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New Turbine Projects – 500watt to 9Kw wind generators

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Upcoming projects to install a 500watt PMA style wind generator on the roof of the house with eventually having up to three or four of them but 1Kw each. The last wind generator turbine project will be a 9.4Kw DC motor which I acquired a year ago capable of putting out about 48v and 280 short Amps at only 380 RPMs. This turbine will by itself generate more power in a day than I can use and thus able to be off grid and sell all the excess.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. ABSBlades:

    You’d be hard pressed to get much out of those toothpic blades. Try inexpensive extreme performance absblades(dot)com?

  2. econewpower:

    Never even started it, I still have the blades, motor and gears but it’s? a matter of time and resources right now

  3. mymultiview:

    Have you? finished the 9.3kw wind turbine project?

  4. chingonchacho:

    where did you buy the mount ????? can you please send me? a message

  5. M Madhan:

    From where did u buy the 9.3kw motor?

  6. econewpower:

    My water heater is solar but in winter it so overcast it doesn’t work well so it works on spring through fall. Furnace is electric and we turn it way down and use? electric space heaters which are 100% efficient, every bit helps.

  7. gaypotter:

    oofft well pumps and heating, yeh that makes sense. Do you have solar water/air heaters? they are close? to 100% efficiency when pv solar is only about 17%!!

  8. econewpower:

    My peak usage when the well pump and field pumps are running, the AC is on, etc can be as high as 7Kw an hour (a water heater uses 4.5Kw/hour when it is heating) – so my peak Kw/consumption is 7Kw but that doesn’t mean we actually use 7Kw/per hour x 24 hours! My wind and solar is enough to being close to break? even almost always and be offgrid when I want. I hope that makes better sense now.

  9. econewpower:

    We average about 1,200Kw a month so that’s 1200/30 = 40 Kw/day or 1.6 Kw and hour. The problem is that you forget that I can produce 7Kw/hr during peak hours, meaning the sun is shining bright and the wind is blowing faster than? 20 mph – which almost never happens. I get an average of 6 hours of sunshine a day of which 2 hours are peak sunlight so the average is 3.5Kw for 6 hours = 21kw. The average wind is 12mph for 12 hours producing about 12Kw a day more.

  10. gaypotter:

    5KW?!?!?! wwhooaaaa thats like 5×24 = 120kw hours a day!! in my house we use? on avarage 7kwh a day!

  11. econewpower:

    They are rated to produce 7Kw? per hour, I can average about 5 Kw per hour (not per day).

  12. gaypotter:

    sorry to be a pain in the gonads, but can you tell me exactly how much are each of your wind turbines? and solar panels rated to produce and how much do they actually produce (KW)? and do you mean 5Kw/hours a day yes?

  13. econewpower:

    Yes, I do. Under ideal conditions (which never is) I can generate over 7Kw/hr from my wind and solar, I usually generate 2/3 of that or about 5Kw/hour, the rest I buy. There are months where me bill is close to zero but I only sell 1.6Kw of the total I can produce as that is the? only section of power I have grid tied. The rest of the panels and the turbines go straight batteries, then to the inverters and then to the house and gets used up.

  14. gaypotter:

    why not? you have several wind turbines,? do you really use all of that energy?!

  15. econewpower:

    Not a penny.?

  16. gaypotter:

    do you make any? money from the grid?

  17. econewpower:

    Yes but towards? the end of the year. I have too many other projects to finish first.

  18. katz217:

    Are you still going to do this big? windturbine?

  19. econewpower:

    Yes,? these PMDC motors are real beasts when it comes to output. I hope to start that project towards the end of summer this year.

  20. econewpower:

    Yes, more surface area mans? more power & torque

  21. energyman1988:

    like the motor. i have a 2 hp PMDC motor that i brought. at its rated rpm, it can produce 12KW at 180 VDC (in theory). like to see people looking further? than ametek motors

  22. SuperGreenliving:

    The blades look very good, how much did? you pay for them and who made them?

  23. jatpack3:

    maybe you should build? a wind powered lawn mower…….lol
    nice design…bigger is always better.

  24. econewpower:

    It double posted because there are two answers which would not fit in one response (character count limit). The model I purchased was the Home Wind Turbine, 5 Blades, 1200W Hybrid Max/24V – Low Wind. I think if I had to do it over again I would buy their Residential Wind Turbine, 2kW/48V, wind/solar hybrid. It puts out more power for less money with even less wind. I think if you’re in a wind area like mine,? this might be a better all around choice.

    God Bless

  25. laidofftomass:

    Not sure why it? double posted but thanks for the info. What model and voltage wind max units did you buy?

  26. System0emerson:

    O som é ótimo o Bass que achei um? pouco inferior ao do X-540 ainda tenho o X-540 ^^

  27. Walter Souza:

    esse Z506 vale a pena comprar? é bom mesmo o? som!

  28. System0emerson:

    Não tenho mais o Z906.. agora eu tenho o Z506. Mais? faço sim 😀

  29. Walter Souza:

    Amigo faz um vídeo? com o jogo Battlefield 3, Crysis, Call of dut, Far cry3 ou qualquer jogo que você tenha e posta pra nós ver como ficou o som com os jogos beleza abraço.

  30. System0emerson:


  31. System0emerson:

    Quando o som é potente ou está com um volume digamos que ALTO sim é normal… rsrsr principalmente se o ambiente onde vc colocou o som é pequeno? que a pressão das ondas sonoras fica ainda maior.

  32. vadiano135:

    É normal sentir dor no tórax quando se escuta músicas graves? assim ? Meu som é o FST-SH2000

  33. Pedro Santos:

    É oque eu? queria,valeu brother.

  34. canaldotioluis:

    Vai? derrubar a casa assim, meu amigo… kkkkkk

  35. System0emerson:


  36. System0emerson:


  37. System0emerson:


  38. System0emerson:


  39. System0emerson:

    Parece que? vc está no meio de uma guerra de verdade kkkk

  40. renatoaventureiro:


  41. Canal BKGAMERS:


  42. Pedro Santos:

    vc testou com games de tiro?Qual o resultado? do som?

  43. Tiryd:

    Bom video amigo continua? o bom trabalho 🙂

  44. Johnny AP:


  45. braian9800:

    Ve? se tu gosta Deste CD:
    Grave Para Disparar Alarmes – Vol.2

  46. System0emerson:

    Oloko ví uns vídeos dele? show em 😀

  47. Vermeio00Henrique:

    olá Emerson,? meu som é da Altec Lansing 221 é mto bom, da mais ou menos de frente com o seu

  48. Armanje:

    estabilizador?? pelamor

  49. System0emerson:

    Olha utilizei ele direto na tomada mesmo..?

  50. roberto schumeiker:

    vc ligou em qual estabilizador ou nobreak e qual a potência ? ex:nobreak 1400va. ou estabilizador 1000va, e qual a marca??

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