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The fastest e-bike on the market today from Cyclone’s double 1500W motorized kit with speed up to 120km/h ( 75mph). If you are looking for green power, see the video and how the e-bike races past cars, scooters, trucks and busses. With the video camera installed on the bicycle handlebar, our spectators were stunned.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. mikechap85:

    The farstis? iv seen yet lol

  2. FaithBasedProduction:

    If they sped up the video, then the? motorcycles they were catching and passing would have sped up too. I just don’t understand your objections.

    Seeing is believing. Are you suggeting the bike we’re witnessing doing 75 MILES PER HOUR isn’t what they claim it is? You think they’re selling 2000 watt bikes and the one in the video is like 13,000 watts? That they’re liars? Just say, “You guys are lying” & leave the physics to Oppenheimer.

  3. FaithBasedProduction:

    “I almost crashed 4 times in the making of this video,? did you see?”

  4. MrKingarth:

    ebikes,ca simulator is for hub motors most of witch are direct drive and have no gear train.
    the cyclone kits use the bikes gears and gain a mechanical advantge. that being said i still have doubts of the numbers the company puts out. be nice if they had a cycle anylst or? speedo shot in the video

  5. kleinbottled79:

    Yeah. according to the simulator at it would take about 13,000 watts of continuous output for 75mph on a mtb. 45 is ~3200watts which? a fast ebike WILL do easily enough. I dont know why people think they gotta lie to kick it. 45 is already faster than i wanna go on that little rubber.

  6. socialdef3:

    That, was, awesome. ? Whoever was driving that thing is very brave!

  7. RadicalLefty:

    How much now 11? months later?

  8. tmpttt1:

    No, it is not! No matter what drive is used. The power needed to reach 120kmh, to fight against atmospheric drag is far more than? 2000Watts. I suppose it should be several times more than 2kW, maybe 10kW would be enough.

  9. ianman20011:

    on a chain? drive it could certainly do that.

  10. tmpttt1:

    120 kmh – NO WAI
    i believe the thing can go 60-70 kmh, maybe 80
    2000 Watts is far not enough to? do 120 (!!!) kmh

  11. hallokid841000rr:

    Check my video of? my 1200w cyclone 1500w controller…

  12. hallokid841000rr:

    It’s actually a cheap system the double motor kit 1200w is about $600 from cyclone , 48v 12ah vpower battery about $500 can rig up to any bike and give this performance , I got the single 1200w and 48v 12ah vp setup and I enjoy riding? it more than my 20000$ cbr go figure ..

  13. ianman20011:

    i used to go 120 on? a bicycle
    then i took an arrow to the knee

  14. catballou1000:

    How many miles do you get with a full charge and what is the voltage on the battiers 12 24 48? volts? Mike

  15. EnricoFantini:

    What’s the hurry??

  16. Adler556:

    WOW Really cool e-bike. What kind of batteries do you use and how many volts and Ah (mAh) do they have? In series? And how long or how far can you go on a full charge on those? I’m thinking on getting 100AA NiMh batteries. 10 AA in series and 10 series in parallell for? starters on my proj.

  17. thisisaguy:

    Do you have separate controllers for the motors or? do they share one?

  18. thisisaguy:

    “isn’t the motor connected to the chainwheel?? doesnt that mean the pedals get spinning at rediculous speeds?”

    The crank has a freewheel. The chain from the motor connects to one sprocket and a chain runs from the other sprocket to the rear cassette. The pedals freewheel or stay stationary. You can pedal along with the motor but at those speeds it? wouldn’t do any good. You can also just pedal and the motor would freewheel.

  19. cyclonebike:

    the motor 7 pins plug is to controller, 3 wires are connect to controller U, V and W wire not to battery !!, Battery connect to controller , on controller has one 7 pins plug that is for throttle. there is a? small red wire from controller, that have to connect to + battery possitive


  20. monkeyface1969:

    question.. my cyclone motor have 4 wires .
    5 pin plug to the throttle.. red white i’m guessing the red wire is possitive?
    the black is negative?? what is the white wire for? do i need a controller or can i connect direct to battery?

  21. ianman20011:

    isn’t the motor connected to the chainwheel? doesnt that mean the? pedals get spinning at rediculous speeds?

  22. 44ian:

    Was he/she pedalling as well?? You can imagine what the moped riders were thinking lol..

  23. Dontrevious1153:

    get in touch with livefrophysics? and doctorbass

  24. QcChopper:

    I can’t really ride on wet roads because I am now waterproof but the handling is great on road, dirt or grass? but this is a 2000$ full suspension bike on which I installed a cyclone 48V 1200W engine so it better handle well…

  25. twoNujabes:

    ah nice! how does it handle slippery roads at that speed? and did u modify the bike urself with parts? or did u just buy one of the kits? because I? am building a motorized bike because the kits seem a bit too expensive and I am interested in going at a decent speed so I can stay on the road and keep up to cars and it seems that the 40cc to 60cc isnt gonna let that happen so I will need to modify the bike myself.

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