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Posted November 26th, 2012 in Buy 500 Watt. Tagged: , , .


  1. Ulf Holmström:


  2. Glen Smallwood:

    Click on? my user name to see How To:pimp my moped ( it looks great, and many adventures to watch aswell, scroll down on my uploads to find the videos

  3. MsSimslover123:

    it? goes 35 KM!

  4. keithwardatv:

    Actually i took it to chesterville and back with only 1/4 charge showing as used but i would say the more hills you climb? the shorter the trip

  5. thejackfrostman:

    You can you go from Mike Deans to get supper then to tim horton’s then maybe tour Winchester once then you need a charge??

  6. Patrick Poulin:

    im curious as to where you? got one for 280 though. was it on auction? or was it a sale or what? thanks.

  7. Patrick Poulin:

    dont get me wrong im not? knocking it theyre fun and cool to play with but youll never get 70km to a charge. also to answer NARCOLEPTICpediphile’s answer if you go over any hill over about 10% incline you can literally see your battery gauge going down and i mean quick lol. i heard you can actually get a lithium ion battery pack for these but they’ll run you about $1000. i love mine but its no good as main transportation and pedalling it is a joke lol

  8. Patrick Poulin:

    i own the EXACT same bike and you’ll be lucky to get 50km to a charge so i dont know where you got 70km per charge. ?

  9. ebalvsehvrot:

    Sarah Connor got older and now likes riding electric? scooters)))

  10. ebalvsehvrot:


  11. ebalvsehvrot:


  12. NARCOLEPTICpediphile:

    when you go up steep hills does it take a lot of battery power away? or shorten the distance? you can go???

  13. br4nd0n136:

    was she going full speed?

  14. yosefchabad:

    hey where did? u get one for 280 brand new???

  15. Jordan Evans:

    Just got the same red one for $280 brand new! I? am so excited to try it out!

  16. Anthony Velasco:

    Have used this in? the winter?

  17. keithwardatv:

    Will go about 70 km per? charge

  18. Ripass572:

    cool how far will it go on a? charge?

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