resources NOW. RBE declares all resources common heritage of ALL Humans. How is that totalitarian?

  20. Trenton Lewis:

    Also don’t forget…

    Culture In Decline 😕 Episode 4

    comes out tomorrow!!!

  21. MrIzzyDizzy:

    ???? ???? ?????? ?? ?????? ???? ????? ??? ?? ??? ???? – ???? ?? ?? ?????? ?? ???? ??? ????? ???? ??????? ??? ??? ????? ???? ????? ?????? ??? ?? ??? ??????? ???????? ?????? -. ???????? ?? ?????? ?????? ?????? ???? ?????? ??????? ?? ???????? ?? ???? ??? – ????? ??? ???? ?? ????? ?????? ???????? ????? ?? ?????? ?? ????? ????? ???????? ??????? ?????? ?? – ?? ????

  22. Trenton Lewis:


    and 100,000 likes by Zeitgeist? Day 2013

    would be awesome!!!

  23. MrIzzyDizzy:

    dont go spouting your ancient superstitions -besides? being nonsensical unscientific gibberish -the talmund legitimized slavery – advocated killing people who worked on the sabbath – had sex out of marriage -and many more stupid ideas – were trying to move the zeitgeist forward not backward

  24. Thordai:

    Please. Stop? talking shit

  25. BlackFlag2012a:

    The free market does not reward producers at the expense of customers. It rewards producers who serve customers effectively, as measured by profit and loss. It transfers economic power away from the politically-connected dictators to customers.

    This is why TZM hates the free market.
    TZM is merely one more? hapless defender of oligopolies.

    Liberty works for the common man, who can walk away from the non-competitive entrenched elitists.
    This bothers TZM greatly.


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