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Confessions Of A Nursing Student (1)

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I’m a 19 yr old nursing student and this is my journy, the good, the bad, and the ugly through nursing school! Night before first day of clinicals! Heres the link to Confessions # 2:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Posted April 13th, 2012 in Nursing Schools In Charlotte Nc. Tagged: , , .


  1. gtljt:

    Flip ya stethoscope, bro.?

  2. AZsweetjess:

    LOL. I? caught that too, and the stethoscope was in her ears the wrong way. Oh the joys of nursing school. ha ha

  3. TheZoeh11:

    The camera flips the? image. I hope you realise that.

  4. ticktickboom89:

    Nursing in America is so much? different to England!!!

  5. wilcynpek:

    maybe she had dextrocardia,,,a right sided? heart,,i know it the time she the stethoscope on her right chest,,haha

  6. 777mendoza777:



  7. annietart:

    I love your? All That Jazz shirt 🙂

  8. courage9070:

    How can nurses care for people properly when they are slaved out /overworked/ numb from being overwhelmed with unreasonable workloads? Who is responsible? Why isn’t their enough money? for quality labor environments/ wages that match the stress and responsibility? It comes from high places…be politically informed to find the? answers…watch MONEY CHANGERS- THE INTERNATIONAL BANKERS documentary. It will open your eyes as to where public money for healthcare is going and it’s not to the people.

  9. Freducation:

    I know my reply comes a year after this posting, but in fairness to this student the first site of four to check heart sounds is the second intercostal space just to the right of the sternum. That is the best? location to hear the aortic valve closing. The pulmonic is heard directly to the left on the other side of the sternum; the tricuspid is straight down at the fourth intercostal; the mitral is the 5th intercostal, mid-clavicular line.

  10. zenwealth1:

    stop scratching your stuff leave for? of camera or better yet shave it.

  11. tennisgirl980:

    OMG,? your in Charlotte!! I live there too and I really want to go into Queen’s Nursing Program 🙂

  12. bucetapussy:

    let’s have a? fuck?

  13. Alejandro3245:


  14. lismyster:

    Your? colors are the reverse of UMass’s nursing in Amherst, I just graduated there in the spring 🙂

  15. TheDOCNURSE:

    …And you put? the stethescope in your ears backwards. Hope you’ve learned more by now…

  16. boriqu84:

    omg sooooo funny i cannot watch her without looking down? lmao

  17. 123nypd:

    she just? did it for the money

  18. jchristolin:

    are? you a nurse now?

  19. hurdlegirl789:

    Actually, it depends. When auscultating the heart, the first area you listen to is the aortic area, which is where she put the diaphragm/bell (didn’t get a good look) of her stethoscope. After the aortic is the pulmonic, 2nd pulmonic, tricuspid then mitral. Don’t know if that’s what she was doing though, but just? saying haha

  20. scyoe33:

    your pretty I hope I can work with you? one of these days lol

  21. afroditagbc:

    Your nurses rock, people are just jelous, we? rock

  22. ProctoLion:

    LOL,? that was supposed to say “3.7 GPA.” 😉

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