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how much does a fish tank cost?

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Question by Claudia De leon: how much does a fish tank cost?
i have wo turtles and i wanna move them into a big tank so they have roo to roam how much would an 180 gallon fish tank cost?

Best answer:

Answer by Ashley
a 180 gallon tank is like over 2 thousand dollars and you’d never need one that big for two turtles a 40 or 60 gallon is plenty big enough i had two turtles in a 20 gallon long tank and they lived a very long time and were happy and healthy and the petstore people said that was fine

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  1. Chelsea Boston:

    Anywhere from 346.00-9,450 dollars or higher 🙂 hope I helped

  2. Stephanie:

    180 gallon tank would cost roughly $ 400 just for the tank, not stand too. try to go on and look for used tanks for sale, and put a wanted ad on there for what you need. I got 125 gallon aquarium used for $ 75!! for big water turtles you could even get a big stock tank for cows. get plastic, not metal if possible. like this link:

    stock tanks are cheaper than glass aquariums. if you have 2 red ear sliders they will need at least 150-200 gallons to live in as adults, but more space is better than less. they live a long time, so get the biggest you can afford now. (unless they are tiny babies still)

    the first answer above saying a 60 gallon is fine for 2 turtles is SO wrong.

    Barring the larger exceptions, single adult male RES could do okay in a 75 gallon aquarium. Single large adult females need a minimum of a 125 gallon tank. This allows them decent room (quality of life) in addition to plenty of water to assist in good health and filtration. Basking areas can be made of dirt, sand, gravel, smooth rocks or flat rocks, driftwood or anything that will support their weight and is non-abrasive. Adult RES can be kept in smaller enclosures, but the setups tend to resemble cells with inmates.

    For adding additional RES we recommend you increase the size of the tank accordingly by half for each (actually 2 can share a habitat suitable for one, but males are apt to sexually harass females & may require separate housing). Large stock tanks are cheap, sturdy alternatives to glass and acrylic aquariums.

    Hatchlings can start out in a 20 gallon long glass aquarium if need be, although the total setup cost will likely run ~ $ 350 (tank, stand, hood, UV-B bulb, basking lamp & bulb, filter, submersible heater, substrate) & a 75 gallon setup ~ $ 1,000 or a 125 gallon setup ~ $ 1,600 (see How To Set Up Your First Turtle Enclosure).

    You’ll need a sizeable enclosure, basking lamp & bulb, UV-B lighting (typically a fluorescent hood & UV-B bulb), basking platform, submersible heater (or 2; you want 3-5 watts/gallon), powerful filters (rated for at least double maximum tank size) & a substate (if you wish). A sample adult setup (prices rough estimates, high to reflect tax &/or shipping, but are consistent with online vendors (except tank combo. & stand). Buying the whole system local retail will cost a lot more):

    Example Glass Aquarium Setup for up to 2 Red-eared sliders, sized to accommodate adult females.

    1.) 125 Gallon glass aquarium combo. with fluorescent light hood & glass canopy: ~ $ 650.
    2.) Oak Stand Cabinet: ~ $ 450.
    3.) Black Clamp Lamp with Ceramic/Porcelin socket for heat bulb: ~ $ 20.
    4.) 2 200 watt Stainless Steel submersible heaters: ~ $ 40.
    5.) 2 Rena FilStar XP3 Canister Filters with additional purchase of biomedia: ~ $ 200.
    6.) Large Turtle Ramp (for female RES or big males plan to build your own platform): ~ $ 30.
    7.) Digital Thermometer: ~ $ 10.
    8.) 1 Can ReptoMin Aquatic Turtle Food: ~ $ 10.
    9.) Python System for water changes: ~ $ 30.
    10.) 3 Bags of ‘River Pebbles’ from Lowe’s (cheaper than pet store gravel): ~ $ 25.
    11.) 100 watt Ceramic Heat Emitter (more expensive but longer lasting than light bulbs) ~ $ 25.
    12.) 1 ReptiSun 10.0 tube fluorescent bulb for UV-B: ~ $ 25.
    (Use in place of one of the fluorescent bulbs that came with your tank combo. with this bulb, nearest the basking platform).
    Total: ~ $ 1,500.

    Budget Options: use a PondMaster 1700 or similar pond filter (noisier but cheaper & good mechanical filtration for water clarity), a single 300 watt stainless steel heater (no fall back if one fails), build your own basking platform, use a regular 100 watt light bulb for basking heat & a large stock tank (warning: stock tanks look ‘smaller’ for their volume than glass aquariums & you can’t see through the walls. A 140 gallon Tuff Stuff stock tank seems smaller than a 125 gallon glass aquarium).

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