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Biggest Star Wars Action Figure Collection

Find The Lowest Price HERE Visit our store to buy cheap action figures ______ Rob Foster has a little under 2000 open action figures, and 800 or so that are still in the packaging. Started his collection in 1995. See all his figures in the video. ___ http

Episode 1 of many… Star Wars parody made with an army of action figures and cool effects! This episode: The Emperor demands Lord Vader crack down on spice smuggling… Lando contacts an old friend who needs a favor… Produced by Probot Productions. Written and directed by Damon Wellner. Starring (the voices of) Jacob Schachter, Adam Lacher, Sean T. Drinkwater, Sebastian O’Brien, Carla Norton, and Damon Wellner. WARNING: MADE WITH TOYS BUT NOT INTENDED FOR YOUNG CHILDREN!! Check out our website: for more movies and info!

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Posted January 29th, 2012 in Star Wars Action Figure. Tagged: , , , , , .


  1. ekimtoor:

    Star wars sand trooper?

  2. james91971:

    I think? you got at least 3000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. gordi1011:

    that is insane!!?

  4. Rmike12:

    iron man? and E.T dont count!!!!!! haha still awesome as hell

  5. rockbros10:

    I am? such a star wars nerd, this gave me a bonner.

  6. Soundlyasl33p:

    Marry me??

  7. NoMedicsAllowed:

    hey guys im starting a new thing on my chanel of collecting star wars figures.i will do unboxings,and weekly updates? of showing the new figures i please,go add me as a friend if you like star wars figures.:)

  8. flesheatingsnail:

    kid comes to your house can i play with it ththe owner says toys are for? adults not kids


  9. starwarstopmotion:

    put? me in ur will?

  10. bananastan714:

    girlfriend comes over-? “oh whats in that room”
    -“oh nothing, just remodeling the bathroom!”

  11. dudex170:


  12. FridayNightDldoFight:

    I? just don’t see how people afford this many 10 dollar figures anymore. When I was really in to collecting them, they were four or five dollars. We’re talking double the original amount. I can’t even bring myself to buy but one a year maybe because the quality isn’t that good to justify that money for a 4 inch figure.

  13. comander352:

    0 ? 0

  14. woody23969:

    I Dont think he’s crazy I have respect for him I also collect star wars I have now over 1000 open figures and 200 close but I need still tion medon? 😛

  15. gamersrule100:

    can you give me one? if your nice enough?I already subscribed to you and im your biggest fan i dont care what people say.You Inspire me!

  16. TheDan744:

    1:19 I loved that one is? very original 🙂

  17. Barraclough98:

    Awsome collection!!! This really inspires me to keep? collecting.

  18. HandsomeSasquatch:

    hi i have a collection of phantom menace movie action? figures, all out of the package, do you know how i should price them?

  19. Battledroidlover:

    @McNuttless you dont? want to know.

  20. destroyerX36487:

    nice collection dude message me back and we can be? buds hey and subscribe to me channel plz
    anyone here

  21. BulletproofBMF:

    Im guessing he’s still a virgin….?

  22. clutchmc22:

    holy shit ?

  23. typeanoise:

    pray to god? an earth quake doesn’t happen near you.

  24. Graffitti74:

    Impressive. Most Impressive. But you are not a? Jedi yet. ; )

  25. VinceM51:

    @probotvideo doesnt it make you question? how he got on to your video? when you would have had to type in star wars action figures

  26. SithLord908:

    @probotvideo? HELL YEAH!

  27. DarthMorthis:

    This film is so cool. I want do my own short films? with figures. Thanks for inspiration.

  28. izzymiyaghi:

    This is way? up there – you need to be famous for this!

  29. Fapsamup:

    @probotvideo Oldschool effects are the best? CGI ruined the sci fi genre.

    Visualy most interested sci fi film: Blade? Runner, all effects done in camera, no CGI.
    Worst visualy sci fi films: Star Wars Prequels, reason: relaying entirely on CGI.

  30. daxproduction1:

    It keeps stopping and is it going to talk at all? from your new master mario

  31. odObo01:

    How can this only be 4 stars- this? is amazing!!! 😀

  32. DarthSkywalker727:

    Lol when the Doctor Who thing came? in, I was like, WTF IS HAPPENING?

  33. megatron31232:


  34. swlover1:

    that was very clever?

  35. danfan1danni:

    begining? is halarius

  36. brnbasler:

    Nicely done. I make stop? motion videos with my action figures as well, you should check them out.

  37. borreg0tv:

    que? onda muy buenos videos yeah

  38. probotvideo:

    It’s actually an in-camera hologram effect, achieved by placing plexiglass into the frame and reflecting a tv? screen off it.

  39. Gurka9999:

    how did? you do the hologram effect?
    Im a star wars nerd and i want to have that in my movies. it looks kinda cool

  40. Dragonrider1227:

    LOL Very well made?

  41. StarWarsMister:

    Hello, I am belg and I use a translator because I do not speak englais. First of all congratulation for your film they? are very well made. Here, I am occupied has to create 4 film of star wars who lasts all together 1:00. I need assistance to make film then I wanted to be to know on which site were so that your figurines opens the mouth, and how one makes to speak during the photographs and how to make for the credits of beginning. Thank you I hope that you will be able help me thank you still.

  42. warguy64:

    i love this the? music at the being

  43. Neku2:

    i love this?

  44. smartnerd:

    LOL! “He can meet the band outside? if he wants”

  45. subtropico:


  46. jamesdean220103:

    i like u made yuor own? story u must have 100 of toys

  47. Seanyboi72:


  48. arc170squadren:

    very good?

  49. carsonsmith:

    This is really awesome, well? done….

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