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2011 Topps Monopoly Baseball Cards Box Break – First on Youtube – Babe Ruth Mojo

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Do NOT go looking for these – you will NOT find them. 2011 Topps Monopoly Box Break #1 ALL credit for these awesome Monopoly cards goes to Beardy – you can see his website here: My website: @CheapFunBreaks

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Posted February 10th, 2012 in Topps Card. Tagged: , , , , , , , , , , .


  1. KyleCagle3:

    I have bought? 5 boxes of the topps monopoly and I have never gotten anything from them.

  2. HoudiniCollector:

    @yakly2708? Yes it is!

  3. yakly2708:

    OMG! For 19.99!!!!!!!! This? is unbelievable.

  4. kdokcfan:

    20 dollars turns in to 800 dollars?

  5. coreysm25:

    that box is? lookin better than topps marquee

  6. coreysm25:

    sick babe whats that? book like 100 or something cograts

  7. HoudiniCollector:

    @kickassbcn Thanks?

  8. kickassbcn:

    Hella nice pull? i like the brooks card and the sandoval

  9. HoudiniCollector:

    @smartin1467 6? months ago.

  10. smartin1467:

    are you selling any of the? cards

  11. brooklyndodgers129:

    This looks real , u could probably actually? sell it to some retard !

  12. brooklyndodgers129:

    I’ll buy? one for 20 ?? Intrested !

  13. HoudiniCollector:

    @ShadowMan585 It’s? under parody on my website.

  14. juice12222:

    its? a parody guys stil fun

  15. HoudiniCollector:

    @cardtrader222 That’s crazy? talk!

  16. HoudiniCollector:

    @PhantomofDB I just pulled 2 autoed superfractors that were delivered without a problem? to guys who paid $25 and $30 for the spots… but you are worried about a parody video? haha

  17. cardtrader222:

    this is fake?

  18. PhantomofDB:

    Don’t you do group breaks? Not sure I’d trust you after seeing this video… i wouldnt even know how to re-package that type of pack. VERY authentic looking cards and actually legitimately one hell? of an idea of a promotion. Topps should take note…

  19. Dlziggy7:

    where do you buy your card boxes? from?

  20. HoudiniCollector:

    @wripplepwn I know. I just hit a gehrig, ruth, and dimaggio bats in Tier One, but nothing compares to the ruth here.?

  21. wripplepwn:

    Dang!? Babe Ruth!

  22. wwejhardyrox:

    Is this real?? I thought it was but i dunno lol

  23. Techdeckcrazy210:

    Was the last autograph? a 1/1

  24. HoudiniCollector:

    @austins2001? Yes, thanks.

  25. HoudiniCollector:

    @cardworld95? Thanks.

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