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Folding electric bicycle (ebike) 36 volt 500 watt 45 km/h speed 90 km range

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thecomingdepression.net This is my new method of transportation until Winter months a folding electric bicycle I assembled and planned myself! Stats: 36 volt 20 amp hour battery (LIFEPO4 chemistry) 500 watt 36 volt brushless motor Folding bicycle geometry I hope it inspires more people to build similar units to defeat high gas prices and traffic congestion! Please send me a message if you are interested in more about this!

Boss Audio Systems CE502

500 watts, 2-channel mosfet power amplifier, remot....


Cooler Master eXtreme Power

Super silent operation with intelligent speed fan ....


Available in Canada as ” E-Rider” it is the same as the “RAW” chopper sold in the US – The difference is … The legally required label in BOTH “Official” Languages here in Canada likely doesn’t come on that one, and by the time you pay DUTY, shipping & TAXES etc. the prices are seemingly similar ? So go through your favorite local Bike Shop & be sure they (verb/google) the Canadian distributor – Belize Bicycle
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Find The Lowest Price HERE

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  1. namdoyle:

    may? be next time you can focus on other place but not the floor……….

  2. captplanut:

    How about? LIFEpo4 batteries? I think they are only made in China.

  3. 74orangebeetle:

    You can order electric bicycle motor kits? in North America.

  4. captplanut:

    GREAT! AWESOME! Keep me up? to date. Sorry about the long delay. I need to msg you offline.

  5. LoveBringsTruth:

    – CAP, let me dig around Dallas for a little bit. We have some pretty? big electrical outfits here that maybe able to source parts/lead me in a direction or what not. Most likely most of their stuff comes from the C also; but we have some pretty smart country bumpkins around here that may have some DIY shops. PS. I have sent your video around for some entrepreneur alerts so if I hear anything ill let you know.

  6. captplanut:

    Hmm that is interesting. I’m in Canada. Not sure what we could have you do in TX. The parts are made in China so we’d have to import stuff. Not a pretty picture after duty and charges. Damn? China!

  7. LoveBringsTruth:

    – Hey CAP im in Texas. I am to broke to invest but I can help put together a business plan if you need it. Their also might be some people in? Texas that might be interested.

  8. captplanut:

    send? me a msg. where are you located?

  9. hawkermustang:

    Yeah the? batteries are the limiting factor. Good job on the bike build.

  10. captplanut:

    Ones you get from the store are not good. Battery? range is shit.

  11. hawkermustang:

    I was joking bro. PEP Boy use to sell a 500 watt elec scooter that seemed like it would be good for something. I? almost bought one to play with.

  12. captplanut:

    If you have to go to work where there are no showers you don’t want to pedal the bike.

    Your argument goes like this: Why don’t you save humanity and kill yourself so you don’t? take up too much air?

  13. hawkermustang:

    Save coal! Pedal? the bike!

  14. captplanut:

    ha ha you are full? of shit

  15. Fastlane05:

    Hey, that is great filming abilities? you show there. Where’d ya learn them?

  16. captplanut:

    make magazine and do a kit?? Explain please.

  17. LoveBringsTruth:

    you are my kind of dude. inspires? Lets go? into production! Maybe you can partner with MAKE MAGAZINE AND DO A KIT?

  18. odin422:


  19. captplanut:

    Next video I will show more about this. Spread this video and stay? tuned.

    The wires do not interfere at all.

  20. odin422:

    hmm not here in Cali….how? does it fold with all the wires?

  21. captplanut:

    You forgot that this bike folds so you can bring it into stores, etc.? No worry about being stolen.

  22. captplanut:

    I don’t? know where you live, but I am in Canada. I think Mopeds need insurance.

  23. odin422:

    yeah no need 4 insurance, and they have a? 1-time registration fee of 25$ no need for a D.L. either, gas is nothing, which is good for me. But if it works in the rain then i might have to check it out a bit more.

  24. captplanut:

    FUCK CARS! we need to build these in NORTH AMERICA! Open motor making plants so we can all have bikes like these!?

  25. captplanut:

    I am not a fan of paying insurance/gas/insane maintenance from garages. Yes, I can ride it in the rain but I keep the electrics in? bags.

  26. ir1powderkeg:

    With the north-american-fuse it now maintains? about 40 km/hr on flat runs at full throttle & fully inflated tires. I usually just start pedaling & the motor kicks right in from the charge you are providing. This increases distance U can go on single charge & will assist when discharged & pedaling home; slower, but helpful. I went with SLA batteries for more torque at lights for throttle. I have had it up to 50+ k/ph but my downhill was twisty & steep.
    I weigh 170 pounds.
    It’s a fun E-Chopper !

  27. MrJojo1177:

    is it fast ?
    how? heavy are you?

  28. ir1powderkeg:

    I had fun riding it last summer, and with the chinese 20 amp fuse? it would easily go @ 35 Km/hr – I blew that pedal-assisting it up a steep 70 degree & long slope and after replacing it with locally made automotive fuse, she goes 40+
    She’s long from stem to stern & after putting 300+ Km on it with no regard for railroad tracks, has a wee bend at the forks stresspoint.
    I hope to do a short update vid soon if free time shows up.
    Sorry so late replying – life got hectic.

  29. 1998bigben:

    is it worth it for 700 bucks? and how much? does it go in mph?

  30. ExoticWoody:

    You’re going to have to figure out a way to mount that camera and take us with you on a nature ride… Sweet looking E-bike ..? Congrats! ..

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