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Does Anyone Know How To Do A Blowout For A Sound System?

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Question by nsk8er2rasta: Does Anyone Know How To Do A Blowout For A Sound System?
I have a 2003 BMW 325i with 2 12″ Alpine Type R SWR-1242D subwoofers and a Kenwood KAC-7203 1000 watt 2 channel amp & factory head unit and the bass is ok but I heard that doing a “Blowout” will definately increase the bass. Can anyone explain what that process entails and how it works? Thanks

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Answer by mike1942f
That mess is bad enough – I am sure you can put your sound through the walls into the living rooms of every house you go by – don’t make it worse.

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  1. sparky3489:

    In 25 years I’ve never heard of this unless you’re talking about a ported enclosure.

    A ported enclosure does exagerate bass, but the sub must be able to tolerate being used in a ported box, not all can.

    More info here

  2. haro_bikes1:

    Never heard of this before? The problem in my opinion is not having an aftermarket radio, it limits your system depending on how you have everything connected…the high level input on amps to me is very limiting and sound quality is 50% as loud as rca’s. If you have a speaker level input the quality still isn’t as good as you can get from rca’s. With what you have I’d imagine the quality of stuff you had should help make up for this. Your only putting 500 watts rms if you are bridging the amp though and I had a kac7201 and the power it puts out isn’t as good as some other cheaper amps…I’ve found that a crunch pzi2250 1000watt amp is night and day comparison to my kenwood amp. The bass the crunch I’ve sold to many different people is a totally different sound. Those subs are rated at 500 watts rms a piece. To me they are underpowered especially if you have them in a sealed box. If you have a decent sized sealed box I’d go for a bigger amp. If money is a crunch go for crunch…have a little more to spend go hifonics and still save money left over a jl or rockford…Or if you like paying top dollar get one of those…I’d imagine you have factory navigation and this is why you didn’t switch to an aftermarket unit? My x-type doesn’t have navigation so my goal is a pioneer avic d-3 to fill the space that changing the stock radio makes…

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