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2 12’s 1000 watts in the Protege

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My Mazda Protege bumpin with 2 12’s and a 1000w amp (both amp and subs are Visonik) Cheap package but still satisfies me! Gives me a nice headache when I drive so that’s really all I’m looking for lol. With good wiring and a mediocre system you can still make a good beat! *Song is “Jenova Project” my DatsiK

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Posted July 23rd, 2012 in Who Sells 1000 Watt Cheap. Tagged: , , , .


  1. ctsincebay:

    That’s not 1000 watts…. It’s not even close to 1000 watts…. BUT since you got it on the cheap, I can say well done. Need to take the video from behind the car, with the back seat up and the trunk lid open a little bit (only a couple of inches). That way you can actually hear the bass with? the camera mic.

  2. timsta360:

    wub wub? wub

  3. ps3gangster1:

    those types of panasonic stereos are rare!?

  4. badas2222:

    pepboys at? there best

  5. EckoAVS702:

    what? did u upgrade?

  6. ShinyJuice:

    lol garb?

  7. HeyItzCam:

    oh but isnt it supposed to rattle the car?! haha i? want that!

  8. willyhuber:

    It was all very clean, no? distortion. It only rattled the car a bit, but that’s unavoidable most of the time.

  9. HeyItzCam:

    does? it sound clean with stock parts? i kinda want it for my birthday

  10. 54321JRT:

    Did that? radio fit in? Or did you have to get a dash kit?

  11. andrewsampson123:

    :)? dubstep

  12. airsoftbro123:

    im going to? buy that same kit but i recommended a better amp

  13. willyhuber:

    For a starter system, yes. That’s how much I paid for this setup. Excluding the box in this video.?

  14. xXQu1ckSCoPiNGXx:

    i saw a New? Visonik VB212PKG 1000W Dual 12″ Car Subwoofer Kit do you think it’s worth $160?

  15. willyhuber:

    it’s doing great. It’s in another car and is so much louder after my? upgrades!

  16. psuSlipknot:

    hows? the system holdin up today?

  17. willyhuber:

    Yea man, I can’t wait to get it? all put together!

  18. Choirboyjr11:

    that hits pretty? hard will lol mazda lol time to put it in the subaru

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