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Buffalo Nickel Jig

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“He went lookin’ for a hole to stick his GREEEEZY pickle and up from the ground came a Buffalo Nickel.”
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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Video Rating: 1 / 5

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Posted February 28th, 2012 in Buffalo Nickels. Tagged: , .


  1. MrTurd1337:


  2. thinice2009:

    odd vid bro, i got ya? tho

  3. micr0cosm:


  4. thedesignstudent:

    As an aside, after listening to your synchronicity video’s, you could’ve been? the king of boardwalk – maybe you’re 9th cousin to Ron Popiel and don’t even know it.

    But wait, there’s more…
    love the videos, I’ve downloaded all of them.

  5. natruto:


  6. sabotage667:

    1111 views, i? broke it 🙁
    funny as shit lol

  7. endercross:

    Oh god!! U guys, Of course is Steve!! I would recognize that voice anywhere 😛 But I? didn’t get the joke either… Probably we should ask Jake Kotze…

  8. deepwatertree:

    sounds EERILY like him…maybe? he has a twin? =D

  9. zenbrooklyn:

    yes, i was just jivin! I figured the vid is here cuz this guy sounds like Steve. JUST LIKE him.? LOL! i just watched again, and it made me laugh again! thanks=)

  10. Starcom23:

    Excusee mua .( Im not French)
    What’s this all about.???? A quick link? please.

  11. soundlessdawn:

    yes? you missed the joke – Of course I don’t work for them.

  12. deepwatertree: work for the? HSN? that makes me lose all respect for you…did I miss the joke or what?

  13. zenbrooklyn:

    HEY!? that guy sounds JUST like soundlessdawn! LOL! is that why this video is here?? You found him at his day job… =D

  14. soundlessdawn:

    Inside? Joke. ;D

  15. tigno323:

    lol weird? dude ,u made another utube



  17. komonstertruck:

    And also who is going to go to the effort of faking a coin with value of only .40 nobody? that would be pointless maybe a key date buffalo nickel that is worth $800 but you will never find one in these bags that is why you don’t need a certificate

  18. komonstertruck:

    Anyone can make certificate of authenticity it still does not mean anything you never mentioned the price and by the time you factor in? tax and shipping it would be a lot cheaper to go to a coin shop besides who needs 46 nickels you need maybe 5 at the most we are not coin shops

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