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500 Watt Electric Chopper – Electric Bicycle

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This is a nice little electric chopper kit not of my own design. I told some friends I would make them one for 0 (to help fund my hobby). It takes me (6’6 250+) around 20 MPH. It lasts about and hour. It took me 8.5 miles with some hills and had half the charge left. I help it a little on starts and hills by peddling to maximize the range. I get so many cool looks when I ride this – defines the term “joy ride”

Cooler Master eXtreme Power

Super silent operation with intelligent speed fan ....


Boss Audio Systems CE502

500 watts, 2-channel mosfet power amplifier, remot....


Find The Lowest Price HERE

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  1. KingManga360:

    i think? so

  2. Jeremiah Coulter:

    How does? it charge?
    Cause i’m considering buying. 😛

  3. PJ Dodard:

    can i buy that from you for a? humdred dollars please just tell me yes and ill tell u my adress and if you do say yes van u tell me how long it will take to get shipped to my house thank you p.s. i really need the bike ill appreciate it thank you

  4. daghostpunisher:

    GOD i want one!?

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