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Mercury Dime Coin Collection

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Complete set of Mercury Dimes
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Lot of 1000 Mercury Dimes 1916-1947 forquestions, please call 973 594 8222 Rick Probstein Ebay Store: Probstein123 phone: 973 594 8222 email: Cash for Rare Coins and vintage tobacco, candy, caramel cards, and pre-1975 only baseball cards Wanted: Signed Sports Memorabilia, Mickey Mantle items, Game Used items

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Posted March 3rd, 2012 in Mercury Dimes. Tagged: , , , .


  1. IllinoisPawnShop:

    really sweet man , i have most of them except the 1916d? and 21 but I would only buy the 16-d if it was slabbed by pcgs or ncg , too many fakes … thanks for posting

  2. steelersfan7510:

    If you want to see an authentic 16-d watch Robmarlowe’s video where? he shows his mercury dime collection. When he shows the back you will see that it is tilted a quarter to the left like it should be.

  3. steelersfan7510:

    Your 16-d is fake. The best way to tell is if you put it on a flat surface and flip it over, if the reverse is facing straight up and down that it’s? a fake. The authentic 16-d’s are tilted a quarter to the left. Only buy rare coins like that if they are slabbed by a trusted grading service such as PCGS.

  4. chrisdotcalm:

    @furyfigueroa1753? the 16 d was 700 and i cannot remember on the 21s

  5. furyfigueroa1753:

    how? much did u get the 1916-d,1921,and 1921-d for?

  6. chrisdotcalm:

    @MondayMorningPrank if you mean the 16 d I? believe there were around 250,000 minted

  7. planbskater0822:

    My dad used to collect coins a little and finds some little bits of his collection every little while and he said he found a mercury dime earlier? today I cant wait to see him tommoraw

  8. chrisdotcalm:

    @DetroitLove4U? I put it together myself, this really is one of my favorite sets.

  9. DetroitLove4U:

    I have a complete Mercury Dime set too!!! My 1916 D is a VG-8? and is in a graded slab. Did you put yours together or did you buy it as a completed book?

  10. chrisdotcalm:

    @tendollarpizza thank? you! and me too! =)

  11. tendollarpizza:

    very nice 16-d ….. i love mercs ,…? great video thumbs up!!

  12. chrisdotcalm:

    @FHFabian yeah!?

  13. FHFabian:

    All winged liberty mercury dimes? woW!

  14. chrisdotcalm:

    @Coins4Cheese Thanks?

  15. Coins4Cheese:

    Dang,? that’s amazing. Awesome collection.

  16. TheRushhead:

    you got? change for a dollar?

  17. moonhawk6:

    the more you by online, the more the? govt. knows how much you have.

  18. eliyahouc:

    welll thats? weird!!! i only counted 999 of them!!!!! 😉

  19. Silv3rCollector:

    well i have one? of them. lol

  20. dennie6666:

    Better Silvereagle 999fine you can use in Europe ore Australia ore China? !!!

  21. pallet9019:

    they did? not make thim in 46 or 47 they stoped in 45.

  22. andrewbarkboy:

    are they for givin away or? sell

  23. davidlee110:

    You can? start a Business. lol

  24. 18wheeler76:

    YOU MEAN? $50 WORTH $2,150

  25. carrotass:

    have? they been searched?

  26. stjdavis:

    Jimmy Carter and Obummer have made $50? worth $1000

  27. spartarools:

    @staydput lol, true?

  28. staydput:


    I only wished that Mercury Dimes were noted as ending in 45.

    I am completely unaware of a return to classic alloy dimes in the nineties.

    My Proof Sets — at quite a premium featured clad alloys? in the early seventies/late sixties.

    For the price, not a reason in the world to use clad planchets.

  29. spartarools:

    @staydput? 1992-present is when they made silver dimes for collectional purposes

  30. staydput:

    Mercury Dimes 1916 thru 1945
    FDR 1946 thru 1964 as silver
    1965 as clad
    Some? exceptions for collectors sets.

  31. cgb1050:


  32. JanAppeldorn151:

    NICE !!!

    what did you pay for that? ???

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