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How much electricity bill increase to expect using an electric heater?

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Question by mbl: How much electricity bill increase to expect using an electric heater?
We have an electrical heater. If we always use the low setting (900watts), and keep it on for 12 hours each day, how much will it add to the monthly utility bill? (this is in NYC) Thanks.

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Answer by Georgia goforth
About 30 bucks

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  1. loveable_bear3030:

    It depends on model. I have an electric bill about 52.00 each month. When I used an electric heater on the lowest setting. raised the bill to 195.00. i use very little lights or electricity and it raised the bill that much…

  2. papat:

    if it is just 1 heater. depends on temperature, probably at least 20 % the more heaters, the higher cost. keep warm

  3. Danny:

    The details in your Con Ed utility bill, or a call to that utility company can tell you the rate for a kilowatt hour, about what it takes to run your heater. Do the math with a calculator for a number. But don’t forget that you are getting something for your money, a warmer living space. If you can use it right, heating a zone you spend lots of time in while letting the rest of your house to be a little cooler, you are saving money.

  4. Alekat:

    Lets see – 900 X 12 = 10,800 watts. At $ 0.10 cents a KWH, (kilowatt hour – 1000 watts per hour), $ 0.10 X 10,800 = $ 1.08 per day.

    Where I live the rate is $ 0.084 per KWH so – it would cost $ 0.91 cents per day.

    In Maryland the rate is approx 17.4 per KWH so – the cost would be $ 1.88 per day.

    The benefit is – the saving from the whole house heating system – by not having to heat the entire home if you use the space heater to heat the room(s), you spend the most time in?

  5. Doug Boyd:

    Depends on the rate you’re paying. Here in Texas, residential rates range, generally, between 8 and 18 cents per kilowatt hour. If your heater were 1000 watts (one kilowatt), it would cost 13c per hour, or $ 1.56 per 12 hours, or around $ 48 per 30 days at 12 hours per day. You only use 90% of that, so I’d guess around $ 43 at 13 cents.

  6. dtstellwagen:

    900 x 12 = 10800, divide by 1000 to get kwh, equals 10.8 kwh per day.

    Your cost: 10.8 times the price you pay per KWH

    .08 = .86 per day
    .12 = 1.29
    .16 = 1.72

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