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How to swing a golf club like Tiger Woods

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Posted February 16th, 2013 in Golf Clubs. Tagged: , , , , , .


  1. Michael Licata:

    Revolutionary Golf Aid that supports these tips! Check it out on KICKSTARTER, search “Pros? Position”

  2. hellomoto moto:

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  3. Frank Liu:

    driver shots are beter…….

  4. Frank Liu:

    Do you have? a british accent

  5. Frank Liu:

    Its tiger? woods. not tiger.

  6. Frank Liu:

    my dad loves this video. I like? it a little bit

  7. honeymojit:

    Great? instruction, very helpful.

  8. Jesse Vardaman:

    Why would I want to swing a club like Eldrick? Two? blown out knees, and heck I can already spray it all over the yard, hit it fat and top it. So, no thank you. I have no desire to swing a club like Eldrick

  9. ScoobyGolden:

    Follow me Instagram: scoobygolden twitter:? Scooby3Golden

  10. Mike Green:

    were some of you thinking what i was thinking when you saw the title of this vid. How to swing a club like Tiger Woods, boy do? i have a dirty mind
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  11. pinoy122793:

    @pickmann Homosexual golf swing??? Never heard? that before. Lol

  12. tomfallon11:

    please comment on my? most recent swing i uploaded, thanks

  13. eric dekarski:

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  14. Karl Finch:

    Subscribe me and give some feedback/advice? please!

  15. StarVoyager9:

    Great swing tip? for anyone but especially if you are over 6 feet tall.

  16. tomobriengolf:

    I would love to hear what you guys say about my swing come have a look? on my channel

  17. tomfallon11:

    Please watch, rate and comment on my swing on? my channel! Thanks

  18. picmman:

    Golf has a very homosexual rhythm…….its? very clean,,very anal.

  19. NGZ6:

    this swing is appropriate for players that are at least 180cm (6 ft) tall. Myself I’m only 173 cm and I can’t? stand as close to the ball as this guy stands if I’m using regular shaped clubs, not any custom made fancy stuff.

  20. Tammo Murris:

    I have been trying to hit Like Tiger, but I keep on hitting the? shanks,

    check my movies on my youtube!


  21. rotemshiri62:


  22. Conrad Tang:

    Thank you Tiger Wood your? tips~!

  23. Sousou Wat:

    good swing yeah?

  24. sangirai39:


  25. GolfswingHD:

    Great video.

    If you want to see swings from the best players in the world in wide angle, crisp 1080p,? please check out my channel 🙂

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