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2 12 kenwoods with a 1000 watt kenwood amp, i’m amazing

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Diffrent song. NOTE: i wasn’t saying I’M amazing, thats the name of the song. Right now my system is 2 12 kenwoods with a 1000 watt kenwood amp. Looking to upgrade, let me know what you think, and what you think i should upgrade to. And no, i don’t think i’m the loudest, so don’t try and say you are louder, because you probably are.
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Posted November 7th, 2012 in 1000 Watt Compare Prices. Tagged: , , , , .


  1. DarkTinman:

    For sure. Just keep your gain down and be careful. You can? get amps bigger then the “max watts” but you just need to be careful because you can blow the sub. Hope that helps!

  2. Sothy Nget:

    can? i use amp kenwood 720 watts with subwoofer Addzest 600 watts?

  3. J Screv:

    Same stuff man, I love? them


    ive got the same subs right now i put em back in the house bc they just dont sound right i got? some nasty jl audios thou

  5. Telfer Thorbjornsen:

    Hey man, what exactly is your amp called? I have two 12” kenwood subs and i need an amp for it. So could you? email me or put it in the description? Cheers.

  6. xxxkhafanxxx:

    Nice system man! ive got two? of those but i dont know how big of a box to build. did u build ur box or just bought it from a shop?

  7. poptrunkonu:

    Nah sounds like you need a better? amp thats is going to handle if you bridge it some amps cant handle that and maybe your amp is underpowered and cant handle pushing your subs that your amp shuts down and goes into protection mode then once you turn down the music then the amps thats to work again

  8. Shaun Hake:

    @TwinTigers, sounds like it may just? be your ground on your amplifier. Try grounding it to the chassis may help.

  9. TwinTigers215:

    i have almost the same set up as you and ive had to replace both subs cuz they both blew out on me. im bridging the wires to the amp and at first i could turn the base up and now i cant even turn the base up all the way. when i do the subs keep cutting out then i have to turn down my head unit for a minute and then all of a sudden my subs start kicking again. what do you think the problem could? be

  10. niceday2dayman:

    Hey man. Nothing wrong with this? system. I bet it sounds pretty dang respectable both SPL and SQ wise. 🙂 however, if you want some feedback and input on it, I’ll be more than happy to share. I love car audio.

  11. DarkTinman:

    What…? I understand that you are incredibly angry at something but not really? sure what you’re trying to say… Why does it even matter if your native american?

  12. DarkTinman:

    Sorry man. This was a prefab box.? Which means that it was premade. We made another one for these subs but again this was probably 2-3 years ago. I’m sorry man

  13. DarkTinman:

    *Barely *Your.
    Anyway, i’m gonna ignore those and address your comment. First off, this was my first setup I ever had. Secondly, you’re very ignorant. If you took two seconds to look at my other videos, I was running 2 SSA prototypes 4000 watts RMS. So if I wanted to troll you, I could say, “Those type R’s are? barely hitting. Those are such cheap subs not even getting loud.” But I digress and simply let you know that your ignorant. Go troll somewhere else. Have a great day!

  14. raiders775:

    terrible. those were barly hitting. my type r’s will shake ur car down the block?

  15. MrFucker17:

    How many? watts in each speaker?

  16. krippy305:

    *its going in an rx7!? Gonna be loud as fuk!!!

  17. krippy305:

    Nice bro….I’m getting 2 12 inch kenwood performance subs too! 2400w each @ 800 rms along with a kac 9105d 1800w mono block!! So stoked to pound!! Its rx7 too!!? #BlowTheDoorsOff

  18. rhodesbaby1:

    yeah fuck that guy lol ?

  19. bambam20229:

    I agree with wiggster1080 I think? xplods sound pretty good once broken it but I dont like the sony amps I think they blow lol

  20. QUA614:

    Damn that super loud. I? like that

  21. john deer:

    looks like basshead9793 doesn’t know what he’s talking about. i have a sealed box and never blew one sub yet /=) ..tard. if you keep looking on here theres videos that tell you what the boxes do. but seriously xplod is not bad. after they? are warn in they sound pretty bad ass.and if you dont think they can produce the boom check out my video “my whips ” soon il be making a new video of my new xplods. 🙂

  22. DarkTinman:

    For? sure!

  23. Taintedwisdomaz:

    az ftw??

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