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Big Chief Buffalo Nickel – by Ricky Nelson 1967

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Big Chief Buffalo Nickel by Ricky Nelson: from his Country Fever album original release date: 1967 (Decca DL4827)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Just guess whats going to happen in this video . Well you better watch it to find out !.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Posted January 27th, 2012 in Buffalo Nickels. Tagged: , , , , , .


  1. sasnyc:

    thanks for the post. this definitely is not rick? nelson’s best work. bad idea to record a song about a dead buffalo!

  2. GriffonKeeper:

    Fun stuff. The back up singers really make? me laugh! Kemosabe kemosabe kemosabe kemosabe kemosabe kemosabe kemosabe Kemosabe kemosabe kemosabe kemosabe kemosabe kemosabe kemosabe Kemosabe kemosabe kemosabe kemosabe kemosabe kemosabe kemosabe.

  3. chiparoo222:

    Interesting and entertaining.? – Have a great day !

  4. 9988joshua:

    aww i? have alot of em but the dates are worn out on almost all of em 🙁

  5. TheDraconiankiller:

    I have 1935’s and? 37’s

  6. glipzik:

    Not a bad? song. But it would be better without so much dobro and a little fiddle and steel instead.

  7. nathanfishing3000:

    haha i have a 1935? but you have 1967

  8. Thearl:

    @Thearl – I meant it was? composite of THREE separate faces.

  9. Thearl:

    Thanks for the post. Did you know that the Indian face on this nickel was? actually a compact of two seperate faces?

  10. sunrecords56:

    in 1955 you could have? bought a Large Snickers bar, or coke a cola at the fountain, or road the IRT subway to Ebbets Field in Brooklyn

  11. iceaxe56:

    its? worth 6 cents

  12. superfilipino:

    i have a buffalo nickel from 1925 is? it worth anything

  13. clanphear316:

    im pretty sure most of the people here are older then me cuz im? only 14, but i just found a buffalo nickel and a 1926 dime and i find them so interesting 🙂

  14. clanphear316:

    im taking french? in school 🙂

  15. Thearl:

    Thanks for the post!?

  16. shadowldc:

    I don’t know who’s? putting these videos on line but I just want to say Thank You. I used to have all of Rick Nelsons albums and 45s and these bring back alot of great memories.

  17. loriloristuff:

    I used to love this song when I was? kid!!!!!

  18. PukkPukk:

    One of the coolest looking coins I? think.

  19. cristianccm:

    Great song!? I enjoy it very much

  20. Thearl:

    I don’t think Rick Nelson really meant? to make a political statement in this song.

  21. RicksGardenParty:

    I can listen to? this song over and over.

  22. lancerooke:

    And perpetrating terrorism!?

  23. lancerooke:

    Are you out of your freaking mind? The Native’s here had been killing each other since they first entered the continent! The notion that The Natives were all peaceful and happy before the? white man came along is a naive myth.

  24. Bertrandd06:

    Aujourd’hui 31 decembre pensons à? Ricky

  25. dutchoney:

    Love it…it’s my? ringtone.

  26. nuggetnoggin:

    @24theillusionist well it still could had been made later but not exactly like that one. patents dont mean thats the exact year they? were made, some last 3 yrs , ans some last longer. i have some stuff patented in 1919 but the object was made untill 1921, sometimes that got a patent for something early. it’s probably around 1900 to 1905 skelton key from a old house.

  27. 24theillusionist:

    wait, so that means the key couldn’t have been made any? later than 1905?

  28. doty4454:

    @nuggetnoggin I found my best find today! it was a piece of a grenade!?

  29. nuggetnoggin:

    @24theillusionist well? that dont always mean it is from 1898, patents usually last around 7 years and that is when the patent was issued so no one could take credit for the design .

  30. 24theillusionist:

    once i found a key from 1898 on my great? grandmothers property, it said “PAT. March 12, 1898”. so yeah, oldest find i’ve ever found, i’m making a video soon, if you want to see it, subscribe to me.

  31. nuggetnoggin:

    @swinginsouthjersey for me i got stung on back and in about 20 minutes i noticed my arms and? legs, back, face had a rash on them i thought it was poison ivy, but it was allergic reaction to the bee, and then i swelled up real back was getting hard to breath. i only stayed at the site 45 minutes that day and i dug a buff nickel, musket ball, harmonica reed, zipper, 27 cents, a music box part and a 1939 wheat cent, so it was a loaded site.

  32. swinginsouthjersey:

    I got nailed by a yellowjacket about 3 weeks ago, after the sting went away it Itched like Crazy. A hard ball about the size #4 shot formed in my arm where I was stung & popped off. it left a hole like a chicken pock? in my arm.
    has this happened to anyone else?
    Nice Vid Nug,

  33. nuggetnoggin:

    @vtgelectronics not really, they just sting, i pulled the yellow jacket out of my back when i got stung the first time and pulled one off my leg when i got stung the 2nd time 2 weeks later.?

  34. nuggetnoggin:

    @AmericanCoinShooter yea seems? like soft dirt, less mineralziation, i dug them better than that before in sandy soil.

  35. TejasDigger:

    I hate yellow jackets! Cool video. That first buffalo wan’t? even red and was in good shape. Congrats on your finds. HH

  36. AmericanCoinShooter:

    Another great looking hunt! Thanks for taking us along and sorry to hear about the yellow jackets. That first Buff you dug sure? came out of the hole in nice condition! All the nickels I dig come out either orange and crusty or just plain crusty. Congrats again on the Buffs and IH.

  37. coinwhisperer:

    Thanks NN for another awesome video. The yellow jackets have been terrible lately. I got into them last week. Anyway, I hope to move up the alt list on DIV. I’m in 27th right now. If so I hope? to see you in November. HH!

  38. MichaelSwan66:

    great video cool finds !i hate yellow? jackets there mean! HH !

  39. vtgelectronics:

    do those yellow jackets hurt? alot?

  40. ripleyradio2o:

    first item you found looked like? a house fuse

  41. pulltabpirate:

    Good vid nugget, congrats on the Injun and the Buffs! Be safe out there buddy. I am allergic too? and have to carry one of those stupid pens. I darn near died with my first sting not realizing I was having a reaction.

  42. hogkillerjp:

    great video,man i hate? yellow jackets!!

  43. everydaymetalhunter:

    man this must be the year? of the yellow jacket cause there everywhere!

  44. TheInfotwins:

    @nuggetnoggin? my brother has to do the same thing lol

  45. justanotherpulltab:

    be careful,? bud. nice digs

  46. nuggetnoggin:

    @MrKevinbrian yea i have to carry an Epipen around now and i carry some bendryal tablets and 3 bottles of bug spray , lol, but it is working. i got stung again after this hunt., got stung on my? leg, the first time i got stung on my back but had no picture of that time.

  47. MrKevinbrian:

    Okay, Nugget, the EpiPen (epinephrine in pre-measured doses) require a doctor’s prescription (unless you lived in Canada). But it keeps ya from going into anaphylactic shock. Did the Emergency room doctor mention these to ya? Your family doc would likely be glad to hook ya up.
    I get poison ivy? on my hands when I’m diggin for relics/coins in the woods. Some of those roots that I tear out of the way belong to poison oak or ivy, even though I see no plants growing nearby. Gloves help some. HH

  48. MrKevinbrian:

    Great video Nuggetnoggin. I think you? can get some little vials of medicine (antihistamine, I think) that are made for folks who are allegic to bee stings. They made ’em fer folks like us who like to tramp around the woods, far away from medical services. Heck I may be wrong, but I thought I saw something like it in backpackers first aid kit. I’ll do a little research on the net today and if I find ’em I’ll make another comment and tell ya. Anyway, I know it’s hot out there, GO HUNTING! LOL

  49. Aminer49r:

    Good? video! Like your positive attitude. Stay away from the bees. We had 3 nests in the yard here. HH

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