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I took this picture of my flashlight, then removed the background with Photoshop. This is one of the top 5 brightest flashlights in the world for under 0. Vector Power on Board HID Spotlight Flashlight SLH100P and the Black & Decker SLH100V. The Vector Power on Board HID Spotlight has 3500 lumens at 6000 Kelvin, so you get super bright intense white light. Due to the finely tuned conical shaped bulb reflector, you’ll get a very focused beam for long distance illumination rivaling flashlights costing hundreds of dollars, yet this one is selling for under even thoug the retail price as marketed through Black and Decker is over 0. After searching the globe for a year looking for the world’s brightest flashlights, I’d recommend this one. For the money, nothing even comes close to it’s features. For your convenience, you can plug it in to your car’s power adaptor or in your AC socket at home and get a full charge in about 2 hours. You can not overcharge this light due to it’s sophisticated electronics. You’ll have around 70 minutes of runtime with this full charge. The bulb has no filament, so you never have to worry about bumping the light while you’re using it because there is no filament to break. This state of the art 35 watt metal halide HID bulb gives you a clean beam of brilliant white light for better discernment of objects in the dark. This flashlight comes with a built in adjustable stand so you can position it to give you hands free light where you want it
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Posted September 12th, 2012 in 1000 Watt Under $50. Tagged: , , , .


  1. slyfoxyandalifesaver:

    WOW! that perfect! if only it was 3 times smaller to fit on? my bike…

  2. glenwoodfin:

    Vector sold out to? Black & Decker and unfortunately they discontinued this searchlight.

  3. HmongZboy:

    thanks :)?

  4. glenwoodfin:

    The reflective cone is tuned for? throw, not width.

  5. HmongZboy:

    is it a throw? flashlight or wider beam ?

  6. petemitchel1000:

    cool review man, thanks. Can you tell me how this? compares to “wickedlasers”? torch which they claim is the worlds most powerful one?

  7. riderback100:

    why didnt the slender? pop out 🙁

  8. pacovl46:

    exactly!!! they can all ef off this year because i’m gonna spend x-mas sunbathing? on Hawaii sipping gin & juice!!! 😉

  9. glenwoodfin:

    I was hoping you’d be a pushover Santa, but? I guess you’ve been jaded after all those kids promised that they’d be good, then didn’t appreciate all the work you do every year coming down the chimney.

  10. pacovl46:

    nah, mate. we both know that? u r just saying u’ll be good and then u’ll fuck me over 😉

  11. glenwoodfin:

    Holy cow, you’re right. 4sevens is rebranding themselves as FourSevens and they do feature the superpower flashlight you mentioned on their new site. The Maelstrom XM18 goes for $2,399.00 and they say it features 15,000 lumens for a 1 hour run time. That’s insane. Please buy it for me for? Christmas. I promise, I’ll be good.

  12. pacovl46:

    4sevens has one with over 15000 lumens? it’s 2100 dollars, though

  13. vegard468:


  14. glenwoodfin:

    Your mod would definitely be an upgrade? for me. Thanks for the tip.

  15. XxROCKSTARxX69:

    look at the thor colosus 18 million candle power. 9 inch reflector. it weighs like 10 pounds but man does that thing throw with an hid mod? in it. biggest flashlight made i believe

  16. XxROCKSTARxX69:

    i agree with you i have a modded thor with a 55w hid 3000k hid in it and when i had my tiny 3ah battery in it it lasted? forever with very little voltage drop

  17. glenwoodfin:

    It actually stays 100% bright for 70 minutes. There is? zero dimming, then it just clicks off with no warning.

  18. glenwoodfin:

    I think? you can get yours at a Fire Sale in Hell.

  19. glenwoodfin:

    Have you ever noticed that people that leave the meanest comments never have any videos they’ve done on their YouTube channel? You? are no exception. God bless you and your family.

  20. KnifeFanattic:

    Lolololol you sir are a FAG hahahahahhha this video had me? rolling, “you can go scare people away and ivestigate things” ahahaahha WTF are you saying

  21. dylan underwood:

    put your hand on? it! 🙂

  22. luis carlos Luna Rubio:

    were can i buy it? jackass?

  23. wingmanalive:

    70 minutes? of run time???????? Ok, let’s come down out of the clouds here lol. I’ll bet it gives a good beam for 5, then a half beam until 10-15. Then expect a dim light after that. High output and long lasting are not good bedfellows when it comes to flashlights.

  24. Noah Vanharen:

    i like that? lol

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