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J&M ROKKER Series 500w 6-Speaker Install Harley StreetGlide

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How to install the J&M ROKKER series 500w 6-speaker audio system on a 2011 Harley Street Glide. Installation of the 500w 4-channel J&M amplifier, ROKKER series 7.25″ fairing speakers, ROKKER series 7.25″ lower speakers, & ROKKER series 7.25″ saddlebag speakers are all covered in this very informative video.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

How Science Changed Our World, coming soon to BBC One. Prof. Robert Winston visits the National Ignition Facility in California to meet the scientists who are advancing techniques to harness nuclear fusion, in order to produce electricity in incredible quantities.
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Posted December 30th, 2012 in Discount 500 Watt. Tagged: , , , , , , .


  1. lexiahlou:

    Shit fucking? speaker set up! DISTORTION IS LOUD AND CLEAR! Customer service provided by John himself SUCKS! Don’t wast your money on this junk! ?

  2. pruden3:

    I did you manage to hook? up 6 speakers to a 4 channel amp. Wanched this video because I am looking to do the same.

  3. JMcorpMotorcyclAudio:

    to take the hollowness out of the bass response for the fairing position? ,,,,,,

  4. 2007crf450r:

    whats is the purpose of the? padding

  5. monasty71:

    Now I’m going ? to install my system loud…

  6. iflores97:

    Got the 7.25” speakers and the 250 amp on my 2012 street glide,? gotta say i’m happy with the sound so far!!

  7. tmwest1983:

    Not missing? a beat.

  8. iridemotorbikes:


  9. activeproandrey:

    200 000 times more then planet? produce.

  10. muleunit:

    Thank god this is on american soil.?

  11. TheMilitaryONE:

    And thats? how the Death-Star was born.

  12. StarDestroyer5:

    If this is successful, just? using a thimble of water, the hydrogen would power that grid that it is attached to for nearly 300 years

  13. matchan203290:


  14. Philios2Glory1:

    Do not divide by zero? what ever you do!!!

  15. lantern211:

    seriously we don’t even see? it fire

  16. coolzeal1:

    no this? is how science has destroy the world..

  17. 10INTM:

    What should the guy yell before pressing the button?? Should he yell, “I’MA FIRIN’ MAH LASSUH!!” or “F*** ALDERAAN!!”?

  18. Khoonda88:

    Yeah, it was? focused to super tiny dot.

  19. TechnoStickmen:

    Wow, that’s pretty good! Do you use a lens for focus? I light matches with my 200mw (no lens), but for some reason I couldn’t light one last? time. I’M A FIRIN MA LAZAAR BLRAAAh!

  20. Khoonda88:

    Even less. I have been able to light a match with a? laser measured at 30mW.

  21. noobeyboob:


  22. lolful64:

    if they made this? handheld……
    (few months later)
    me-so i can’t have this car for free?…..

  23. cannabudsguru:

    obviously you can’t light a match with this laser because there is a difference between ”igniting”? and ”vaporizing”

  24. TechnoStickmen:

    Actually, it takes 75mw to light a match, so this has the power to light 6.667 quadrillion matches;maybe it doesn’t scale like that. More like? it has 6.667 quadrillion times the power to light a match. Was that number just a coincidence?

  25. ZmajSnoshaj:

    Weapon both? Reps and Dems and paying for and have NO CHOICE in the matter.. ahaha

  26. wroitgho77:

    Star Wars for real?

  27. liud128:

    You could light 5 trillion matches with 1 laser… ?

  28. Jakyle1:

    ???…WHYYYY? ?

  29. XDFaTbOyOnAbiKeDX:

    So when do i get to see? it burn stuff?

  30. Vid Mlacnik:

    imagine, you get a cent for each Watt it makes 🙂
    btw… how? much did this thing cost?! :S

  31. Eoin Fitzpatrick:

    And how much electricity is this laser going? to use?

  32. brutiz:

    chuck da? whoop

  33. TheSatanshunter:

    i now know what i want? for christmas XD

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