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Lookout fake coins being sold on eBay. My buyer made a huge error and bought some of these. Ouch. They were purchased on eBay. They are not marked .999 silver on the coins.

I could not & still can not explain it very well..I am Still shaking…Out of 31 coins I found…20 were Silver Dollars. I will let my video explain it…Whoaaaa…What A Day………….As most of you,I too am snowed in & you know how hard it is to detect in the winter..So I decided to start my winter…. Silver Coin Collecting Hobby..I was just trying to find some Half dollars to do some Coin Roll Hunting or CRH…When I hit the Jackpot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Posted February 10th, 2012 in Silver Coins. Tagged: , , , , , .



    COA!!! lol, like? that means anything. chk out my vids on testing faked chinese coins. Be safe!

  2. dowhatuwill:

    @JFKRFKMLK33 Was it fake silver in your case? Nope! They are happy with people selling fake silver. Paypal wanted me to ship the fake bars? back to China, then wait for a response from the crooks! They are still in business in the hundreds on ebay.Yes, if you pay by credit card you can dispute that and get ba refund. paypal and ebay are siding with the criminals since they pay fees.

  3. dowhatuwill:

    @JFKRFKMLK33 Umm sorry, but they won’t . I got screwed and they? basically said “too bad”. If you want to believe that OK But I say think again.

  4. mtube620:

    you like to blame china a lot. If this fake morgan was made 20-30 years ago, it was likely made in the US. China was still using oxen to plow? their rice field 20-30 years ago.

  5. survivalfringe:

    Numismatics are the way? to go – Certified Coins from PCGS or NGC or better yet just go to the US Mint website might pay a few more bucks from the Mint but at least they will be real!

  6. u27driver:

    Stick To Numismatics? !
    ebay has loads of NGC -PCGS certified coins that you can verify online.
    Make sure that the seller has 99% positive feedback as well …
    Do Not Buy Bullion On ebay !!

  7. alyana2218:

    i reported this to ebay as counterfeit but they never do nothing meaning show must go on as long as they make money off the? fee,that’s all they care

  8. thebirdbath:

    Hey ScrapGoldBusiness, I put up my video and tried to link to yours. Did you get the notice? My coin looked almost exactly like the one you have in your video but its one ounce and has a serial. It was fake. Check my channel. I hope? you will link to it. Knowledge is power to the buyers.

  9. JohnnyBGood11:

    Someone is going to pay for some copper; the 1 lbs Morgan is at 450 at 3:10 am central time 15 plus hours to go? in that auction Greg has shown.

  10. OurTimeIsOut:

    Is Herman? Cain Selling these?

  11. FilteredInc:

    i’ve always been curious, Greg do you? or anyone else know, how difficult is it to actually mark or mint a coin and mark it .999 silver.. or gold? What kind of regulations are in place to keep someone from just marking something fake with .999?

  12. TheSilverguy79:

    Blob of a pound of copper is? worth 2 or 3 bucks maybe its not even real copper.
    There was never a calm moment in the USAs history you say the 1970s were wonderful but there was riots and Vietnam and draft dodging and chaos going on and huge inflation back in those days also, the only difference is you probably smoked more pot back then and now since you probably cut way down or stopped your complaining more and see the world as worse today when its not that different.

  13. dowhatuwill:

    I got sold a lot of fake silver on ebay. They simply couldn’t care lesser? as long as the seller is paying them fees. They are very complicit in the crime since even when the fakes are pointed out, they continue to let the criminals claim their silver is real.

  14. rei9707:

    Thats why I wouldnt buy any precious metals on eBay?

  15. UVpirate:

    Have you noticed the 100ml silver bars being sold? as .999 silver. I see these guys bidding silver spot price for these copper bars coated in 100ml of silver all the time.

  16. moviematcanada:


    I’m a large seller on eBay & have a account manager & in Sep 2011 he told me that eBay Trust & Safety with the FBI took? a bullion dealer down off the site that had over $30 million a year revenue & a 5 year history on the site because he didn’t fill over $3 million worth of orders his last month of business on the site in Sept 2011.

    Fraud is now the new way of doing business, the banks can do it why not everyone else!

  17. consciousnessofone:

    ebay is? hopeless
    thanks for the heads up

  18. swaneeusa3:

    Who ever the? high bidder is on this item should get a copy of this video.

  19. apox2011now:

    looks like lead…?

  20. thebirdbath:

    I got taken a week ago from a REPUTABLE dealer in STL. Biggest coin shop in town. I’ll show you the coin tonight and try to link videos with yours. Its a one ounce replica that looks very close to that one pound example you just showed us. Luckily I only got one fake. It failed the weight test when I got? home. That was my first clue. Lesson learned. Take your scale with you when you buy!

  21. beachbumsocal:

    I also wish they’d crack down on the “bad? apples” on fleabay.

  22. ScrapGoldBusiness:

    @myaim07 About 2-3? bucks each.

  23. JustABitchyCancer:

    thanks for? reminding me why i buy from APMEX. I don’t care if it costs more, i trust that they are legit (hopefully anyway). IF anyone is legit i feel they are.

  24. master2030:

    And of course no returns! Thanks? Greg

  25. myaim07:

    They are even faking common silver coins. The seller can go to a flea market or whatever, act like they don’t quite know what they have and? sell them cheap to someone who thinks they’re getting a bargain. How much do fake worn 1921 Morgans cost the scam artist?

  26. justjim501:

    Great find my friend, I guess I’m going to? have to start hitting some banks to see if they have any old silver dollars. Incredable……

  27. x2big4u:

    I can believe it ! You just have to be there at the right time ! Most tellers? in my area are Indian woman !! Was told that I just missed 12 older dollars from the twenties once !

  28. vorkev1:

    you wont get that nowdays cus every banker noes what silver is? and what coins are worth money

  29. mrflashfromthepast:


  30. mrflashfromthepast:


  31. mrflashfromthepast:

    @DigginAmerica because this vid is too good to beleive. bank tellers dont have this quick of responce to get to the vault. and none at all in their drawer. think about it. this video must? be a fake.

  32. mrflashfromthepast:

    how could? a normal bank teller even know how many silver dols. there were in the bank she worked in. and why nowdays would any bank teller have any SILVER DOLS, IN HER DRAWER? somthing fishey about this video.

  33. RobertMOdell:

    What bank did? you go to?

  34. DigginAmerica:

    HOLY SILVER Dave ! …. what, are these bank tellers complete idiots ?
    Don’t they know about Silver ? …… I’m gonna give that coin roll hunt a try.
    Great Score !
    BILL . ?

  35. wayne290:

    In 1971 and after, the only 40% silver Eisenhower coins that were made were for collector sets, or proof and uncirculated sets. They were not made for general circulation. The ones you have? are probably the copper/nickel clad ones…. not worth much more than a dollar.

  36. RaptorBeats4Christ22:

    Holy poop? nugget! You really lucked out! So jealous!!!

  37. jakewer:

    Don’t? mention the collector’s values on these babies. God has blessed you. Congrads!!!

  38. notsoflexibleflyer:


    All the Ikes ’71 to ’78 are all nickel/copper clad, if they’re P & D mint. ’71 & ’72 proofs are 40% silver clad and have? the S mint mark, ’73 through ’76 S mint marks have both nickel clad & 40% silver clad varieties, ’77 & ’78 S mint mark proofs are only copper/nickel clad – no silver. Consult the Red Book if you’re in doubt.

  39. depill36:

    Awesome! What kind of bank was it you went to?

  40. redplanet57:

    I love metal detecting and I mentioned that to a cashier at a bank and she gave me a large handful of forien coins she had collected in her drawer! Cool! ? Like
    your video!

  41. videoman1970:

    Nice find! Thanks for sharing! Stories? like yours make collecting fun and exciting. Awesome video.

  42. TheSccultimateaero:

    man that is BIG luck? im totaly subscribing.

  43. Losttreasuresfound:

    @americancoinhunting You know what I thought was odd. Back in the late 90’s I used to go to the casino in Kinder LA. The slot machines were still coin operated at that time and the 0.50 cent machines were actual 0.50 cent US Coins! Same for the $1 machines. The hoppers were full of these and not the Tokens. I wish I would have taken my winnings in the Coins instead of cashing? them in!

  44. COLT1911COM:

    wow! thumbs? up!

  45. Pulltabporter:

    I have to admit it, I stopped the video? half way through out of pure jealousy. I’ll have to watch the rest one day! Haha!

  46. ilverGoldLover:

    Great? Video!!!

  47. ScorpioBornIn69:

    Just unreal to get that lucky in finding those silver Peace and Morgan Silver Dollars. With the? current silver market, it’ll be very hard to find those floating around!

  48. tcorourke2007:

    Almost as profitable as a steady job.

    (jk, chase the dream)?

  49. AmericanCoinHunting:

    @ExiiLeDGaMeR ….Regular IKE’s? are clad…The s mint are 90% I believe.

  50. ExiiLeDGaMeR:

    @AmericanCoinHunting are all 71-74 IKE’s 40% or is it just? the proofs

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