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Can anyone recommend me a good graphics card under £120?

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Question by Oemar P: Can anyone recommend me a good graphics card under £120?
My computer is a Packard Bell iMedia S3210 please recommend me a graphics card under £120 and another graphics card around £200 to compare. I have 3GB RAM and a 2.6GHZ processor running 64bit Windows 7.
For HD gaming! e.g Resident Evil, COD Modern Warfare 2, Left 4 Dead 2

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Answer by Ash20
You can get good Nvidia graphics cards off ebay for about £60.

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  1. Proto:

    Well, here’s a list of best graphics card values in every price range:

    However, the Packard-Bell iMedia S3210 apparently has a 250W power supply, which is far too weak to support any midrange or better graphics card. It was just enough for the Radeon 4350 which came standard with the system, nothing more. So you’ll need to reserve some of your upgrade budget for a new power supply as well.

    Good cards under £120 include the GTS 250 and Radeon 5750:

    However the Radeon 5770 is much better:

    Around $ 230 you have the Radeon 5850:

    A 500 watt power supply can support any card up to a Radeon 5770. Extremely high-end cards like the GTX 295 or Radeon 5890 (or dual-card configurations) can require 650W and upwards.

    Here’s a power supply:

    And here’s a performance comparison:

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